92-Year-Old Blind Woman Scares Off Burglars With Gun, “Come on in, boys! The police won’t take you away, the morgue will.”

By Sara Tipton. Republished with permission from TheTruthAboutGuns.com

Twylia Smock of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a 92-year-old and legally blind woman. Still, using the great equalizer, she was able to successfully defend herself and her home where she’s lived for over 60 years. Smock’s neighborhood has been targeted recently after many of the homes were damaged by storms. She had just locked her back door one evening last week when she heard burglars attempting to break in . . .

“All of a sudden, someone is kicking and beating on my back door, trying to get in,” Smock said

She immediately retrieved her gun and let ‘em know what they were dealing with

“I got up close to the door and said, ‘Come on in, boys! The police won’t take you away, the morgue will. I’ll take care of you,’” Smock told them.

She says that’s when the would-be thieves took off into the night.

“Someone has got to take them out, I hope it’s not me, but I will,” she said.

Smock is now in the market for more firepower and went shopping for a shotgun on Thursday given that five neighbors and a local church have been burglarized as well. Police say they’re working to catch those who are terrorizing the neighborhood, but in the meantime, people like Ms. Smock are their own first responders.

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