Midnight Homicide at Business Sparks Investigation


HOUSTON, TX — An alleged intruder at a Houston business was shot once and killed in the middle of the night late last month by the owner of the business, according to KHOU.

However, his story is that he was crashing the night at his business and was woken up by the intruder, which seems to have struck authorities as odd.

Now, investigators are working to ensure that the story adds up and that this was, in fact, a self-defense shooting.

As KHOU reports:

According to the Houston Police Department, it happened just after midnight early Monday at a business located in the 6100 block of Pinemont Drive, just east of Highway 290.

There’s still crime scene tape up blocking off the area as HPD investigates. Investigators said the owner of the business decided to sleep here Sunday night.

At some point during his slumber, he heard a noise, so he got up and grabbed his gun, went to check it out and realized someone was trying to break in. Police said he shot the intruder one time and killed him.

…(R)ight now homicide investigators are on the scene gathering evidence trying to make sure that that story adds up. Once they’re done here, they’ll take their findings to the District Attorney’s Office to see if any charges will be (filed).

Although this case does seem a little odd, nothing the business owner claimed is impossible by any means. Plenty of people spend the night at their business, whether it’s because they were busy knocking out their inventory or because they were just in a working zone — it happens. I’ve certainly done so.

Hopefully, all we’re seeing here is an armed business owner in the right place to defend himself and his livelihood.

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