How to Pick a Range Bag


If you’re going to visit the gun range once a year or so — which many gun owners do, there’s little need for a dedicated bag made specifically for the purpose of moving your kit to and fro.

If you’re doing so habitually — or looking to make a habit of range trips soon — you really should invest in a dedicated range bag.

Your choice in bag can be modest or extravagant — my first range bag was just a many-pocketed duffel bag with threadbare straps. It depends on what kind of budget you’re working with and how fancy you’re trying to be. All that being said, you’ve got three questions you want to be asking when considering a range bag:

  1. Is the bag durable?
  2. Can the bag carry all the things you want to carry to and from the range, and can you carry it comfortably while doing so?
  3. Are there enough compartments for you to prevent all of your kit from lying in a disorganized heap?

If you’ve got a “yes” to all those questions, congrats! You got a range bag. I should probably add that you want your bag to be able to hold any firearms you have in there with reasonable security.

That being said, I have seen everything from cooler bags to laptop bags to dedicated range bags used to pack gear out to the range, and although I may have thought the cooler bag was weird, it sure lasted him longer than my threadbare duffel bag veteran of the 90’s.

Once I wore out my duffel bag, I decided to upgrade. I ended up with a dedicated range bag — an Orca Tactical Gun and Ammo Shooting Range Duffel Bag, in case anyone cares. I have enjoyed it so far, and I plan on punching up a review for it in time.

The important things to remember here are somewhat similar to what you want in a tackle box: keep your stuff safe, keep your stuff organized, and pick something you’re going to be comfortable moving your stuff in.

At that point, it’s down to personal preference.

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