If You’re Leaving Florida To Escape The Hurricane, Know Which States You Can Carry In

While Florida looks like, as of this moment, that it’ll miss the bulk of the storm, some people are still choosing to head out-of-state. Just in case.

While traveling and carrying your firearm, especially in a hurry, some people can be unclear as to whether or not they can carry in certain states.

To make things easier for Floridians, we had this graphic put together by our friends at Legal Heat, which shows where Florida Concealed Carry Permit holders can legally carry.

Luckily for Florida, the south is very accepting of Florida permits. The exception here is South Carolina, but that’s only for Florida non-resident permit holders.

Whatever the case for traveling, it’s best to know where you can and cannot legally carry your firearm. It’s best to be informed in all events, to make sure that you’re in compliance with laws of those other states.

Legal Heat provides resources and training both online and in-person. Check out what they have available here.

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