Safe Handling, Safe Storage Of Firearms Inside The Home


No matter what sort of firearms you have in your home; whether it be your concealed carry firearm, hunting rifles, or sport firearms one thing remains a constant: The safe storage of said firearms when not in use. I am sure there are many different fashions in which firearms owners accomplish this, and I’m interested in hearing everyone’s opinions and experiences in this matter. One fact that should be ever-present is keeping these firearms safe and secure when not in use.

Many firearms enthusiasts own safes, which is an excellent and secure option. However some may prefer to keep their carry firearm accessible at all times. I for one often practice home carry, meaning my firearm is always on my hip until it’s time to retire for the night. At which point my firearm is typically stored close by. I have another firearm with a light and laser attachment I keep by my bed at night. There are no young children in my home, therefor I have no concerns about young hands unwillingly stumbling upon my firearm. Others might not be in the same living conditions, and have to take steps to ensure those small hands don’t fall upon the firearm without supervision.

On the issue of what to do with your firearm while sleeping, keeping the firearm accessible during the night it paramount in home defense in my opinion. When you’re awoken in the middle of the night by the sounds of a possible intruder into your home, the last thing you’d want to do is fumble with your safe half asleep. There are many options for quick access safes on the market; and other options for concealed storage remain available. I for one am completely secure and confident in leaving my firearm by my bedside, knowing no one in my home will bother it. Some may not be so lucky, and might be forced to seek other methods of securing their firearm as I mentioned before.


When it comes to having to consider the other household members in regards to your firearms, I would suggest as soon as they are able to understand proper safety and consideration to orient them on those firearms’ uses and purposes. Everyone knows their children better than anyone, and should decide when the time is right to introduce them to those firearms safely. Such knowledge and understanding could possibly save their life later down the road.

Getting back to the matter of safe storage, these days there are more options available than just the traditional locked safe. If you’re an avid researcher as I am, you might find the interesting covert and concealed furniture which offers a wide variety of options. I personally have yet to invest any type of concealed furniture, but I do feel once my research comes to a close, I will end up investing in at least one or two pieces to furnish my home. The variety I’ve found is endless and limited only to one’s imagination. Wall displays, coffee tables, end tables, and cabinets are only a few of the options available to hide any chosen firearm and ammunition you deem necessary. These versions of concealed furniture make it possible to access the hidden firearms within them in various ways. Some are secured with hidden pressure switches. Others are designed with integrated magnet releases, which lock when the magnets are pulled to one side and disengaged when moved to the opposite side. For more information and demonstration videos, please visit the websites I’ve included in the article for reference (below).

If you’re looking for an effective way to conceal your firearms within your home and don’t wish to have the bulk and obvious stand out safe cluttering your bedroom or den; then looking into these more versatile and clever ways to store firearms and ammunition, along with other valuables might be worth your time. These options give you the ability to safely and securely store your firearms incognito, while still giving you the ability to readily access them while also keeping a pleasant décor to your home.

For additional information and instructional videos on various decorative storage options, see the below provided links:

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