[VIDEO] GUNS SAVE LIVES: Female Terrorist Tries To Kill Security Guard By Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight. She Didn’t Win.


By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns

The Palestinian death cult tried to claim another victim today when a woman tried to murder a security guard in the Israeli city of Betar Illit. According to liveleak.com, the burka-clad butcher stabbed the guard before he shot and wounded her . . .


The attacker was identified as a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, 22-year-old Halawa Alian. She was shot by the victim after stabbing him. She was being treated by medics who were evacuating her to hospital.

As per police regulations, the woman lay on the sidewalk until a police sapper team confirmed she was not wearing an explosive device. Only then were medics allowed to treat her.

She was moderately wounded and has been taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the guard wasn’t seriously wounded.

“As I was speaking with her, she put her hand in her bag. I asked her, ‘why are you doing that, what do you have there.’ As I was asking these questions she took out a knife and stabbed me, a bit, it was more like a scratch. I was able to distance myself, take out my gun, shoot and neutralize her,” the guard said.

“Thank God it ended this way, with just a scratch,” the guard said. He added that it was his 33rd birthday. “I feel like I was given my life today as a gift.”

Another example of why Israelis are flocking to gun stores these days to tool up in the face ofescalating attacks by Palestinians.


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