Sisters Want DC Businesses To Add “No Firearms” Signs In Their Windows, Charge $30 A Pop

WASHINGTON, DC — Two sisters who, through their company Goods, Not Guns, are trying to get as many businesses in the DC area as they can to add their “No Guns” stickers to their windows. The price tag? $30 a sign.

The sisters, Dari Yudkoff Pogach and Aliza Yudkoff Glasner, are looking to profit from the current landscape surrounding concealed carry in our Nation’s Capitol.

“It was a good chance to raise awareness and also provide a service by selling regulation-compliant signs in the District,” Ms. Pogach said.

As of mid-May, only 26 concealed carry permits had been granted. That’s a pretty small amount to start a movement such as this, unless they’re trying to keep armed law enforcement out of these businesses as well.

As a business man, I see the opportunity. As a gun owner and citizen who is aware of the DC situation surrounding concealed carry, I see a waste of time.

And if you’re wondering, business are buying the stickers.

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