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Victim Robbed At Gun Point, Fights Back — Why We Carry And Why It Matters

BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA — Just outside Shreveport, a man was sitting in his car outside a motel when another man came up to him and robbed him at gunpoint. The victim handed over his wallet and cellphone to the 20-year-old robber. As the robber walked away, the victim retrieved a handgun and pursued the suspect. That’s when an exchange of gunfire happened. In the ensuing gun battle, the robber was allegedly hit once and forced to retreat. He dropped the man’s wallet at the scene but kept his cell phone on him.

According to Bossier City police, the presence of the victim’s cell phone implicated 20-year-old Camron Deon Williams to the crime. They found the victim’s cell phone on Williams when he went to a nearby hospital to seek treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, according to Shreveport Times.

The victim was not hurt during the ensuing fight and he was able to at least recover his wallet. Unfortunately, his phone is likely evidence in the upcoming criminal case against Williams. This is an inconvenient but small price to pay for surviving a gun fight against a bad guy.

So, it’s possible the victim could have just rolled over and played dead until Williams was gone. However, no charges were pressed against the victim because police believe he acted within his rights. That’s where knowing the laws of your state come in handy. It enables you to know when you would or would not be acting within the constraints of the law to pursue someone who has committed a violent felony against you.

Armed robbery is a violent felony.

This is also why we encourage people to carry a gun on them at all times. A violent crime can happen at anywhere, any time. The victim was sitting in his car in broad daylight outside a motel. Bad guys don’t need the cover of darkness to pull this sort of nonsense. They don’t care. They often don’t think that far ahead. That’s why you need a gun on you. While he’s not thinking, you have to be able to defend yourself accordingly.

Carry everywhere you can, responsibly, and legally.

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