Homeowner Pretends To Have A Gun, Forces Intruders Into Closet, Lectures Them Until Police Arrive

A man living in West Palm Beach, FL came home the other day to find three masked intruders inside his home. So what did he do? He pretended to have a gun, obviously.

The homeowner, who has not been identified, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and put it under his shirt, telling the young intruders that he had a gun and would shoot them. He then forced them into a closet and told them to stare at the wall.

“I’ll shoot him in the f****** head,” he told the burglary suspects while on the phone with police. “You stay right there – don’t move. You stay on the ground.”

While he waited for police to arrive, he kept the intruders at ‘gunpoint’ and began to lecture them.

“What were you guys thinking?” he said. “You don’t come in someone’s house. This isn’t your house.”

When police arrived, he told them the truth about his ‘gun’ and while it was effective, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if any of the intruders called his bluff or in fact saw that he didn’t have a gun.

Either way, the three men were arrested and two of them admitted to the break-in. Police said that the intruders had armed themselves with the homeowners airsoft gun, as well as his knives and tools.

Pro Tip to the homeowner: Get a real gun in case this happens again.

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