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Attempted Robbery Leads To Standoff Between Uber Eats Driver and Armed Robber

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Delivery drivers have long been the target of criminals looking for an easy score. The bad guys know the drivers have cash on them, and can lure them to their location. However, this Uber Eats driver came prepared for such a thing.

“Palomino asked (the man) ‘Do you know what time it is,’ as if he was trying to distract (the man), while grabbing the bandana that was around his neck, and pulling it up over his mouth and nose,” the affidavit says.

Palomino then pointed a black, semi-automatic Glock handgun at the man, the court documents say. The delivery man pulled out a Sig Sauer P238 handgun and pointed it at Palomino.

“For a brief second both Palomino and (the man) just stood there, not moving, when Palomino moved off toward the end of the parking lot,” the affidavit says.

Via the Statesmen

It’s not often a news report gives the specific make and models of the guns involved in a crime. However, this article tells us that the standoff included a Glock versus Sig P238.

As the two men pointed their guns at one another, it became clear to Palomino (the robber) that this wasn’t going to be such an easy score. Eventually, he backed off from the standoff and left the scene.

The Uber Eats driver called 911 and met police at a nearby gas station. As he was filing a report with the police, they spotted Palomino walking down the street right in front of them. The police confronted and arrested Palomino.

People who work in the delivery industry should very seriously consider carrying a firearm. It is easy for bad guys to call you directly to them and isolate you. Every time a delivery person rings a doorbell, they have no idea what is waiting for them on the other side of the door; or what is waiting for them when they return to their car.

Also, for any deliver person wondering, a Sig P238 is a fine choice for a self defense weapon!

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