Changing Your Carry Gun When Summer Approaches. Here’s What I Do And Why.

It’s not for everyone, and some people live in a warm climate pretty much all year round. For many, however, they have a gun (or guns) that they designate for winter carry, and others they designate for the summer.

First, let’s look at a recent poll that we did on our Facebook page:

I’m a person who changes, even living in Florida. Well, it’s a little different verses living in the Northeast, but I have some rules that I try to follow.

For example, if I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt, my carry gun is either my Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP or my Glock 26. The same goes for long pants and a t-shirt.

If it’s a hoodie or jacket kind of day or night, I’ll carry my Glock 19. That’ll soon change to the Glock 45.

For me to conceal the 19 is tricky with just a t-shirt, but crazy easy with the Hellcat.

The change to the Glock during the colder months is simple; more capacity.

That’s really about as crazy as I get. With all three firearms, I’m proficient and practice with them regularly, but I still try not to change them that often. Generally, I’ll go at least a month or more with the same firearm before changing things up.

What about you? Do you have different firearms for different clothing types based on the weather?

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