Mother Shoots Intruder Inside Her Home

Here is a story from Newport News, VA which underscores the necessity to keep your defensive firearm available at all times, even when you are at home.

A young mother, home with her two year old daughter, discovered a man trying to break into her home. She called 911 to alert authorities. Sometime after the call, the woman confronted the 25 year old male intruder, who had entered the home, and shot him once with her own gun. The male intruder was taken to the hospital and police are continuing to investigate.

The woman was fortunate to have a firearm at her disposal and the knowledge to use it. Had she been unarmed, a robbery, rape, abduction, or murder could have taken place.

Although Virginia does not have a “Castle Doctrine” law, there is no duty for a homeowner to retreat if threatened inside the home. For those who carry a gun or keep one at home for protection, it is advisable to know your state law concerning the use of deadly force. In this particular case, it appears that there will be no criminal repercussions for the homeowner.

What is more important is to realize that an emergency can arise at any time. Your defensive firearm will not help you if it is out of reach. Stay safe.

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