Legally Blind Man Shoots After Someone Kicks In His Front Door, Which Turned Out To Be A 21-Year-Old Drunken Idiot

LUBBOCK, TEXAS — A 63-year-old Texas man, who is legally blind and on hospice care, feared for his life when someone was attempting to break into his home.

Jimmy James grabbed his gun at the first sign of trouble and once people entered his home, he fired.

This wasn’t the first time someone tried entering his home, either. He spoke with reporters, and said that another incident happened just after moving in some time ago.

In this current incident, as soon as the door was breached, he started shooting.

James told police that if he did not grab his gun there is no telling what the intruder could have done. The report says James did not see who kicked in his door, but due to his medical disability, he was in fear of his life.

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Reports say that a total of three people were outside the home; a 21-year-old woman and two men. One of the men was shot by James, and he probably wishes he ditched the woman earlier in the evening.

Police say 21-year-old Madison Danielle Vanarsdale was intoxicated and kicked in the door. During the investigation, officers learned Vanarsdale was with two other people at Stars and Stripes Drive In together earlier in the evening. The three left went at Varnarsdale’s apartment complex. She said she was trying to get into her apartment, but did not have her keys. She left them at the drive-in theater.

One person attempted to get Vanarsdale to leave, but she refused saying she wanted to get inside to get her dog and she had to work the next morning, so she just wanted to be home. She started to kick in the door, not realizing it was not her apartment.

That is when the victim fired two shots through the door. The person who tried to get Varnarsdale to leave was shot.

Talk about a messed up story, all because of a person who was beyond intoxicated.

When the two men tried to get her to leave again, after the shots were fired, she reportedly began yelling that she was being raped. She didn’t realize that one of the men she was with had been shot.

Police arrived, and apparently had a heck of a time getting Vanarsdale to cooperate. She began resisting the officers, and kicked them at one point during their attempt to restrain her.

Vanarsdale is now facing charges of burglary, resisting arrest, and public intoxication.

While it seems that Vanarsdale was simply intoxicated and trying to get into an apartment that she thought was hers, you still can’t blame the resident for defending himself. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but the blame lies entirely on her.

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