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Armed Robber And Convenience Store Clerk Draw On Each Other; Clerk Wins

KANSAS CITY — An armed robber walked into the wrong convenience store early Tuesday, and soon found himself on the business end of the clerk’s handgun.

The incident happened at a 7-Eleven just before 1 am when the armed robber walked into the store and tried to rob the clerk. The clerk, deciding ahead of time not to be a victim, immediately draws his own firearm and points it at the robber.

The clerk told police that as soon as he drew his handgun, the robber turned around and took off. During the robber’s flight, the clerk says that the robber pointed his gun at him as he was running away. At that point, the clerk fired a single shot and believes that he struck the robber.

The clerk was not injured during the incident and it is not known if the robber was struck with the fired shot.

For a convenience store chain that sees it’s fair share of robberies, it’s refreshing to see some employees taking control over their own safety and well-being. Robbers take note; people are getting tired of being victims.

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