Texas Homeowner Shoots Burglar — Burglar Confesses To Crime While Being Treated For Gunshot


DALLAS, TEXAS — James Nero, 30, broke into a Dallas man’s home in broad daylight and was shot by the homeowner. He fled the scene but later was forced to surrender to police in order to seek treatment for his gunshot wound. He confessed to attempting to burglarize the man’s home and was charged by Dallas police.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Nero was discharged from the hospital and remains in jail awaiting trail. He’ll be there for awhile with a $100,000 bond looming over him.

Clean, simple, direct. What more can someone ask for when placed into a worst case scenario of having to defend his home from an intruder?

These sorts of burglaries that result in a gunshot wound are becoming so regular, it’s amazing anyone would consider breaking into another person’s home. Homeowners are wising up, arming up, and becoming increasingly resistant to those who seek to harm them, their families, and their property.

Granted, there’s likely a hole that needs patching in the dry wall but the alternative is far worse: being at the mercy of a man who isn’t afraid to come crashing through your door.

It’s why we stay armed, even in the home, and make sure that a gun is accessible at all times. This may be difficult with younger ones running about but that’s why we insist on educating youth early on the safe handling of firearms.

Stay safe and carry everyday.


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