Rancher Kills Mountain Lion After It Attacks And Kills 800 lb Steer


REDFIELD, SOUTH DAKOTA — Most of the articles that we write here take place in a city or suburban area. However, that does’t mean incidents don’t happen out in the country. Life is different in these places, and life-saving gun use comes in different forms. In this case, a rancher was facing down a mountain lion instead of an armed robber.

The 118-pound yearling tomcat took down an 800-pound steer as his last meal. A local livestock operator was feeding when he saw the predator come onto his feedlot. At that time, it is reported that a neighbor shot and killed the mountain lion.

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The Breakdown:

According to a follow up article, mountain lions don’t usually come this far down to the prairie area of Redfield. However, the lion was a young male, and young male mountain lions are known to travel. In this case, one particular mountain lion did come down from their normal hunting area, and he found himself a nice big 800lb meal.

As the lion wandered onto the property and attacked the steer, a livestock operator spotted him. Unfortunately, this livestock operator was not armed while he was out feeding the animals. To the lion, he was just another piece of meat on the range.

Fortunately, a neighboring rancher spotted the lion and recognized the danger the animal posed. This beast could have taken down multiple cattle costing thousands of dollars in damages. It could have also taken out the livestock operator.

The rancher quickly grabbed his firearm, and with judicious marksmanship, put down the mountain lion and ended the threat. Despite normally needing a tag to shoot a mountain lion, because this was an act of defense, there are no charges pending against the rancher.

The Good / The Bad:

We’re going to combine this one since there isn’t a lot to dissect. It is important to remember, that no matter where you are, it’s always important to be armed and prepared. Even if you find yourself in the safest neighborhoods, or suburbs. Even if you find yourself in safe places like your home or church. This also includes being out on the range, feeding your cattle.

In this case, the neighbor came to the rescue of both the herd and the cattle operator. Quickly spotting the danger and having the necessary tools on hand to do something about it saved lives. The rancher didn’t run home and call the wildlife department, waiting as steer were slaughtered. Instead, he took action and used his firearm.

Hopefully the cattle operator, and the owner of the cattle will have thanked the neighbor for their quick life-saving action. Now that this has become a reality for the cattle operator, hopefully he will start carrying a firearm to protect himself and the cattle should another predator wander onto the ranch.

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