Ja Rule Takes Irresponsible Gun Owner To A New Level With Instagram Post

With 1M followers on Instagram, rapper Ja Rule has influence on the network. He’s been around since the ’90s and has gained millions of fans over the decades.

With reach comes opportunity and responsibility. But he posts this:

It annoys me to no end when I see influencers, famous people etc., that pay no attention to just how Irresponsible they can be with firearms. In public view. On social media. Shared to millions of people.

Ja is old enough to know that what he’s doing is not responsible. Let’s go over what’s wrong in the photo:

  • Pointing a firearm in an unsafe direction. We’re assuming that someone is behind the camera.
  • Finger on the trigger when not ready to fire.

Those are the two main ones, and we’re not even going to discuss the concept of an influencer pointing a firearm at the camera and then sharing it to the world.

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