[VIDEO] News Crew Robbed At Gunpoint Live On Air In San Francisco, Because Gun Control Is Useful


SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — Reporters and other employees from two news stations were robbed at gunpoint last Thursday, and a camera man was pistol-whipped.

As you’ll see from the video above, part of the incident was captured on live television.

According to, it’s just the latest in a string of robberies that have targeted news crews.

Both crews were reporting on the fatal shooting of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old San Francisco woman. The suspect in that shooting was captured and has admitted to killing Steinle.

Because of the recent attacks on news crews, some are opting to hire security guards, many of which are retired law enforcement. This is likely their only option in SF at adequate self-defense, because the road to a concealed carry permit is usually long and winds up at a dead end.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Promontorium

    Getting a conceal permit in California is for only a select few, and a whole lot of hurdles. Getting one in San Francisco is simply impossible.

    • Nalk Xulk

      Carry anyways they cant arrest everyone. Gays were only 2% of the
      population and they got a permit to buttfuck each other and that’s not
      even constitutional. The time for gun rights is now open carry an AR15
      if you want. The rule of law went out the window with obama its a fuckin
      free for all now.

      • mm jones

        U got it right Nalk…

      • Haywood Jablowme

        Amen brother!

      • JSebastian

        Yep, carry everyday and everywhere. I don’t give a poop about any laws that contravene the Constitution of the United States.

    • mzungu

      They won’t learn. Too difficult to admit they were wrong.

    • Erik Kilpatrick

      How is requiring a CCP not an infringement on my right to protect myself?…seems if one of the news crew was packing and shot this criminal, the State couldn’t arrest him. He just exercised his Constitutional RIGHT….does California State law supersede our CONSTITUTION?

      • Gouchybear

        They like to think it does…

    • Sterling Headset

      Can’t get one in LA, no chance.

    • Gouchybear

      Used to live in Contra Costa County and it was common knowledge that a CCW could easily be had for a small donation to the Sheriff’s retirement fund…just $25,000 and he would sign the paperwork.

  • Roger Rabbit

    Well not one to wish bad things on anyone, but it couldn’t happen to better people. Now perhaps they’ll understand why EVERYONE needs to carry a gun. YOU are responsible for your safety not the cops and not anyone else………………………….Gun safety rule # 1…..CARRY ONE!!!!!

  • gunsnanchors

    I’m very happy for San Fran getting what they want. It took awhile but perseverance paid off. Congratulations. Let’s also give credit to Feinstein & Pelosi. Good job girls.

    • Don’t forget Babbling Babsy Boxer. She’s a Senatorette, you know.

      • Noodies Man

        Hey! Call her a Senator. She worked hard to get that, and she would appreciate it if you called her “Senator”. /snark off

        • JDon357

          Good point NM. FYI – This is a reference to Boxer chewing out an Admiral because he was addressing her as ‘ma’am’ instead of “Senator”. She is as big an idiot as every other Social Democrat that state elects. Don’t forget MoonBeam Jerry Brown. Had a big hand in bankrupting the state, so after a sabbatical, they re-elect him.

          • John B. Tant

            He wasn’t an Admiral. He was a Brigadier General with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

          • Marcus Antonius

            Don’t forget that Feinstein and Boxer are part of Michael Bloomberg’s Jewish Nazi Gun Grabbing Bund. Schumer is also a member.

        • blueturtle2008

          She paid a lot of money to get that title

          • Stir_ the_ pot

            That’s OK. She got it back through her husband’s business…

      • Remmy700P

        C’mon guys. Get their names right. It’s “Frankenfeinstein”, “Barbara Boxcar” and “Pelosi Galore”.

      • Raymond Payne

        Isn’t it Senatress?

        • Kelsow $ Farlander

          I would have gone with bitch….but that’s just me.

        • Christopher Lee Hartsock

          Senatrix, thank you.

    • Andrew Simpson

      Really? Nice job and I hope that SF doesn’t change it’s name to San Steinle after all of this local stupidity is done!

      • JDon357

        AS, with a comment like that, I’m assuming you aren’t old enough to reach the keyboard and had to have your mommy type this for you. Don’t insult the victim, you turd. And don’t try to downplay this as a ‘local problem’. The entire state has ridiculous gun laws, so citizens cannot protect themselves. All the major cities, and most of the minor ones are ‘sanctuary cities’ for criminal invaders aka ‘illegal aliens’. The entire state is bankrupt and only survives because the Federal Gobt sends them money from taxpayers in the other 49 states. The entire state has a one year supply of water – after stealing it from other states and creating thousands of ‘environmenta protection’ laws. The entire state sends people like Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi to push Progressive agendas in DC on the rest of us. The entire state has their own special laws for everything from cars to guns to mattresses to little wood birdhouse kits you buy at Hobby Lobby. This increases manufacturers and retailers costs – which they pass on to the rest of us. You are an idjit.

        • Just Saying

          I live here and your are right. I apologize but I don’t vote for the asshats that create these laws and regulations.

        • Gouchybear

          I used to live there up until 2 years ago when my entire family moved to Northern Idaho. Ahhh, what a relief, and an incredibly beautiful state. Oh, and did I mention we LOVE guns up here. SF is getting exactly what they deserve, it’s just so sad such a beautiful and vibrant young woman had to die to bring SF’s stupidity to light…very sad.

          • Clyde Acor

            Hey don’t be telling everyone about how nice it is here or the rest of them will come up here and make it a wasteland like California!!! It’s already slowly but surely happening the last couple of decades!!! They leave there and come up here for a better life. But what really happens is their life follows them and so does their politics!!! Next thing you know they’re trying to turn us into another California!!!

          • Gouchybear

            Sorry man, don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll be more care because the LAST thing we want is to wind up like Kommiefornia!

        • Firebass4

          California is lost. The rest of the country will follow soon.

        • Andrew Simpson

          Sorry Mr JD worth my comment there was no insinuation that I was insulting the victim. I was merely making the statement that stupid laws engendered in the minds of politicians bring about this senselessness. You speak as if the entire state is held hostage by those people that Y’all elected. I’m truly sorry that yall’s leadership is so bloody incompetent! The reason that I’ll probably very rarely set foot in CA is the very things that you brought up. I have a CCW and I have no intention of being caught!
          I think that it is high time to have a revolution to rid ourselves from the of the people that are systematically destroying our country from the inside, gun laws included! I feel for the innocent families that are caught up in the incompetence of our leadership! That wad my comment Mr JD.

    • Cabezon

      Don’t forget Leland Yee

  • All that gun control, and still, this happens, and on live TV no less. Maybe they need more gun control.

  • Biker689

    Geez, I don’t know whether to comment on the stupidity of the bad guy or cheer him on because of how much I despise the media. Quite the dilemma.

  • Dan Gregory

    These gun free zones are working well,for the criminals..

  • Mario Granda

    Siempre una Arma es peligrosa,cuando una persona no tiene adoctrinamiento en el manejo de Armas o cuando la arragan por descuido o se les pierde y va parar en manos de personas inespertas se debe controlar y resgistrar toda persona que posee un Arma, para la seguridad de la Sociedad.

    • Haywood Jablowme

      I want to hear you opinion, but in English!

      • He said, “arms are always dangerous; when someone doesn’t have appropriate training in the use of arms, or when one sets them off by accident, or they are lost and fall into the hands of inexperienced persons, (possession) should be controlled, and anyone who possesses arms should be registered, for the security of society.”

        • Haywood Jablowme

          I agree with some of what he said but in Ca. where this took place we have very strict gun laws, too strict for the law abiding citizen. at the same time the do-gooders want t let every person into Ca.with no papers so we don’t know what kind of terrorist we are letting into this country. this happened to be a Mexican terrorist San Francisco is full of them thank -you Gavin Newsom.

    • El problema es que en San Francisco, es casi imposible para que los buenos reciban un permiso para portar armas, mientras que los criminales pueden obtenerlas muy fácilmente. El argumento aquí es que el control de armas no está funcionando bien en California.

      (The problem is that in San Francisco, it is almost impossible for the good guys to receive a permit to carry arms, while the criminals can obtain them quite easily. The argument here is that gun control is not working well in California.)

    • DavidyArica Freire

      While the argument is there to provide a feel good measure of only “trained” people with arms, the constitution of the United States recognizes our God given right to self protect. California does not grant its citizen the right to self protect by the best means, which only breads a culture of give and take, usually with a superior show of force (gun); only those that hold this power are the criminals instead of the citizens. A solution would be to make the right to protect yourself as available as the right to free speech and watch the criminal horde realize that what once was a soft target could be something totally different under the protection of the law. Just my 2c.

  • Howard Anderson

    How is that being a “Sanctuary” city doing for you? Safe from crime? Safe from guns? Safe from illegal aliens? yaaaaa…. noooooo…

    • kingj0n

      safe from prosecution

  • jbwilson24

    Schadenfreude. SF is merely getting what it deserves. You coddle a group that is prone to gun crime, this is what you get.

    I recall my cousin mentioning that he was robbed at gunpoint twice in SF. I asked what happened. He shrugged. His wife said “now, i don’t want to reinforce racial stereotypes, but it was black men both times… it’s poverty though, not race”. Funny how poor Asians don’t commit much gun crime. They are too busy working and studying.

    • Erik Kilpatrick

      They don’t and won’t understand…is that not apparent? We can only hope that all Californians stay in their State….I am concerned they may move here and register to vote….smh

    • MarineCorpsVet

      …and then, after working and studying hard, the Asian-Americans are kept from going to Cal-Berkeley by quotas. Those quotas were enacted because their grad schools were determined to be admitting too high a percentage of Asian-Americans.

    • JSebastian

      Yep, its poverty. That’s why they’re so rapey and violent. Dontcha know all poor people rape and beat others?

  • curtis Coffman

    You have to love the “Sanctuary City”. So how’s those gun law’s working out for you:)

  • Haywood Jablowme

    how is that liberal utopia working for you stool pushers and nigtards in San Francisco? that sanctuary city looks real safe!

  • Tumbleweed

    Frisco has rizen to a new high! Looks like their gun control is actually working as planned!

  • Shotski0

    If you make the sheeple helpless and defenseless, you attract wolves! Of course they are robbing news crews! They know the liberals on the crew won’t be armed, and they have expensive equipment and money. You might as well paint a big target on their backs with text reading “please rob me!”

    • James Sams

      Interesting that the Libtard news crews are now hiring people WITH GUNS to protect them!!! What a joke. You see, Libtards? This is what we were saying about needing guns to protect ourselves! Let’s play your game: “Why do you think you need a gun? Are you paranoid?” or “Why do you need magazines with more than ten rounds? Those are just for killing lots of people.” See Libtards how screwed up in the heads you are! Now you want people with GUNS around to protect your wimpy asses from those innocent and peaceful minorities you adore. Just remember: Diversity is our STRENGTH! HAHAHA!

      • JSebastian

        Yah…DIEversity….cuz it will literally kill you .

  • Jake rosier

    hahahaha, stupid libtards. . . hahaha this is hilarious. .
    I carry concealed daily. . but thenagain, I am not in a retarded State with a bunch of low IQ emotional voters. . .

    • kyew

      I very much agree with your view, but you might consider in the future not calling others retarded if you can’t actually spell the word. Just sayin’…

      • Gary

        You spelled it the same way!

        • kyew

          I spelled it the correct way. When I saw his comment, it was spelled “retarted”.

          • Gary

            I didn’t say you spelled it wrong. You spelled it the same way he did in the post that I read that you commented on. That is all I am saying.

          • kyew

            I didn’t say you said I spelled it wrong; I said I spelled it correctly. I then showed you the way he spelled it, which also does not say that you said I spelled it incorrectly.

            Are we done here, or were there more words you’d like to put into my mouth?

      • michaelg21

        Same reply as Gary-I don’t understand your point-the word was used and spelled correctly-even though you could say-it’s not politically correct these days.

        • Haywood Jablowme

          I have retarded- son I take care of the least of my problems are what people call him or how it is spelled.I live in Ca it is probably a hate crime to call my son retarded we have become a society of thin skinned little girls.

          • michaelg21

            David-my apologies-I was not the one that brought this up I only commented on the word and the way it was used-no offense was meant on my part toward you or anyone else. And yes-the word has been replaced with mentally handicapped or special needs-as it should be.

          • Haywood Jablowme

            don’t worry my point was the word retarded is not offensive to me its just a word.I am more offended by the word doctor because a doctor screwed up 24 years ago giving my son the disability he has today.I think Americans should not be such sensitive little nancy boys over words.and don’t feel sorry for me at 56 taking care of my disabled son makes me happy.

        • kyew

          It was spelled “retarted” originally.

    • kyew

      “Jake rosier

      typo? ?

      11:56 p.m., Wednesday July 8”

      It would be a typo if the “t” and “d” were beside each other, and if the word didn’t sound a bit like “retarted” phonetically.

  • Congratulations, liberals. You built this.

  • Javenis Mydaus

    Did I miss something? the headline read “News crew robbed at gunpoint live on air” I was hoping to see the news crew robbed at gunpoint live on air.

    • JDon357

      JM, you realize the media can’t get anything right, right?

  • kyew

    As always, the anti-gun arguments are defeated by themselves. In this case, those who would have us unarmed and defenseless rely upon those who ARE armed to protect them. Hypocrisy at its finest, though I doubt very seriously any of those poor misguided fools are shamed by it.

  • BuddhaKat

    By all means, ask the mugger to hang on for a few minutes while you call the police and wait for them to get there.

  • SickandTired

    There You Go, Commiefornia! Make it so difficult for Law Abiding Citizens, to exercise their Constitutionally Guaranteed Right, to Self Preservation, while The Criminal SOBs have no problem stealing their Guns, and Assaulting, Robbing, Raping, and Murdering these same Law Abiding, Defenseless, Individuals, while the Police are nowhere to be found, until after the crimes are committed!! So Damn Infuriating!

    • michaelg21

      Of course-you likely know that in San Francisco county-they have not only banned Hollow Point ammo-(because it COULD hurt someone they say) but the Police Chief there even brags that they have not issued a concealed carry license in that county in more than 10 years-in the last 20 only 2 have been issued and those 2 are no longer valid because they refused to renew them. San Diego County despite a court order-STILL will not issue them to anyone same with Los Angeles, Riverside and a host of other counties. Great progress there.

      • JSebastian

        I have a concealed carry license valid in SF, its called the Second Amendment. I love it. I use it every time I go there.

  • Good !Makes me laugh!_more stupidity in Stipidville.

  • Law_dog1

    Fieinstein is a trader, kick her out to the U.K.

  • Rob McEwen

    Trying to determine the motive for one of the areas MOST POPULAR TOURIST ATTRACTIONS. Rocket surgery folks.

  • Steve Dodge

    Oh yah hows that Gun Control working out there in Pelosi country lol lmbo, idiots keep putting these liptards in office, you get what you vote for.

  • Richard Speights

    Running for one’s life tends to turn a gun-control advocate into an avid supporter of the Second Amendment.

    • Richard Speights Jr.

      This person is impersonating me all over the internet. He stole my identity. Their IP leads over seas. Anyone know who this is? Sure would be helpful as the authorities have been alerted.

      • Richard Speights

        This is a new one on me….someone pretending to be me, complaining that I am impersonating me. Cyberspace is sometimes like an almond orchard, full of nuts.

      • Richard Speights

        Yes, contact the authorities, and do so immediately. Please post which agencies you contact. Do not wait. Don’t just blow words on this website. You promised to call the law, so do it.

      • Richard Speights


        It appears the person calling him(her)self Richard Speights Junior. is Christine White of Salem, New York. It appears Christine is a cyber-stalker and has been one for many years. I’m just her latest victim. Now she has become exposed, she, under her numerous pseudonyms, have stopped harassing me. It’s too late, though. We, her victims, are pressing charges.

  • Henry Jeleniewicz

    Go on over to Reno, Nevada and buy yourself a gun there.

  • Gregory Creswell

    that is just too delicious…..

  • Lisa

    Thanks to Sanctuary the only ones protected are the illegal’s,,,,

  • Smith Jones

    When a simple job like reporting the news requires body armor and hazardous duty pay, it’s time to switch professions.

  • JDon357

    Clear now, the liberal media is on the side of the liberal politicians and activists like Bloomberg and SF City Mayor – who have their own bodyguards. The rest of us can just keep a piece of chalk in our pockets so while we lay their bleeding we can draw an outline around our bodies.

  • jag11

    Wow. Guess the sanctuary city is reaping what they sew. Mission accomplished, right?

  • Ray Jones

    i love the look on her face it is priceless….well princess [email protected] what do think of gun control now id bet you want one now dont you !!!!!! i was just mocking her a true [email protected] would sooner be shot dead by a criminal than protect them selves or there family….very sad people…

    • JSebastian

      I love seeing an Obama voter’s cognitive dissonance finally hit home.

      Its kinda like …”Oh….now I get it….”.

  • Shananae

    Liberals think they’ve got all the answers. They live by a different set of rules that lack moral substance. Morals (lying, stealing, cheating, murder, adultery, etc.) are absolute and have civil consequences if ignored. Since morals require self discipline and good behavior, that becomes contrary to the liberal’s political agenda… to win votes.

  • JC Hammer

    Looks like S.F. is getting what they want… defenseless people who must rely on the “professionals” and big papa government to protect them. Can’t afford your own armed guards plebe? Too bad for you. These people are a laughing stock to those of us who don’t live in magic-fairy dust muffin land.

  • Redline

    News media touts nothing but the horrible criminal side of guns. Now they are unarmed and on the receiving end, good. Reap what you sow.

  • Todd Clemmer

    lmao! What a sh**hole.

  • ……

    Welcome to the friendly city by the bay….

  • megaflunky

    Why has something not made world news? Could it be because it happened in a “Sanctuary” city where everybody is safe and mana falls from Heaven? Where everybody lives a happy fun filled life. A news crew is robbed covering a murder, I hope the Libtards are happy in the city they made in thier own image.

  • disqus_vDjQaE8IdD

    Golfing is a sport. Golf clubs are the mechanism used to take a small projectile (the ball) and accurately shoot it (the shot) several hundred yards down a fairway to its intended target (the cup). This is considered relaxing to many, stressful to some, and exhilarating to those who love the sport. Target shooting with a firearm is no different – quite similar, actually. Target shooting and hunting is a sport. A firearm is the mechanism used to take a small projectile (the bullet) and accurately shoot it (the shot) several hundred yards through an open area to its intended target (the bullseye). This is considered relaxing to many, stressful to some, and exhilarating to those who love the sport. The difference between golf and target shooting: More people are killed by golf clubs than firearms every year, and hunting is fundamental to who we are as a species. So is competition. Shouldn’t the president give up golfing and mandate everyone turn in their clubs (weapons) because they are sometimes used on people, chickens, and babies?

  • disqus_vDjQaE8IdD

    There is no cause.. as if there is a battle that has to be won.. I have my rights and NOBODY can change that or convince me otherwise. My right to own and bare arms is fundamental, not touchable by any anyone, and is a non-issue.

  • disqus_vDjQaE8IdD

    These are rights that this nor any other government can touch because they’re not theirs to give. I own me, I know and own my rights.

  • disqus_vDjQaE8IdD

    How about we get back to “innocent until proven guilty” and stop assuming the worse out of everyone and everything. Stop trying to prevent crimes by command and control and prosecute those who actually commit them.

  • disqus_vDjQaE8IdD

    According to the CDC, more people die from diarrhea every year than by firearms. Maybe we should get rid of pizza hut and mcdonalds..

  • G T B

    Gun control will only keep guns out of Real American Citizens hands. These tutie fruity Californians and all their activist, Keep up the good work, soon you will all be slaves to the criminals who dont give a crap about your stupid laws. Then who will you complain to, not the criminal pistol whipping you to shut you up that’s for sure. The whole country will be taken over by illegal immigrants, Gangs, Thugs, Radical Muslims. And guess what you morons. All of them will have guns to put you all down and you will have no say whatsoever. So if that is what you want then keep feeding the damn media what they want and collectively ruin the country along with the best at it, Mr Obama.

  • brandon

    Hope this happens more often to these generally Left Leaning Lame Stream Media mouth pieces, they are generally Anti-Gun for law abiding citizens. They deserve no security.

  • Sterling Headset

    Well, she’s part of the media and the media started this crap…. I hope they enjoy it.

  • joeybar

    where were the cops to protect them ?????

  • Batman

    Lol … Anyone who thinks that every reporter should have a concealed weapon, or that it would have prevented this robbery, (Honestly it would have just ended in 1 or 2 people getting shot), doesn’t live in the real world.

  • billpayor

    I’m sorry, I know they were scared but I did laugh……………………………………..