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Ex Threatens To “Kill Everybody Inside” Home, Then Tries To Break In; Is Immediately Shot By Homeowner

UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND — With children inside the home, an angry ex of the homeowner tried breaking into the home with a screwdriver. The night before, he called the homeowner and threatened to come over and “Kill Everybody Inside”.

Luckily for everyone inside the home, the homeowner was armed and not afraid to defend everyone against the ex.

On the phone with 911 as the man was attempting the break-in, the homeowner fired as the man was making his way through the window, which he pried open with a screwdriver.

The man was killed as a result.

It is not known if the intruder was armed at the time of the break-in but judging by the threat the night before, this sounds like an entirely justifiable self-defense shooting whether he was armed or not.

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