*WARNING: GRAPHIC* Cop Goes Toe-to-Toe With Knife-Wielding Attacker at Point-Blank Range

CLAYTON, GA — A man was shot and killed after he led law enforcement on a high-speed car chase, crashed his vehicle, then lept at a police officer with the clear intention of killing him with his knife.

The margin between life and death came down to inches.

As Blue Lives Matter reports:

The incident started when an officer attempted to stop a vehicle that was driving 68 mph in a 45 mph zone, according to Clayton Police Chief Andy Strait. When the officer caught up to the other vehicle, it was crashed into a tree.

The officer got out of the car and ordered the man in the car to not move. Instead, the suspect appeared to try to kick out the back window of the car to escape… The suspect then succeeded in kicking out the back window and then tried to climb the adjoining tree before jumping on the hood of the car.

The suspect jumped off the hood of the car and lunged at the officer but stumbled while the officer continued to yell for him to stop and get on the ground. Instead the man got up off the ground and repeatedly tried to stab the officer with a knife. The officer backed up and warned the suspect he would shoot him if he continued but the suspect didn’t relent.

As the suspect was just inches away, the officer shot him.

You can see video detailing the scene below. The serious activity starts just after the 1:00 mark, but be advised that the video is very graphic.


Chief Andy Strait would seem to agree with the clear evidence on the dash camera — the officer was clearly justified in his use of deadly force.

“At one point, he was able to kick the back window out of the vehicle, climb onto the roof with a knife and dive at the officer on the ground. Officer is continually giving him verbal commands, ‘stop or I’ll shoot,’ and the suspect says ‘I don’t care’ at one point, continues at the officer in a slashing motion, stabbing motion, within less than a foot and the officer was forced to shoot. And unfortunately, the suspect was deceased at the scene,” Chief Strait said according to WAGA.

It’s hard on anyone when a life is lost — the trauma the police officer underwent will likely stick with him for the rest of his life.

But for this officer, a man whose life was very nearly ended by an insane criminal, it was either emotional damage or death. He made the right call.

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