Printing Matters: FL Woman Arrested For Concealed Carry While Dropping Her Kid Off At School

This is by no means an endorsement for carrying where you aren’t legally allowed to carry. But this does go to show that printing does matter.

A Florida woman is now facing a charge of possessing a weapon on school property after being caught carrying concealed on her kid’s school campus. She was walking her kid to school and entered through the main door. A school employee saw what looked to be a “gun-shaped bulge” on her and reported it to school officials.

A Youth Relations Bureau deputy confronted her and asked if she was carrying a gun. She said yes as she was carrying a loaded 9mm Glock in a concealed holster. The deputy took the firearm, and she was arrested even though they stated that she had “no bad intentions.”

They also found out that she did not have a valid Florida Concealed Weapons License. Either way, she would likely have been arrested because it is illegal to carry a gun on a school campus, with or without a license.

I definitely have an issue with not being allowed to carry on school property. Why shouldn’t I, as a licensed concealed carrier, be able to carry my gun on me while I drop off or pick up my kids from school? One lady that was being interviewed said, “You don’t know what’s going to happen when you a firearm with you to pick up kids. Something bad might happen.” I agree. And that’s exactly why I should be able to carry my gun on me.

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry and republished with permission.

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