Houston Criminal Held At Gunpoint At Washington Residence After Attempted Break-in; Says She Had To Do It Because She “Ran Out Of Gas”


WASHINGTON COUNTY, TEXAS — A Washington County resident held a suspected burglar at gunpoint after she heard a disturbance coming from her garage. She retrieved a handgun and went to investigate. It was in her garage that she found a complete stranger rooting around in her stuff. The occupant of the home held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

According to KBTX, neither the resident nor the burglar were harmed and the burglar was arrested and held on a $100,000 bond.

Devin Denise Brooks, 37, says her car ran out of gas and that’s why she felt the need to break into another person’s garage. That’s probably one of the most dangerous, dumb things a person can do if their car runs out of gas.

In fact, we’d rather suggest the average person make a phone call to a friend or family member or, heck, even ask a random stranger for five bucks. It’s all your prerogative. Breaking into a person’s home to look for gas is dangerous. Not only does the homeowner or occupant have no clue what your intentions are, they probably don’t care. After all, it’s their home.

We’re glad the situation resolved without any shots fired or people hurt. It’s always good to see a situation resolved peaceably and the homeowner is able to adequately protect herself throughout the process.

There’s a real danger in not having a gun, believe it or not. We may think a heavy flashlight or a baseball bat is adequate to handle an intruder because maybe that’s what our folks used to do or we saw our grandpa one time investigate a disturbance with a golf club. The truth of the matter is that if you’re in the position to use immediate and deadly force to defend yourself, you don’t have to debate the intentions of the person breaking in. Who knows what’s in their minds? Yes, plural. Dealing with multiple intruders versus a lone one can be very daunting. Having a gun in hand enables you to quickly and objectively deal with the intruders. If peaceably, that’s great. If not, you’re covered.

Think a few steps ahead in a home invasion scenario. Keep a gun nearby.

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