Expert: If Someone Is Trying To Carjack You, Just Do Something Disgusting

We covered a story earlier today where a young woman was carjacked and forced to drive around to score ATM cash and drugs, by a man who said he was armed. She eventually was able to get away, and police are still searching for the suspect.

During a local news report on the incident, a reporter starts to talk about what the ‘safety expert’ had to say about these types of crimes.

“Safety experts say you should fight to avoid being forced into a car with a bad guy”, says the reporter.

Then, enter ‘safety expert’ Craig Dorris. The reporter asks Dorris, “When you say fight, what should you be doing?”

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Our safety expert responds, “Fall on the floor, pass out. Any disgusting thing you can think of.”

You know, like, if you’re a woman about to be raped, just urinate on yourself or vomit.

Or, if you’re faced with a home invasion, just grab your trusty wasp spray.

I’m not entirely sure that your definition of fight is, but mine is something along the lines of defending yourself. Apparently for Dorris, fighting means to cower on the ground and hope that the bad guy doesn’t harm you.

These so-called experts are going to get people seriously injured or killed with their ‘expert’ advice. The worst thing; some people actually listen to them.

Here’s my advice: Arm yourself and train, and actually fight for your safety and your life. When you cower as this expert suggests, you leave your life in the hands of the bad guy.

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