Wife Pulls Out Gun And Shoots After Husband Is Confronted By Multiple Armed Attackers


CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — A husband and wife were out in a parking lot at an apartment complex early Friday, when they were approached by multiple suspects who tried robbing the husband at gunpoint. Emily Bishop, the wife and off-duty cop, immediately drew her firearm and shot at the suspects. According to the police, the […]

Man Shot Twice By Gas Station Clerk After Attacking Him With A Bottle


MACOMB TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN — With so much craziness in the news these days, sometimes you scratch your head and wonder what some people are thinking. In Michigan, a man walks into a gas station and attacks the clerk with….a bottle. Well the clerk wasn’t having any of that nonsense. According to authorities, a man entered […]

Attempted Robbery Turns Into A Shootout, CPL Holder Sends Robber To The Hospital


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — There is a reason so many in the gun community extol the virtues of training. Training not only gives you confidence for dangerous situations, but also the skills necessary to survive. In this case, the CPL holder’s judicious marksmanship may have saved his life. Police were called around 6:45 to the 18600 […]