Pennsylvania Man Shoots Home Intruder, Is Now Facing Gun Charges

DAUPHIN COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA — A burglar broke into an apartment in Hummesltown PA, and was met inside by an armed tenant. The tenant, Xavier King, shot the burglar in what appears to be an act of self defense. However, the story doesn’t end there.

A Harrisburg man is facing charges after shooting a man that broke into his apartment. Swatara Township Police say the burglar was shot after breaking into a Hummesltown apartment early Wednesday morning.

A warrant has been issued for Xavier King, the man that fired the shots. He is charged with possession of firearm prohibited and firearms not to be carried without a license.

Via Local 21

The article does not explain specifically why the resident is being charged, only the laws he is being charged for. However, looking into those specific laws in Pennsylvania, and it seems these charges do not stem from the act of self defense carried out by the resident.

The first law the resident is being charge for breaking is “possession of firearm prohibited.” When you look this up under PA law, it would suggest that Mr. King is no longer legally allowed to possess a firearm due to a previous crime.

The second law he is being charged for breaking is “firearms not to be carried without a license.” This is a little more confusing because this law specifically relates to being licensed to carry a concealed firearm outside of your residence or vehicle. If Mr. King lived in the apartment, that would be his place of residence.

Either way, Mr. King should not have been in possession of a firearm. Some states allow for individuals to earn back their right to posses a firearm. Should you ever find yourself legally unable to own or carry a firearm, it’s best to work within the system to restore those rights as quickly as possible.

Since Mr. King was defending himself from a home intruder, do you think he should face charges because of his unlawful possession of a firearm? Or do you think in certain cases, like self defense, such charges should be overlooked?

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