Response From CrossBreed On Patent Infringement Claims

Over the last few days, a lot of talk has been circulating in regards to CrossBreed Holsters getting in contact with other holster manufacturers about patent infringement claims. Earlier this year, the company was granted a patent, and therefor began sending out the letters to protect their patent.

We reached out to CrossBreed for comment and received the following response:

When we received our patent that was issued by the United States Patent office, we were told by our attorney that sending out these type of letters is customary because you have to show intent to enforce your patent even if you never do so, that is just how the law works. We have received similar letters from other companies and didn’t make a fuss about it because we know how that aspect of business works.

One of the companies that received the customary letter put up a website about us and the history of hybrid holsters. After a very friendly conversation with that company, the company decided on their own to take that website down. We continue to have a friendly relationship with that company.

We currently do not have any law suits filed and never have had any intention of suing anyone. Our desire is to continue to make a quality product, treat our customers fairly and provide the best customer service possible, that will continue to be our mission in the future.

As a fan of both holster companies, I like this response. As far as the patent infringement claim goes, that would be something that the courts need to decide (if it ever gets that far). I would provide my own comments, but I simply don’t know enough information at this time.

It seems that things are ‘business as usual’ for the time being, and it’s all a part of the process of being a company that has something they feel needs some legal protection.

What are your thoughts? Big deal? Not a big deal? Just let me buy my holsters? Chime in down below in the comments section.

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