350 SC Concealed Carry Permits Being Revoked

A 30-year-old instructor in SC has been arrested and charged with 29 counts of perjury after he signed 350 concealed carry permits for people without giving them the required safety course. Andrew A. Gajadhar would sign the certificate, which would normally signify that the person has completed the required training to receive their permit.

The people affected by this have started to receive letters in the mail informing them of the problem, and they are given 15 days to surrender their permits. After this, they can have their permits reinstated after providing proof of taking the required training.

Here are the number of people affected in the Midlands:

Richland – 125 (largest group)

Lexington – 55

Sumter – 37

Fairfield – 2

Calhoun – 2

Orangeburg – 1

Clarendon – 6

Lee – 10

Kershaw – 9

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