[PRODUCT REVIEW] Leatherman Signal Multi-tool For Everyday Carry


I’ve admittedly never carried a multi-tool, instead opting for a pocket knife. That’s going to change, because I finally found a multi-tool that I can see myself using on a daily basis.

The Leatherman Signal was introduced earlier this year by a company that we have all heard of. They’ve been making quality products since the 80’s, and it’s a name that we’ve come to know and trust.

Let’s dig right into this new product and see what it has to offer.

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That’s a lot of useful parts in a small package, with my favorites being the knife sharpener and the ferrocerium rod. For a quick look at a portion of useful things that this multi-tool provides, watch the quick 2 minute video from Leatherman below:

By the way, the ferro rod also doubles as a whistle. Is this geared towards survival/outdoorsman-woman use? Of course. That doesn’t mean it can’t be carried with you everyday, though.

While taking #DIGTHERIG submissions, I’ve seen a lot of people adding their full-size multi-tools into the mix. Why? Because they’re functional for everyday use. I have personally carried a pocket knife for two decades, and it’s rare that a day goes by where I don’t use it for something. Having a multi-tool with so many options… I’m pulling it out even more, of course.

The chassis is made of aluminium and creates a very light package for what you’re getting. You’re literally carrying around a toolbox on a stick. At 7.5 ounces, it sits where my knife was and is still just as comfortable.

Another favorite feature of mine are the wire cutters. And guess what; they’re replaceable if they ever need to be freshened up. I spend quite a bit of time doing work on my Wrangler, and cut and strip wires frequently. This replaceable addition is beautifully executed, and I’ve already used the cutters a number of times.

The tool has a very functional lock to keep everything in place while it’s being carried. I say functional because some are… not so much. This lock is easily slid down to secure everything, and slides right back up with ease when needed. Even with this ease, it’s still sturdy enough to stay where you put it, locked or unlocked. I drive this point home because having a secure lock is important, especially if the tool is going to be residing inside your pocket.

Looking at the list of tools and features above and the images below, you’ll quickly see how useful this tool would be in your daily carry collection. It’s not often that I fancy a multi-tool, but this one is an exception in my eyes. Lightweight, elegant, functional and sophistication make the Leatherman Signal stand out from so many others.

If you want to learn more or get one for yourself, take a look at Leatherman’s Product Page for this fantastic multi-tool.



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