[VIDEO] Idiot Gun Shop Employees

You finally have a little extra cash in your pocket and decide to get that special firearm you had your eyes on for over a month. Anticipation grows as you head off to the gun store to check out the prize you’ve desired. On the drive there, you decide that you want to handle other firearms to solidify your final decision. You park your vehicle as you feel a tingling of excitement in your belly. Noticing that you are walking quicker than your normal pace, you realize, this is your moment. It’s not the wife or the kids or the job. This time the moment finally belongs to you.

As you make your way to the gun counter, your eyes land on that one firearm as if it has your name on it. You did your homework, read and watched reviews, spoke with friends and decided this was the perfect gun. Excitedly you observe it as if it was love at first sight. Quickly disappointment set in by a grumpy, do-nothing, lazy gun store worker staring at his phone. This guy couldn’t give a damn about you. As you ask to see the gun, the clerk looks annoyed because you interrupted his screen time. Begrudgingly, he reaches in the counter, grabs the gun and says, “why do you want this thing?” 

Of all the things this guy could have said, that’s the best he could come up with? For the next ten minutes he ignores you with a smug look on his face. You ask a few questions that seem to disturb him. After 10 minutes, decide you don’t want to deal with this clown. Instead of walking out with the gun you saved your money for, you leave disappointed and decide to purchase the firearm online. Unfortunately, this scenario happens all too often.  

If you haven’t had an experience like this, consider yourself lucky. Gun store workers have an opportunity to serve their customers and ultimately help bring them into a 2nd Amendment lifestyle. They should start by being polite, helpful and kind. I get it, parts of the job are frustrating. Isn’t that true with every job?

Check out the attached video and let us know your experiences with gun store workers. Do they have an attitude or do they make themselves available to help?

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