Armed Robber’s Spree Abruptly Ends When He Tries To Rob Concealed Carrier


An armed robber wasted no time trying to knock off multiple locations and people during a window of 15 minutes one evening this week. Some of his attempts were unsuccessful, but not all. Jumping from place to place and person to person, his spree ended quickly when he encountered a man on the street that […]

Woman Opens Fire On Shoppers In Tulsa, Is Shot And Killed By Concealed Carrier


TULSA, OKLAHOMA — A woman who allegedly started shooting at people outside a Tulsa business is dead after being shot and killed by an armed citizen who witnessed her actions. Police say the same woman was seen on surveillance video earlier in the day, and appeared to have an altercation with others. She left and […]

Concealed Carrier Critically Wounded While Defending Against Armed Carjacker


PHOENIX, ARIZONA — An attempted car jacking and exchange of gunfire all went down in a matter of seconds. When it was over, the intended victim had defended himself and his friend. Unfortunately, he suffered serious injuries in the process. A man was injured in a shootout with an alleged armed robbery suspect in Phoenix. […]