[VIDEO] Former State Employee Walks Into CT Police Station And Opens Fire

BRISTOL, CONNECTICUT — A former Connecticut state employee, 51-year-old Suzanne Laprise, was caught on camera at the Bristol Police Department on October 5, displaying alarming behavior. At around 11:30 p.m., Laprise entered the department wielding a handgun. Surveillance footage shows her knocking on an empty front desk window and then aggressively striking the glass with her weapon.

Subsequently, she fired multiple shots at the bullet-resistant glass, which remained intact, and even shot at the station’s ceiling. Officers engaged in a dialogue with her, but she fired in their direction. Officer Spencer Boisvert retaliated with two shots, neither hitting their mark. When Laprise eventually placed her weapon down, officers swiftly approached her, utilizing a taser to subdue and arrest her. Post the incident, she was sent to Bristol Hospital for assessment.

On the following day, Laprise faced multiple charges, including Criminal Attempt/Murder with Special Circumstance and Illegal Discharge of Firearm, among others. She is currently detained with a bond set at $3 million and had her initial hearing at New Britain Superior Court.

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