NEW From Springfield Armory: 1911 RONIN® EMP® 3″ 9MM HANDGUN


Springfield Armory has done it again, this time with an amazing 1911-style handgun that was built around the 9mm cartridge, providing an amazingly beautiful 3″-barreled 1911 Ronin EMP. The Springfield Armory 1911 Ronin EMP 3″ 9mm Announced today, it’s a 9+1 round take on the iconic 1911 handgun, and they didn’t sacrifice a thing. The […]

[VIDEO] Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, Ruger Max-9, Taurus GX4, M&P Shield Plus


The micro sub-compact 9mm pistol has become a very competitive market. Ever since Sig Sauer developed the P365, there has been a “race to the top” to see which manufacturer could pack the most rounds in a 9mm magazine. Add to that, optic ready slides, night sights, holsters and modifications, each of these pistols have […]

The New Taurus GX4 9mm Is Looking To Compete In The Micro-Compact Category, And It’s Absolutely Worth A Look


The micro-compact handgun category is flaming hot, and the options keep coming. The latest release is from Taurus with their Taurus GX4. It’s their first-ever micro-compact 9mm handgun, and it’s something not to overlook. Taurus has stepped up their game with the GX4, and it’s sure to please even those who have shunned the brand […]