[VIDEO] When Adding Yourself To The Equation Can Get You Shot At


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a person who wants to do good in their lives. You may even be a person who would attempt to stop a robbery inside a store, as you happen to be in a prime location to stop the thief.

However, as potentially non-violent the initial encounter could seem, we have to be aware that the person we’re trying to stop could have an accomplice waiting just outside.

The surveillance video below shows us a woman walk into a convenience store and try to snatch a rack of jewelry under everyone’s nose. As she tries to walk out the front door, a customer sees what’s happening and tries to stop her by holding the door closed.

This could have been the end of it, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

That woman had someone waiting for her outside, and that someone was armed.

That someone, also, could care less about another person’s life. Without hesitation, he fired shots at the man who was trying to hinder the heist.

It would seem that no one was shot during the incident, but it’s a clear reminder that some people will take a live over a few dozen pieces of jewelry… from a convenience store.

If that’s not the lowest of the low, I don’t know what is.

If you ever choose to intervene, keep that head on a swivel and make sure you’re aware of the people around you. Many cases show us that the person that is being confronted is not the only one in on the criminal activity.

If you get involved, have an exit strategy in place as best you can, given the circumstances. If you need to run, like this guy did, make sure you’re giving yourself top priority.

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