Homeowner Goes Out To Garage For A Smoke — Finds Burglar… Why We Always Carry…


MESA COUNTY, COLORADO — A homeowner went out to his garage at 1:30 am to have a smoke.  Good thing he happened to also be carrying because he found a burglar pilfering through his things.  Paul Gerome Wilson, 33, was held at gunpoint until police could arrive where they promptly arrested and booked him on a second-degree felony count of burglary, possession of a burglar’s tools, and trespassing.  According to the Daily Sentinel, when asked what he was doing in the man’s garage, Wilson said he was “looking for a phone to use.”  District Attorney Dan Rubenstein said Wilson was lucky he hadn’t been shot.

Wilson is expected to get out of jail by a bail bond until his trial date is set.

According to the homeowner, the garage door had only been open for fifteen minutes before the burglar had managed to make it inside.  This is a terrific example of why we stay armed even when we’re in the house.  There’s nothing worse than coming face-to-face with an intruder and have to run around looking for a firearm.

Carry everyday.  Carry even at home.  That’s the take-away from this.

What’s your take?

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