Bears Versus Handguns: What’s the deal?


More than once (more than twice, in fact), we have covered stories in which a kid, adult, somebody has had to face off with a bear in order to make it to the next day unharmed.

On one hand — of course these face offs happen from time to time. Even the smallest of bears is an imposing creature.

On top of that, there is nearly no limit to mankind’s stupidity. If there was only one bear on earth, and it lived in Antarctica, there’d still be a plaid-clad hipster swearing he did nothing to provoke the thing when it came running at him.

Of course — I hope — you guys aren’t the kind of folks to get stuck in a defense situation with one of the Lord’s most formidable creatures, but it still happens.

So for us savvy outdoorsmen and women who face the possibility of a bear encounter on any kind of regular basis, what should we do about it?

Well, ideally, you peacefully leave the creature, and that’s that.

If not, what gun should you use? Should you use a handgun? Shotgun? Rifle?

Well, James with The Firearm Blog is a handgun guy, and he wants to go over the possibility of using a handgun.

Take a look:

Seems like the consensus is bear spray first, handgun second. I was a little surprised. Were you?

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