‘Active Shooter’ Short Film Provides Some Thought-Provoking Content

I had this short film opened in a browser tab for the last week, and today I finally got around to watching it. I make it sound like it’s an hour long, but it’s only just shy of 15 minutes.

The gist of the film is this: A father has trouble connecting with his son, and he feels that his son is choosing the wrong paths in life. Then, an active shooter incident is broadcast on the TV, and the father suspects that his son is the person behind it. He starts digging through his son’s room, looking for anything suspicious. He’s also trying to gain access to his gun cabinet, which is locked and the key missing.

Then, the end.

I’m not for spoilers, so you’ll have to watch it for yourself and share your comments. Check it out below. What’s your takeaway?

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