The Firearm Blog Removed From Instagram With No Reason Provided


Just gone.

A lot of work goes into building and maintaining a social media presence, and that holds true for the folks over at The Firearm Blog.

A few days ago, their Instagram account was deleted by Instagram. They were apparently given no warning, and no way to reactivate the account.

Without any warning, the social media platform Instagram has deleted The Firearm Blog’s account and all its contents. While the exact reason for the removal is unknown, it doesn’t take a modern-day Sherlock Holmes to make a few basic deductions. TFB’s account was nothing but images of guns and gear. We didn’t post nudity, profanity, incite violence or law breaking or illegal content of any kind. We never paid for followers or abused our account. Ever. Yet The Firearm Blog was deleted from Instagram.

The Firearm Blog

When they reached out to Instagram, they were given the following response:


The account you’re referring to has been removed. We’re unable to restore accounts that have been permanently deleted. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

The Instagram Team

Since then, they’ve created a new account which you can find below:

When the 2A community relies so heavily on social media, just like any other industry nowadays, it’s sometimes a tricky balancing act.

It’s unknown whether or not their old account will ever be restored, but it doesn’t seem that way.

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