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[VIDEO] Sloppy Presentation Of Firearm To Bad Guy Sees Concealed Carrier Shot And Killed

When it comes to carrying a firearm, we should have a number of things going for us in addition to carrying a firearm. Those include training, marksmanship, situational awareness, knowing when to draw, knowing when not to draw, and the list goes on and on.

The video below shows us what can happen when things go wrong, and wrong they go in a hurry.

A worker at this convenience store is at first unaware that the store is being robbed. Once he realizes what is going on, he makes the decision to draw his firearm.

The draw seems to take a little time, but what he does next is crucial. John from ASP thinks that the man’s slower reaction to get gun-on-bad-guy is because he’s pulling the hammer back on his revolver with his thumb, instead of shooting double-action. I agree, as that’s exactly what it looks like is happening.

That second or so lost is what could have been the difference between life or death for this concealed carrier.

He does get a shot off, but it misses the target. The bad guy got a shot off as well, as he was retreating, and sadly his target did not make it.

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