X-ray Technician To Patient: “Your Holster Is Showing, And You Need A New Belt”

Brian sent us a note on our Facebook page with a recent experience he had with a patient:

Had a patient a couple weeks ago come in for an x-ray. The way I had to position him for a knee exam his holster became visible. He had left his side arm in his vehicle. I don’t get nervous when I see a holster (I’ve had many of patients carry), and the only question I had was is that an alien gear. I recognized the belt clips. We had a good talk and I gave him the website to get a Hanks CCW belt. What he was wearing was super flimsy. If you’re going to carry, than carry. Just be aware of how your concealment may get blown in a medical facility.

This brought up a good question: Do you ever carry if you’re going to a Dr appointment? I guess it depends on the type of appointment…

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