Employer: You Can’t Carry At Work. Now What?

A reader sent us the message below that details his experience with his employer finding out that he carries a firearm while on the job and we couldn’t help but ask; What would you do in the same situation?

I have a story that I would like to share. I carry everyday at my work, and this has been a non-issue up until yesterday. I made a rookie mistake and got caught printing. Not doing anything out of the ordinary I just bent over and someone took notice. The person who took notice then asked me if I had my CCW. I told her yes and she then asked me questions on how to obtain one herself. I thought I had dodged a bullet (pun intended).

Like a typical office, she told one person who then told another until it made it up the food chain to the person in charge. I was called into the office for a just a typical thing nothing to be concerned about, but once that issue was resolved I got asked the question. “Are you carrying a firearm?”

I’m not one to lie or beat around the bush, so I told the person in charge I was going to shut the door to have this conversation. I did not lie and I told her the truth. I was shown the policy about not having firearms at work. Then we got down to the personal questions. “Why do you carry? Are you in fear of your life from someone?” My response was, I carry for the protection of my family and myself. I’m not in fear for my life, but as you have noticed the world is a crazy place and I’ve decided to make myself prepared to handle a situation should it arise.

That conversation went on for about 30min, no yelling no screaming… just a conversation. At the end of it, I was asked to leave it in my car until [they spoke with the owner] to decide how the situation was going to be handled, but she told me I wasn’t going to be written up or any disciplinary action be taken at this point. I said thank you and walked out.

This morning when I dropped off my time card, I was informed that the only thing I needed to do was to keep it in my car, per the owner. They also asked me what signage they needed to put up to be in compliance. My only even semi nasty remark to them was that I do not agree with their policy, but would abide by it. I was thanked and that was the end. Not the outcome I had hoped for, but I wasn’t terminated either and someone was enlightened on the mindset of a concealed carrier.

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