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WATCH: “Why Won’t My Laser Work?” This Gun Owner Makes A Big Mistake At The Range

If you’re allergic to stupid, don’t watch the above video.

Here’s the video caption to get you started:

Idiot at the gun range trying to figure out why his laser isn’t working. His friend obviously came from the same shallow end of the gene pool.

In the video, we see two people in a bay at the range, and they’re trying to figure out why the gun’s laser isn’t working properly. At some point, the man’s friend comes over to investigate the issue.

This is where you’ll start yelling at your screen. The man starts to put his hand in front of the gun, trying to see if the laser is working. NO. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU DO THIS.

I’m watching and thinking… don’t do what I think you’re about to do. Just don’t do it. You aren’t that stupid, correct?

I was wrong. Once again, I underestimate the brain power of a fellow gun owner.

Watch the video, cringe, and pass this along to make sure that others don’t make this completely avoidable mistake.

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