Here Is A Recent Mass Murder That You Won’t Hear About

Can you take a guess as to why you won’t hear about it? I’ll give you 20 seconds to come up with your answers…

**sips coffee, ponders the reasons why**

Yep, you guessed it. You won’t hear about it because a gun wasn’t involved. Four people and a dog were murdered with a knife in Santa Barbara on Monday. Ironically, it’s the same place where the nutjob who couldn’t get a girlfriend went on his killing spree a few months back. That was all over the news for weeks.

And guess what? That ‘shooter’ killed the first three victims with a knife. Here is the breakdown of the ‘no girls like me’ rampage:

Knife attacks: 100% murder rate
Vehicle attacks: 0% murder rate
Handgun attacks: 27% murder rate

50% of the people killed were done so with a knife.

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This new mass murder was done solely with a knife and the perpetrator is a 46-year-old man who police have yet to identify.

Dear Media, mass murder is mass murder. Whether it’s committed by using a firearm, a knife, a baseball bat or fists, it’s mass murder. People die, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the method in which they were killed.

I think it’s been clear for years that guns are not to blame, but rather a horribly crippled mental health issue in this country.

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