Vietnam vet corpus christi tx concealed carrier attempted robbery

[CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier, Vietnam Vet Beats Armed Robber On The Draw


CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — An elderly Vietnam veteran was a recent victim of an attempted robbery in his own driveway.  According to KRISTV 6, the 69-year-old arrived home with his wife and pulled into the driveway.  His wife got out and headed indoors and he was sure to follow until a man stopped him and held him at gunpoint.  Once he realized he was being held at gunpoint, the veteran drew his own concealed carry handgun and shot the robbery suspect twice — once in the stomach and once in the back.  The concealed carrier then held the attempted robbery suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

via KRISTV 6

“My dad can’t really hear, pretty hard of hearing, so apparently the guy asked him to give him his wallet. And it took him a few times of repeating, and my mom finally heard. And by then my dad realized that he was being held at gunpoint,” Medina said.

This is a case of “do or die”.  A criminal so brazen he’s willing to target an older couple and attempt to rob them in broad daylight shows a general disregard for anyone’s well-being and a complete lack of any fear of consequences.  According to the concealed carrier’s daughter, the couple was targeted specifically because they were elderly and walked around with assistance.  Easy prey, right?  Wrong.


“Because my parents are elderly, because they walk around with a cane, and walker that they are assumed to be easy targets,” she said. “My dad is neither weak and he doesn’t let his disability slow him down in any way when it comes to life and death situations.”

The 23-year-old suspect is currently in the hospital in stable condition.  Once he recovers from his injuries, he’ll be tried for aggravated assault.

This is why daily concealed carry matters so much.  This situation could have gone wrong in so many ways but thankfully the concealed carrier was able to get the upper hand and save himself and his wife from this armed criminal.  When criminals target their prey based upon how easy they think it will be to knock them off, it’s time to realize that concealed carry is the common denominator that allows law abiding citizens their afforded right to defend their lives, their family, and their property.

Good work, sir.  And it always stands as a gentle reminder to the rest of us — carry everyday.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 36 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his CZ-75D PCR in an Alien Gear MOD holster.

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  • sludog

    Heartwarming story!

    • Harold Melton

      Only problem is the bad guy lived.

  • Harold Melton

    Good for the vet.

  • Davis

    OK Aggravated assault? is that all? What about the gun charge??? since the politicals are always banging their drum over guns!!!!

  • Davis

    List should be Robbery, aggravated assault, Felony assault with a handgun, Possession of a gun by a felon,Mandatory 5 years for use of a weapon in a crime. Even trespassing.

    • Bowserb

      Better yet, the vet should have had a bigger caliber or taken a couple more shots. The perp should be in the morgue. Now we taxpayers get to support him in prison while he learns new criminal skills.

      • You can be shot a dozen times by a .357 and survive or be hit once by a .22 and die. Its not caliber or the number of shots but where and what the bullet hits along with the constitution/will of the person to survive.

        • Bowserb

          There are many factors. Here’s a study of around 1,800 actual shootings–police, criminals, civilians–by various calibers. The general conclusion was that on average 2-3 hits were required to stop an attack, regardless of caliber. More cases of not stopping at all with smaller calibers and more cases of a stop with one hit with larger, however neither were statistically significant. 2-3 hits per bad guy were mostly the rule with handguns. Rifles were, of course, much better. Here’s the link. Reach your own conclusion:

          One thing seems clear, though. More ammo is better than less, so a 15+1 round Glock 19 would seem advantageous over a 6+1 Glock 36. I can get close to the best of both with my Springfield XDM-45 with 13+1 rounds of .45, albeit with something of a weight and bulk penalty.

          • Aaron Suever

            I couldn’t agree more. You also have to take into account the ammo you are using for self defense. A LOT of people just carry cheap FMJ ball ammo in their carry pistol, which is bad for a whole number of reasons. The first being it slides right through without transferring a large portion of it’s energy, as the temporary cavity (the larger cavity that does most of the soft tissue damage) is formed by the shockwave of energy transferring from the bullet to the target. However the bigger flaw is over penetration. An FMJ round, especially something like a 9mm or .40 that are high velocity, will simply come out the back with enough energy left to really mess someone (or a few more people) up. Personally I carry a CZ-75PCR in 9mm with a 14+1 capacity of Hornady Critical Duty. This round has an awesome expansion rate, it stays intact so the projectile retains it’s weight as it’s expanding, which causes a greater and quicker energy transfer. With a hollow point or soft tip like most Personal Defense or Police loads you can buy, you’ll get less over penetration, a larger temporary and permanent cavity, and more energy transfer, which translates to more stopping power.

            If you look at the actual ballistics (I highly suggest brass fetcher as he shows energy transfer charts for all of the rounds he tests and the high speed footage of the ballistics gel upon impact) you’ll see that a good personal defense 9mm will perform almost exactly like a .45 FMJ. So if you carry FMJ in your .45, and I have Critical Duty in my 9mm, you essentially removed any real advantage you get from the .45 while keeping the handicaps of lesser capacity and more muzzle flip. So invest in good quality carry ammo, it is literally a matter of life or death, for you, or someone you accidentally shoot.

          • Bowserb

            In all my discussion above, I assume quality hollowpoint ammo. Thanks for the reference. Good info there. Coincidentally, Natchez Shooters Supplies has some good sale prices on Golden Saber 124 and 147 grain 9mm as well as 185 grain .45 in both standard and +P. I’ve been carrying Federal XM9001 in my G19. That’s the 115 grain +P they make for RCMP SWAT. In the tests I’ve seen, it expands well, and it’s reasonably enough priced to use for practice as well as carry.

          • Not every gun can use hollow points. Antique and a number of modern ones hollowpoints not recommended. Also not every brand of hollowpoint works in the guns that can use them so you often have to try out multiple brands.

            What really comes down to is what you can hit with under adrenaline flowing. A good number of big bore shooters will tell you they carry a mid size caliber with a small backup pistol in say .22 lr or magnum. Having a 357 or 45 don’t matter if you cannot hit after the first shot due to having your ears being hit by the sound wave.

          • Aaron Suever

            If youre gun cant use hollowpoints you should probably look into a better carry pistol, as its not in operational shape and you shouldnt trust your life to it. And worst case use soft tip like the Hornady rounds. And the part about being deffened really isnt a factor. Pretty much everyone in a self defense shooting says they didnt hear the gun firing. Your addrenaline is going. While recoil management and target aquisition are important, you should consider things such as stopping power and reliability in your carry weapon. The primary reason I wont carry a .22 is rimfire simply isnt reliable, and there arent many defense rounds in that caliber.

          • It is in operational shape. Once again antique and a number of modern ones hollowpoints not designed for.

            You are wrong about being deafened. It feels like you got punched in the head and you have vertigo being applied to you.

          • Aaron Suever

            You really shouldnt be carrying an antique pistol as your self defense weapon, and I cant think of a single modern defense style pistol that cant take hollowpoints. And that would be an absolute deal breaker for me. And have you ever been in a self defense shooting? I doubt it. When I hunt, I never have a problem with the gunshot, and thats a Remington 870. When the adrenaline is going people wont notice being shot, and every account Ive actually read (including asking my Grandfather who used the M-60 in combat in Vietnam), you barely notice the sound of your weapon going off in a high stress situation.

          • There are guns 25-75 years or more that function better and shoot better then a lot of modern production guns.

            I have been in self defense shooting. I was walking home from a gas station market with some food and other items and felt a gun stuck in my back. I managed to get the semi I carried and fired on the two. One they found on a porch a block away with his intestines hanging out. His trial starts next week. The other might be dead, they never found him despite a blood trial and him hobbling away. You would be surprised how black thugs can run with a bullet going through their guts. Took four hours then the cops took me home with no charges against me since I knew what to say.

          • Ken Andrews

            I agree somewhat. But smaller calber bullets should be FMJ as they just won’t penetrate enough to do any real damage. I think the .38 is the pivotal round where you should begin to transition over to some sort of hollow point.

            A .22 .25 , .32 .380 just doesn’t have the power to put a hp bullet deep enough.

  • wing_ding

    My only objection to this otherwise good news story? calling this guy ‘elderly’ at 69!

    • Bowserb

      I agree, wingding. I’m a 69 year old Vietnam vet too, and I’m not elderly…but I do carry a .45.

      • wing_ding

        my too 45 Springfield XDS and for dress occasions a Sig Sauer 380!

        • dragos111

          Gotta love the XDS. Great carry gun.

        • Mark Flaming

          I’m a Springfield man too. Stainless GI 1911 .45
          But when I’m wearing cargo shorts I have a stainless Walther PPK that fits a pocket real nice.

          • Bowserb

            OK, wingding and Mark. Springfield Armory XDM-45 4.5″ or Sig P227; or for dress needs of a compact, a Glock 19 with Cominolli thumb safety.

      • waynerd

        yeah me too 68 and carry a 9mm w/ two mags:)

      • James Wegman

        I was thinking the same damn thing, I’ll put my elderly foot up your young butt!

  • Michael Visco

    I just want to know?? What is going on with all of these reports of robbery and stuff from Texas??

    • Bowserb

      Large population, too many illegal aliens. Even so, per capita in the larger cities–Houston, Dallas, San Antonio–is lower than large cities in many other states with 12-months a year temperate weather. It’s a matter of where you get your information. If you just want to feel good about the current D.C. administration, go to MSNBC or NPR. For facts, try the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Reports. If you can stand being not politically correct, line up crimes and data from the Census. You’ll know then what to correlate with crime rates.

    • WuzYoungOnceToo

      – “I just want to know?? What is going on with all of these reports of robbery and stuff from Texas??”

      1) ~27 million people.
      2) Robberies/muggings where the thief steals stuff and gets away (more common in jurisdictions that discourage the populace from defending themselves) don’t make the news. Similar incidents where the scum-bag gets a lead injection from the would-be victim (more common in jurisdictions like TX, which favor the rights of the law-abiding over the rights of the criminal) do.

      • Billca

        Looking at the 2014 UCR from the FBI, both Texas and California have the same murder rate (4.4) and very similar violent crime rates (396 in CA vs. 405 in TX). California has ~10M more people than Texas (accounted for by using rates per 100k). Most crimes happen in the metropolitan areas (big surprise, huh?). California is 40% smaller than Texas (104,885 sq. miles smaller) so population density is slightly higher.

        But this also shows that California’s strict and complicated gun laws don’t significantly lower crime or even just murder. But then, you knew that already, right?

        • WuzYoungOnceToo

          – “But then, you knew that already, right?”

          I did….and I’m not sure what this has to do with my post. Someone asked why he was seeing stories about people defending themselves against robberies in TX. I explained why.

  • Randy Woodard

    Once he recovers from his injuries, he’ll be tried for aggravated assault. i probably laughed more than i should have at that sentence.

  • Lonesome Wolf

    Getting shot during the commission of a Felony is an occupational hazard.

    • Billca

      Correct. And since they are “self-employed” in that occupation they should have their own health insurance and not need to sue the homeowner for their medical care.

      Since we now have a law that says everyone has to have some form of health insurance this means even jerks like the robber in this case should be covered. No need for the crime victim to worry about paying the clown’s medical bills.

  • jay2010master

    too bad they didn’t call the morgue

  • 2bad4U

    If they charge this thug with multiple offenses, he will just cop a plea for a light sentence. He will be back on the streets in less than two years. Doing the same thing, only next time he won’t give the victim a chance to defend themselves.

  • WuzYoungOnceToo

    “Never pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too old to fight, he will just kill you.”

    – John Steinbeck

  • kcwas

    good point Davis

  • AZArchangel55

    Should have put two more in the punks head. Now he’ll be sued for shooting the POS!! WTF is wrong with this country??

  • John W Tobin

    “An elderly Viet Nam veteran…”
    LOL! Is there any other kind??? :D

    • Billca

      Hell, even the youngest Vietnam veteran is about 60 now.
      But I refuse to be called “elderly” — yet.

  • Keely Connolly

    I have a Walther CCP, I suggest everyone getting behind one at least once. It’s a wonderful CC weapon for me personally, because I’m a girly girl and it’s slim, but it packs a punch and is very controlled. Love that gun. I’m really a big Glock fan but they are too bulky for me.