Burglar Breaks Into Off Duty Officer’s Home, Flees When The Bullets Start Flying

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — What happens when someone tries to break into a police officers home? Well for starters, you picked the wrong house. Second, the house will be defended judiciously, and there is a good chance shots will be fired in self defense.

KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina said in a news release that around 2:30 a.m. the officer, who was off duty, used his radio to ask for help at his home.

“He told officers he had fired shots at an intruder,” Becchina added.

The off-duty officer told responding officers that he was home alone and walked down the stairs at his home when he heard the sounds of an intruder and found a strange man inside, the news release said.

“Fearing for his safety, he fired multiple shots at the intruder,” Becchina said in the release. “He (the intruder) then ran from the scene.”

Via Ozark First

There are a couple of interesting facts to this story. First, when the officer heard and suspected someone was in his house he immediately went to investigate. Some people might immediately call the police and wait in a defensive position in case they come face to face with the bad guy.

What is your preferred plan in this instance? If you hear someone is in your house, do you prefer to go look for them or wait for them? I guess a lot of answers will depend on who else lives in your household and who is vulnerable.

Second interesting thing; the officer used his radio to contact the police. Instead of picking up the phone and calling 911 he contacted dispatch directly. I guess that is probably a faster way to get someone out to your house, especially if you are friends with those on duty.

Ultimately, the robber was met with defensive force on the part of the officer. The officer fired several rounds at the figure he saw in his house, which caused the burglar to flee. It’s great news that the officer is safe, and that he used his Second Amendment right to defend himself.

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