**WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO** How Long Does It Take An Armed Citizen To Take Out A Terrorist? About 17 Seconds.



The video above is not for the faint of heart. The decision to show it on our website was not taken lightly, but it highlights just how quickly someone could act to a situation like this if they were armed.

This is not to turn into a political discussion, however here is what supposedly happened:

According to the above video, a “Palestinian terrorist rams Israeli pedestrians in Jerusalem with his car and then uses an ax to stab the wounded.”


A Palestinian terrorist drove his vehicle into a group of several people waiting at a bus stop. He then exited his car with a meat cleaver and began attacking the wounded and others with the implement.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was killed, apparently both from the vehicular attack and the axe wounds while two other people were seriously injured.


A police commander in the Ra’anana area told Israeli media that civilians chased the perpetrator and caught him.

Benzi Sau, Israel’s acting police chief, acknowledged civilians for acting to quickly subdue attackers.


The armed citizen, who happened to be in the immediate area, fires on the suspect and immobilizes him almost immediately. As other people start to come over to the scene, the suspect musters up the strength to stand again, but is quickly taken down. It is not clear whether the armed citizen fired again, but we do see the terrorist fall to the ground and stop moving.

CRL3JauXAAAus9jVia Twitter

Moments later, the area is flooded with police and bystanders.

The damage that this terrorist could have done beyond what he was able to could have been much worse, had it not been for the armed person in the area.

Carry on.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • ezkl2230

    From what I can see, the firearms carrier fires on the terrorist at least three times; the article gives him credit for firing once.

    • Luv2Fly

      He kept missing his head. Shaking mine.

      • ezkl2230

        He appears to have been doing what most people are taught to do – aim for center mass with what was most likely a 9mm pistol.

  • Jimmy Craven

    when will america learn this is the best defense being prepared to defend ourselves not prepped as sheep to the slaughter

    • 2BRKnot2B

      Maybe when we get someone in the White House with some stones, someone who isn’t an Islamic, or so soft hearted he thinks Islamics should be treated similarly to Christians. A POTUS who is actually a Natural Born Citizen, not an Islamic raised, Indonesian adopted, citizen of the Britain at birth, having been born in Kenya? I don;t know, maybe when we get someone like me who demands all be armed, and that the police treat everyone as tho’ armed, but not to expect trouble with every stop. Maybe when ‘constitutional carry’ is accepted nationwide, and a gun owner isn’t considered a pariah, but an equal person on the same footing as a Law Enforcement Officer, because essentially, as a member of the militia, that is what each of us are.

  • Brandon

    Way too many opportunities for that blivit to get up off the ground.

  • Luv2Fly

    Israel has strict gun-control laws and it’s hard to get a carry permit. That makes no sense at all.

    • Bill Redding

      Yes, people tend to think in Israel “EVERYONE has a weapon” — not so.

      I agree they SHOULD, at least ALL the Jews should be REQUIRED to carry. NOT the 3 million so-called “Israeli Arabs” (what an oxymoron term)…just asking for trouble there.

      — BR

      • koine2002

        I agree with you about carry. But not just Jews. Be careful in the generalizations. Within Israel proper (not Gaza or the West Bank), a large number of the Arabs and Palestinians (they’re not the same) are Christian.

        • Bill Redding

          Take the “Christian” part with a HUGE grain of salt! I know “Christian Arabs” (Maronite)…I have NEVER heard EVEN ONE say anything good about Israel. Never. They rant on about “the Jews” doing this, “the Jews” doing that, and call ALL of them Zionists.

          When push comes to shove, you can rest assured they won’t be “standing tall” with any Jew, especially if they think they’ll be on the losing side (Arabs have ALWAYS been unreliable/switch-sides “allies” throughout history, as least as far back as the Crusades).

          — BR

      • Shlomo Amar

        Total Called “Palestinians Arabs” in Israel about 1.2 million.

        1,658,000 Arabs in Israel (“Israeli Arabs”).

        Islam 83.8% (mostly Sunni),

        Remove Christians (None Hostile) 160k , Bedouin (None Hostile)

        210k and Druze (None Hostile) 140k.

        So total Called “Palestinians Arabs” in Israel about 1.2 million.

        (Christians ,Druze ,Bedouin serving in the IDF).

        • Badenuff

          Looks like you all are going to need some more ammo.

  • Mike Vee

    If I witness a terrorist murdering innocent people my response is going to be ‘bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang….. reloading…..’

    • Bill Redding

      Question is though, why weren’t the “innocent people” carrying also?

      After all, just about anyplace in Israel isn’t safe, is it.

      — BR

    • Michael Craven

      It’s comments like this that could come back to haunt you if you ever are defending yourself in a court of law. Although I understand it, it may show intent that won’t help your defense. MTC’s worth.

      • RM Molon Labe

        You shoot until the threat is stopped…this citizen, was incredible…
        Molon Labe

      • Aaron Suever

        Three shots is disabling the threat. 10 shots is overkill. Emptying your magazine is a nervous adrenaline response. Remember that.

  • Bill Redding

    It seems he was NOT “taken out” (I was expecting a right-up-front stop) as you could see him go down & get back up several times during almost the entire video. That’s one determined guy even without his meat cleaver. “Axe wounds?” Where was an axe?

    Regardless, he wasn’t shot properly right up front. Shouting commands to stay on the ground (guessing with no audio) didn’t impress him, so the only thing to do is “shoot to stop” but the guy never “stopped.” ;-)

    How about that other guy out in the street with what looks like a machete/sword? They should have let HIM go at the guy as the “gun-guy” wasn’t getting it done.

    Oops…looking at the video again, it looks like “sword guy” DID have a go at him. Maybe even finished him off (hard to see).

    Still, it shows these terrorists won’t stop until they’re seriously incapacitated or killed. Nothing else works.

    — BR

    • ML123

      There was never an axe, it was meat cleaver, but hell it cuts the same. Many of those terrorists are seriously hopped up on drugs, you know like PCP, giving them what seems to be “super human” powers.

      • Paul G W

        Terrible drivers as well those Palestinians! Sorry, shouldn’t have said that really!

  • Hariparkash Singh

    Seems shady description

  • Shimon

    He was not a citizen with a CCW he was a trained profesional security guard using a service pistol. The liscense he has would not entitle him to have a pistol of his own, only a weapon issued to him for performing his duties and may only be carried in order to carry out his job.

  • Rob

    when caliber counts…..

    • Redline

      Shot placement.

      • Rob

        I saw a man walk an entire city block and die in front me with a shot right in the heart, by police, in a communist country. they were taking him to jail instead of a hospital. couldn’t have been better placement and he was not on drugs.

        • 2BRKnot2B

          Shock. I’ve had deer run 40 yards shot through both lungs. Had one deer shot 9 times, and was still trying to get up. The kill shot even took a while for the deer to realize he was dying. Given the heft of the perp, the shooter placement may have been off some, adrenalin was high in the perp, I’m sure. The shock of bullet penetration is almost immediate, and someone may not realize they have been shot due to the shock. Just think about all those soldiers who went into battle armed only with swords, and came out missing limbs, skulls fractured, etc., and still lived. The human body can take a lot, and still function. Look at all the soldiers in IED attacks missing half their brains, but who still function. maybe not as full individuals, but tell that to their loved ones. Resiliency is a great human trait.

        • Redline

          And how would the caliber change this?

          • Rob

            by experience I can only attest to… a big wrench to the nail hurts a lot more than a little wrench to the nail. Thus it takes me longer to go back tinkering on my camaro with a big wrench to the nail. Just saying.

          • Redline

            Seen way more made dead by a 5.56 round than all combined.

          • Rob

            because 5.56 is a like a belly button, every person has one, besides the US army and some allies. no other reason.

  • bikerdogred1

    Jews in America are paranoid about guns, to bad maybe they could save their own lives when the sh#t hits the fan.

    • Rob

      here in the US they have been making their own oven for a long time, totally different Jews than those in Israel.

  • ImTiredOfThis

    I have a question; a serious question. Why didn’t the ‘armed citizen’ empty his magazine into the ‘terrorist’? That is the first rule of order one should remember in a situation such as this. That he was even allowed to get up again and take steps was the first mistake. I mean really, does anyone think that by not immediately killing the terrorist, that some day he may be rehabilitated?! That is a fool’s errand…”Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” (Genesis 9.6.).

    • deprogramming services

      Hard to say why he did what he did my friend, and it’s hard to say what any of us might have done in a similar situation. Generally though once the perpetrator goes down and is no longer an immediate threat we’re supposed to stop shooting, the idea being we have a right to defend ourselves and other innocent people but we are not supposed to be executioners. In a situation like that the decision on whether or not to keep shooting is being made under great stress and in a very short time period, so it’s best for the default setting to be on shooting only to stop the threat. That having been said, you’d think the guy could have put a bullet in the bad guy’s head at some point, given the closeness of the range. And after firing several shots you’d think the good guy would have reloaded, because where there is one bad guy there might be more.

      • 2BRKnot2B

        How did you miss the video part where he was hacking at the downed Rabbi? At first, I thought it was a shoe, but given that the Rabbi remained down, I can now understand why. Read the whole article. Look at the pictures. At one point, it looks like he throws the cleaver at the shooter. That’s what terrorists get for coming armed only with a car, and a meat cleaver, to a gun fight.

        • deprogramming services

          I didn’t miss that part my friend. What I was responding to was the suggestion that the man with the gun should have executed the terrorist. My point was, we have a legal and moral right to stop his aggression (which includes stopping him from hacking the downed man), but not a right to execute him after he is no longer a threat. I didn’t comment on at what point he was no longer a threat. If the terrorist survived, I would want him executed, but by the legal authority. And there are good reasons for that. You might notice that I also questioned why one of the shots the shooter made wasn’t a head shot, since shots to the body were not stopping him quickly enough, and the range was close.

          • Aaron Suever

            I think a big part of not shooting him in the head is the guy genuinely didn’t want to kill someone. I know it’s a hard concept for a lot of the keyboard commandos out there to grasp, but this was just a guy going about his day that day. He wasn’t in the Army, or a cop, he was just a person. He already has to live with “What if I’d gotten there sooner” because one person died, he probably just didn’t want the horror that would be shooting another human being in the head at point blank range. It would be gory, and horrible, and it would never leave your mind. No matter how hard you are, unless you’ve actually shot someone in the head at 5ft, you have no idea how much that would mess someone up for a long time. Whether they deserve it or not.

          • Buckshot67

            I don’t think that was it all. Israelis have no love loss for a terrorist. They don’t think in the same terms certain populations in the US does- there was no sympathy for a terrorist I promise you. He was simply doing what he was trained to do. Hit center mass as its the easiest target in high stress moving situation, and realizing that bystanders may be hit. As you can see the unarmed civilians around had no problem beating him in the head and kicking him while he’s shot. It wasn’t “sympathy” Its Israel, he just hacked a Rabbi to death.

          • DemsAreDim

            DP I believe you logic is flawed. You shoot until the threat is eliminated . In this case what if the car had been wired and he was waiting for a crowd, what if he had another weapon and used on some one who got to close. No this is not about executing…this is about eliminating risk which clearly was not done.

          • Bill Redding

            No…you’re transferring that silly, liberal mentality here onto a foreign country: That “shoot to stop” BS is only in pansy warm & fuzzy liberal America. We’re talking about Israel here…they don’t have time for such things as “criminal rights.” Nor should they.

            Sadly, however, they’re already too much like America as it is…or they would handle the Palestinians way more effectively. For example, how many times should the IDF have to go into Gaza because of this or that provocation? The CORRECT answer is only once…but they’re too PC to get it done right the first time.

            — BR

          • Buckshot67

            did you see all those people on the other side of the terrorist? A head shot is not tat easy on a small moving target inder extreme stress…also a body will stop a pass through shot far more easy that a head shot. I think he was considering collateral damage. Looked like there could be a lot there.

          • Snap N McGarrett

            Execution by “the legal authority” is good as it legitimizes the justice system rather than street justice. But at the end of the day, the dude “needed killin'” and was dispatched at a cost of 10 bucks in under a minute, the legal authority would have spent millions of dollars and years of time.

          • deprogramming services

            That’s an indictment of our (and many others’) legal system. I think vigilantism has a place when the government systems can’t (or won’t) solve the problem. But I don’t think we’re at that point quite yet, though we do seem to be getting close.

            But even in a case were vigilantism is the order of the day, it’s still best not to sentence a person to death when you are under great stress and only have seconds to make your decision, and don’t have all the pertinent information. For example, what if what looks like a terrorist attack is actually a good man carrying our his own vigilante justice, like say the guy being attacked raped and murdered the attacker’s 5-year-old daughter and got off on some technicality? Would you want to be the guy who made the decision that the attacker “needed killin’?”

            I think it’s a very good thing this attacker got killed by the way. But he was killed in self defense, and as a result of that got what he deserved. That’s poetic justice, which is much preferable to street justice.

      • Cecil Howard

        Read my post. I have said the samething. Those of us who have been in combat know a head shot will kill the suspect.
        Thanks for your post

        • Shlomo Amar


        • Buckshot67

          If you’ve been in combat, unless your in a different country than me, you know center mass shots are whats taught. Of course a headshot “will” kill someone. but its harder under the stress of combat and is smaller target. What branch were you in that called enemy “suspects?”

      • James William Jr.

        unless you are trained professionally, and most of us are not, the panic and confusion set in, time distorts, and judgement is required quickly, more quickly than most of us can respond to if not trained, I’d say this guy did the job and did it well.

        • Mark Bertolet

          It’s all about the training. “Train as you’d fight, fight as you train”. Triple tap him once, and if it’s needed triple tap him again.

          • DNA Explains It All

            The septuple tap is not to be discounted either, to each their own.

          • PhrogUSMC

            Or even the octuple tap if you have the mag capacity. Lol.

          • DNA Explains It All

            Damn skippy.

          • Magoo Lew

            Got that right.

      • Steven Feil

        Once the guy gets up again it is full on again. Or when he throws the knife at him, full on. As long as that guy was alive those actions proved he was still a threat.

    • primus

      In this cituation, what if the terrorist has others with him not yet in the picture. Put him down but leave yourself amo incase someone else shows up. He may not have had another clip for backup. I saw someone else running up but couldn’t tell what he was about to do.

      • Mark Paluszynski

        Not a clip, it’s a magazine! I would agree that once you dropped the perpetrator, then one head shot and scan for additional targets. Military combat training.

    • Dillon McGee

      simple because you will always have some bitch whineing that he used excessive force on a guy who just ran over and axed a bunch of people ….


      In self defense situations, you never shoot to kill. You shoot to stop the threat. (YOU’RE INTENT IS NEVER TO KILL) If the threat is still present, then by all means, keep shooting! But as the video shows, the initial gunfire caused the suspect to go down and lose his weapon (knife cleaver. You can see the good guy kick it away). At that point in time, deadly force can only be justified if the suspect is a capable, viable threat. If the wounded suspect produced another weapon, or tried to enter the vehicle and use it as a weapon, then you would be justified to again, shoot to stop the threat .

      • Eddie

        You are right DP. I went to two police academies and neither ever taught that we were supposed to shoot to kill. It was always shoot to stop. Stop the threat. If in the process the perp died, it would always be his/her fault.

    • Joe Kinser

      apparently hadn’t watched any american police take down videos.

    • Hoosiers4ChristianConservative

      If you are not carrying an extra magazine, why would you empty the magazine in your weapon? You might need the extra rounds to finally neutralize the current threat or deal with a new one. Unless you are in a legally sanctioned war encounter, once you have shot someone and they are no longer a ‘threat’, taking a ‘kill shot’ for any reason other than self defense or to save a life crosses the line between justifiable killing AND homicide.

    • Timothy Dale Inwood

      Actually no, you don’t empty your weapon you take two shots to the thoracic cavity and then you see what effect it has had and you also take a quick look left and right to make sure he does not have friends who also need to be engaged. When it was clear shots to the trunk of the body failed and he started to get up to fight again is when the Samaritan should have gone for a cranial ocular shot to end it.

    • Buckshot67

      My guess is he was considering all the dozens of bystanders I saw everywhere.

    • There is a discussion now in Israel – is it right or wrong to kill the attackers or just do what it takes to neutralise them.

      A follow up is regarding the first responders – if the attacker is badly hurt should they take care of him first in case the victims were less hurt…

      It is not easy to be an Israeli :(

    • James LaBarre

      Perhaps you keep him alive so he can then spill his guts and expose the rest of his terrorist cell?

  • ImTiredOfThis

    And what the hell is that hair hanging on the fence?

  • Bob Jenkins

    Does anyone else see the flash at 17 or 18 seconds. It almost appears like the second guy to get hacked (also one of the guys that got hit by the car) got a shot off.

  • Jew Shekel

    Maybe if Israel wasn’t persecuting the Arabs and spreading wars by supporting terrorists like the FSA, MAYBE this guy wouldn’t have become so desperate as to do this.

    The jews are the real terrorists.

    • 2BRKnot2B

      Life’s not fair, Shekel. Israel has turned a wasteland into a burgeoning garden. Was it with God’s help, or through the sweat of the brow? Maybe a little of both.

      • Jew Shekel

        >stealing someone else’s land and making it productive justifies the theft

        You sound like a socialist.

        • DBOS

          If you knew actual history, the land did NOT belong all to the Palestinian Arabs.

          • Jew Shekel

            So those Arabs who lived on the land for centuries aren’t real?

    • DBOS

      So you’re saying the Jews are to blame and are the real terrorists despite the fact that it’s Muslims destroying Syria, shooting up magazine offices in Paris, hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings, blowing up people at marathons and peace rallies, and detonating themselves in crowded marketplaces all over the world. Okay, explain your logic to the rest of us.

      • Jew Shekel

        The jews have, through their control of the media, global finance and America, invaded Arab nations, murdered Arabs, driven Arabs off their land (that they’ve lived on for centuries), persecuted those who refused to leave, and have worked (through the media) to set Whites against Arabs, in a clash of civilizations that isn’t relevant to the modern world, and is totally avoidable.

        In other words, Hitler was right.

        • DBOS

          And you’re another pro-Nazi/jihadi pig who’s head is exploding because Jews fight actually fight back now against the likes of him any time they are attacked, unlike during WWII. Ironically you yourself could probably give two s–ts about any Arab. Go back to reading your copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

          • Jew Shekel

            Ad hominems out the rectum.

            About what I expected from a zionist tool like you. Ever heard of Barbara Spectre Lerner? She’s a jew who, on camera, admitted the jews will play a central role in destroying Europe.

            Don’t believe me? Look at the video for yourself.


            The jews are the enemy. They are plotting the DESTRUCTION of the Aryan race, and are using muslims to do it.

          • DBOS

            You poor oppressed white Aryan POS. The drivel coming out of your mouth is typical and what I would expect from a low-class white punk who probably has no job, no woman, and is typing from his mommy’s basement, and blames the Jews for the fact that he is a complete loser in life. So he hangs out with the likes of Dylan Roof, who shot up that black church in SC, waves confederate flags, gets drunk and threatens Jews, blacks and anyone else to make up for the fact that he has nothing else going for him. So he finds a video of one whack job and uses that as proof of a vast, paranoid induced conspiracy. Keep yapping punk!!

          • Jew Shekel

            Nice ad hominems. Maybe next time, you’ll bring an actual rebuttal to my argument and eveidence.

            Or not.


          • DBOS

            No, you’re absolutely right. We Jews are trying to subvert you through our control of the media. We enlisted Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Mel Brooks and others to control your minds. Beware you stupid goy, we’re coming for you…

            Guess my description of you was spot on, f–king douche.

  • Hopeful Independent

    Isreal, push the reset button on the enemies at the gates. Turn the sand into glass. They will not stop until all Jews are dead. Time to stop it, once and for all.

  • nohilderbeast2016

    dude needs to upgrade his caliber or get better ammo…

    • jons

      …it is not about the caliber.

      • Magoo Lew

        Actually, it is about the caliber and bullet weight combination. A larger caliber heavy bullet with a hollow point is usually a one shot stopper. Even a 45 FMJ will usually take down a perp with one shot at close range. Ask any old army vet. Some hollow points do not feed reliably in a semi, so most people depend on the FMJ heavy bullet.

        • Buckshot67

          Where do you guys get this information??lol No not even a hollow point .45 is a “one shot stopper”. Ive USED a handgun in CQB guys its just not that way. Rounds MUST hit vital organs to Immediately incapacitate someone. This is important esp if the perp is armed as it only takes a second to get off a returned shot. In the Corps we used both 45. and the 92f’s. It could take someone down in one shot IF it hits a vital. This BS that a45 anywhere in the body “spins them like a top when hit in the hand” and blah blah just isn’t true.

          • jons


        • jons

          You can keep on believing this kind of stuff. I would suggest a little deeper research on the topic. The caliber myth is just that…..

    • deprogramming services

      That’s actually fairly typical: handguns have relatively poor stopping power. Unless a vital organ is hit, like the brain for example. It shows why hi-capacity magazines are so important, or one reason anyway.

      • Joe Kinser

        apparently you know nothing about the 357 magnum. =loaded with a 157 grain semi jacketed hollow point. man stopper deluxe. really not important where you shoot somebody. as long as you hit them. been around a long time. thnx

        • DemsAreDim

          According to FBI the 125 Gr JHP in 357 is #1 but no hand gun is a really good man stopper. Go back and do more research Joe. You ignorance could get you killed.

          • Joe Kinser

            right dimboy. turn your pistol in since it is of no use. ha ha

          • Jeff

            I remember a Korean war vet saying he hated the m1 carbine because he unloaded an entire mag into a Korean but the guy lived long enough to shoot a couple rounds off after he had been hit and kill a fellow soldier. A 357 doesn’t trump an entire mag of .30 carbine. It all comes down to where a bullet hits. If you don’t hit the brain or central nervous system, they’ll live long enough to potentially hit you back. I’ll take a larger mag over higher caliber any day.

          • Joe Kinser

            30 cal is an impressive round. but bullet selection is just as important as cal. military use ball ammo. very inept at damage. you can shoot a rabbit 6 times with ball ammo and never come close to the damage i hollow point can inflict. this is a relatively simple debate jeff. you don’t compare fmj to popular rounds used by the private sector. that vet you mentioned wished he could have had some sjhp ammo. but its against the geneva convention.

          • Buckshot67

            Even hollow points joe are notoriously poor man stoppers. The fact is you have to hit a vital organ to incapacitate quickly. Sure you may die from any handgun shot..but the point is unless its a vital organ shot, your still going to have attacker to deal with, until multiple not vital hits cause enough shock and blood loss for him to go down, or you eventually hit a vital organ with enough force and damage to stop its function.

          • Dale Mccree

            Nitro tips would do the job but cost a lost to make..

          • Joe Kinser

            Bravo sierra bucky. On impact the shockwave from a 357 sjhp would rupture most organs in the chest. The scenario you describe is common with the 38 / 9mm cartridge. You been drinking draino again.

          • Cobranut

            Not necessarily true, Joe.

            When I was young, a stupid friend of mine accidentally shot me with his .357 Magnum, from about 3 feet.

            I was hit in the left abdomen, and the round was removed from under my
            right arm. Fortunately it missed all vital organs except my liver, and
            broke a rib, which stopped it from exiting.
            The immediate effect was
            that of being poked in the side. I stood up, walked out to his truck
            and he drove me to the hospital where I had surgery to repair the
            A single shot from any handgun is by no means guaranteed to
            stop an attacker. This, as well as multiple attackers, is the reason
            high capacity magazines are so appropriate for self-defense.

          • Joe Kinser

            thats typical of ball ammo. another lesson for the range bunnies. who generally know nothing about bullet selection. while you are trying to shoot as many rounds as possible in 5 seconds, hitting absolutely nothing close to your target. someone with a cool demeanor will take careful aim and pop you a new exit hole. you got shot with ball ammo. its worthless. educate yourself about bullet =selection. then come back on here.

          • Cobranut

            Since you seem to think it’s so ineffective, I’ll let you choose where on your torso I shoot you with .357 Magnum ball ammo. Then YOU can post from EXPERIENCE, instead of talking out your a55.

            By the way, I use Federal Hydro-Shok in my daily carry weapons. I still want as many rounds available as possible. I’m not so sure my demeanor will stay cool with someone shooting at me. :-o

          • Joe Kinser

            stay cool and you might win the gun battle. ball ammo, or fmj is the worst for damaging flesh. and your best chance for survival. if you were shot with that fancy ammo you pack daily, then i doubt we would be having this argument. remember, the whole premise of this argument is , that some sh for brains said handguns were poor manstoppers. what bravo sierra

          • William Boucher

            Joe, the Geneva convention does not prohibit the use of hollow point ammo. I believe it was the Hague accord that did that and the United states did not sign it.

          • Woj

            You mean Hague,not Geneva. And you keep on thinking your 357 is magic instead of educating yourself.

          • Joe Kinser

            One good shot with good ammo will do more damage than a clip full of ball ammo your vet friend was using. Try hunting with fmj bullets and you will understand.

        • Buckshot67

          That’s plain wrong. There is NO caliber, even 44 mag that is a one stop wonder handgun round. It been proven time and time again. pistols are bad man stoppers, all of them…some are better than others but barring a hit to the heart, brain, ect., its not going to stop someone instantly. But its better than nothing.

          • Joe Kinser

            bs. every statement you make shows your inexperience with this subject matter. the human body is too small a mass for a 44 to mushroom. however, the 357 is a manstopper deluxe. and it really don’t matter where you hit someone with this cartridge. sjhp. stick to something you have a working knowledge of.

          • The Voice of Reason

            So if you hit someone in the pinky, or perhaps nick a few of their ass hairs, as long as the round is the “manstopper deluxe” (sic) .357, the perp is surefire gonna be blown off his feet and stopped instantly? Is that really your premise/belief? If so, having read Evan Marshall’s study, can I ask what exactly it is you are smoking and where can I get some?

          • Joe Kinser

            Getting close don’t count. Handguns are a humbling experience with accuracy. Have to hit your target to work. Maybe you would be more comfortable with a shotgun.

        • Ernest Mainway

          Yep, my 44 mag would stop him and most of his friends behind him.

        • Michael Stinson
        • Noel Wenrich

          The round you shoot is more important than the caliber. I use a 9mm shooting a Saber bullet. It is designed to expand exponentially when it hits flesh and rather than expend its energy punching through the target it spreads out the force over a larger area and will pick you up and drop you a few feet away. It is about the knockdown power of the round not the caliber.

          • Richard H. Seigle

            If the target gets blown off their feet,the shooter would as well.Stay off the internet and go to the range as you will be better off, and stop believing every thing you watch on tv.

          • JC Hammer

            The entire idea that any cartridge, handgun, rifle, shotgun “picks people up and tosses them a few feet away” is 100% hollywood fabricated BS.

          • Noel Wenrich

            Obviously you are a Literalist and just look for any way to try and make someone else look like like a fool. Ever heard of exaggerating for dramatic effect? I thought not!

          • JC Hammer

            I don’t have to try and make you look like a fool, you did a good enough job on your own.

        • Jonathan D Payne

          You know nothing Jon Snow…..

          Join the modern era, any handgun round just isn’t all that powerfull.

          • Joe Kinser

            in south tx you need a side arm while hunting. and handguns dispatch all sorts of critters weighing from 30 lbs to 350 lbs handily at close range. bullet selection is crucial. .38’s are too small and .44-.45 are too big for good mushroom effects. this is an old argument that was settled long ago. get off the range now and then and see what handguns do to flesh.

        • Cobranut

          When I was young, a stupid friend of mine accidentally shot me with his .357 Magnum, from about 3 feet.

          I was hit in the left abdomen, and the round was removed from under my right arm. Fortunately it missed all vital organs except my liver, and broke a rib, which stopped it from exiting.
          The immediate effect was that of being poked in the side. I stood up, walked out to his truck and he drove me to the hospital where I had surgery to repair the damage.
          A single shot from any handgun is by no means guaranteed to stop an attacker. This, as well as multiple attackers, is the reason high capacity magazines are so appropriate for self-defense.

      • Legalize Freedom

        Too bad the guy with the knife didn’t have any brains…

      • Scott Stein

        40 cal and above would stop him fine

      • Jarhead65

        Handguns are for the most part a relatively weak weapon as opposed to rifles or shotguns. The priority is to train with your weapon so point of aim equals the point of impact. You add in the adrenalin, the fear (yes fear as a gunfight is not like TV) and your first goal is simply to stop the threat.Im not going to address calibre or magazine capacity as it just doesn’t matter if you can’t hit your target. So train,train,train!

      • Russ

        American derringer. 44 mag long file over 410 shot gun shell. Very affective.

    • LT714RET

      Agreed .40 or. .45 cal seems to be the best bet. Federal .45 cal hydra shok opens up to about .80 cal.

    • Joseph C. Krywalski


      • Moralmonday

        GLOCK BOy

    • Snap N McGarrett

      In any gunfight, an upgrade in underwear is likely necessary. Loss of peripheral vision and fine motor skills are lost as well, so accuracy suffers. This ain’t Call of Duty, couch commando.

    • Slightly_Puzzled

      Unfortunately, Israel has highly restrictive gun laws. It’s very fortunate he even had that gun–thank G-d!

  • Lamont Cranston

    Good shoot…………….

  • RJ

    Israel gets it. Gun (or weapon) Free Zone signs don’t stop terrorists. Armed response does.

  • Leo Almeida

    If I could make a suggestion, the armed ” Good Guy ” needs a bit more Target Range time.

  • Sid C. Platt

    Beast2016 he was shot with a normal 9mm not +p, he was a security guard, Israel has VERY strict gun laws, and NO right to bear arms like America, notice how the terrorist gets TOUCHED up:), he was also pepper sprayed, he DIED:)

  • Henry Jeleniewicz

    I would have pumped some rounds in this piece of shit’s head the first time he tried to get up. Where is it said we are not supposed to be executioners ? I can say without any doubt i would have taken great pleasure in terminating this rat. Stop your doubting people.

  • Cecil Howard

    Lets not arm chair thia situation. I have seen men shot more tmn just one shot.
    Calaber of weapon is important I prefer a 45 semi auto S&W 45 semi auto. I use federal Hydro Shock.
    Even then I have men still come at you with bullet holes in them.
    Yes shoot as many times until you neutral ise the perpetrator.
    The best shoot you can hit is the head.I have never seen anyone continue the fight.

  • The only problem I see is that his second shot should have been a head shot. End of problem.

  • SteveC73

    You also note that the police / army arrives well after the event — in time to do crowd control and string up yellow tape, but not in time to stop the violence perpetrated by the hopefully deceased scumbag. Nice shooting on the part of the guy defending; and great control in not just emptying the gun on the bad guy until / unless he started to present a further threat.

  • Tom Teters

    There is no other way. Stand armed, react quickly and concisely and end the terrorist threat and this scales up to the National response as well. God Bless Israel !!

  • Jamie Lant

    Someone who regularly shoots 2″ groupings at the range can get in a situation like this and be affected by adrenaline so much that their grouping grows to 2 feet. Never underestimate the adrenaline and how it changes your performance. I speak from firsthand experience.

  • Robert Johnson

    Shot placement ! !Also keep shooting until the threat is neutralized,shooter hesitated and let him move. Dude needs some range time, other than that way to go ! ! !

  • Some Rabbit

    As soon as the Muslim sat up and tried to grab that cleaver again he should’ve emptied his mag into him.

  • Terry Mackey

    One tough dude or the civilian was shooting a .25 cal.

  • displacedjim

    Has anyone considered or has other information to prove/disprove that perhaps the armed citizen was only armed with a taser? That could explain why I saw only one obvious recoil of the weapon, and why the bad guy drops like a rock, gets up, drops like a rock, gets up, drops like a rock, gets up, and drops like a rock.

  • Joe Kinser

    just shoot em once with a 357 mag. any place on their body and its over with. center mass if you really want a mess. but in any limb, and they are missing a limb. takes all the fight out of them.

  • Richard

    I was kind of surprised this was considered graphic.

  • Mike

    I’m still looking for the “graphic.” Shooting a rabid animal isn’t “graphic.”

  • 4TruthandJustice

    Concealed Nation and all other pro-gun sites should do studies on how many readers actually post this kind of thing on their Facebook page or send the link to friends using email. More doing and less chatting about what gun or cartridge was used just might, you know, actually be helping our cause.

  • Daniel Joyner

    It’s not graphic nor gruesome, there’s no blood or anything that would cause the weakest of stomach’s to blow chucks. The only thing I see wrong with this clip is the citizen let him get up one to many times. When you find the filthy cur killin your chicken’s ( in this case family and friends), you dont stop shooting till his face is all but gone, then feed his remains to the hogs, kill the hogs, spread their remains on his welp of a father and bitch cur of a mother house, car and and anything else you know belongs to them and the rest of the filthy mangy litter.

  • jhon


  • Mmal Zal

    jimmy carter pocket carries

  • ThomasER916

    White Christians will cuck themselves to prove they’re not magical “racists.”

    In 1940 America was 90% non-Hispanic White and Christian.
    In 2015 America is 61% non-Hispanic White and nothing.

    50 years after the 1965 Immigration Act and Whites are becoming a hated, beleaguered minority in the country they created. When you try to explain this Whites will scream magical “racism” in your face. America needs to die so Whites can live. If Whites tried to live a strong America would murder every last sovereign White. Soon Whites will be a mere 40% of the population of America. Soon America will be as relevant as Mexico. The sooner America dies the better. Then the groveling Whites can cuck themselves out of existence.

  • Mmal Zal

    michele has a stick
    barry tosses salad
    kids’ r down low
    mother in law? a freeloader
    prayer mat in wh faces mecca
    oprah took the fork
    muslims worship Saturn
    liberals worship your anus
    hillary bra errr…waist carries
    vallerie jarrett is behind it all
    Dog & Aeroplane AIGHT

  • Burt Craig

    What a perfect example. You can’t help but be heart felt for the innocent. When terrorist acts start here——–wait a minute they already have on campuses. Good thing that hero wasn’t a sheep like most of the people we have here. Not certain if I’m for the guy or not , but it certainly adds validity to little Benny Carson’s statement about armed citizens during WW2. Argue with that Hillary. Ya can’t sit by and let bad things happen around you and wait for the cops to show up. Heros aren’t sheep…..

  • Greg Schaper

    Good for him. Show this to all the people who say “You don’t need hollow points, a large bore weapon, or more than 4 or 5 shots” to stop someone. Now make it two or three.

  • Ken Holcomb

    Armed but untrained is not the answer. This armed civilian obviously was not properly trained in shoot to kill techniques, and likely missed completely with at least a couple of his shots.
    You can’t just put weapons in every hand and expect good results. Innocent bystanders are killed by well intentioned armed citizens.

  • Philip Warden


  • Philip Warden


  • Jim Noland

    I’m curious – the JP article says “police shot and critically wounded” him. There is no mention about a civilian. Does anyone know the deal with this?

  • Anonymous Guest

    Respect for showing this. Without this citizen, many more could, and would have died. Small caliber or no, having the ability to stop this person was worth every life that sidearm could have taken.

  • Ernest Mainway

    We need a kick them till they are dead rule in US. Way to go armed citizen but dear god, buy a bigger gun.

  • Joe Kinser

    amazing how much bad info you see on here. not surprising though considering what guys show up with to hunt with. usually the cheapest ammo they can buy. then they can’t figure out why they can’t kill anything.

  • Jeff Collins

    He should have finished him off with a head shot when he was standing over him. He was proubly useing a browning hipower which are 9mm which is a very effective round for self defence if the proper ammo (high quality Hollow point) And good marksmanship.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    They edited out the part where they wrapped his sorry ass in pig entrails and sent him to the Aloha Snackbar. On fire.

  • Jonas

    So, the terrorist was with a knife… Would like to see what would have happened if he was with the same gun like those crazy kids shooting children or students in US. There would have been a bloodbath and nobdy would stop him until the army came. Thank God Israel has much stricter gun laws than US. Actually as a European I feel much safer in Africa than in US.

    • FlyoverGuy

      Mindaugas: “Thank God Israel has much stricter gun laws than US.”

      Israel has very strict gun control laws on Palestinians, but many Israelis can legally carry, especially in dangerous areas. If Israel did have universally strict gun control, no one would have been there to shoot the terrorist and he would have killed many more people.

      So, you are completely wrong along every possible dimension.

      Mindaugas: ” Actually as a European I feel much safer in Africa than in US.”

      That is insane. The murder rate in much of Africa is 3 or 4 times that in the US and almost all killings in the US are either criminals killing each other or family members killing each other. As a European tourist, your chances of being murdered in the US are close to zero.

      Nevertheless, as an American, I would strongly encourage you to visit Africa or Asia or Latin America or anywhere but the US.

      • Jonas

        Yeah, who cares about those murdered school children and students… The most important is to carry gun in US for no actual reason, as you said yourself: “…in the US are either criminals killing each other or family members killing each other.” So why the f…k do you need guns? Or are you one of those groups you mentioned? – I’m sure you couldn’t watch this video till the end ))

        • FlyoverGuy

          Mindaugas: “Yeah, who cares about those murdered school children and students.”

          Don’t confuse wanting with reality. Wanting murder to go away and outlawing it doesn’t stop murder. Wanting drugs to go away doesn’t stop people from taking drugs. Wanting guns to go away and outlawing them will only disarm the law abiding, not criminals.

          Wanting to outlaw guns doesn’t make you a more caring person; it makes you a more wishful and naive person.

          Mexico has pretty strict gun control laws. It also has a murder rate many times that of the US. How is that working out for them?

          Mindaugas: ” So why the f…k do you need guns? Or are you one of those groups you mentioned?”

          As usual, you have causality backwards: The reason that criminals don’t kill many innocent people is that the law-abiding are able to defend themselves in this country.

          Guns give free people the ability to exercise their fundamental right to self-defense. If you would prefer to give up your rights as a free person to your king or your commissar or whoever, good luck with that.

          Mindaugas: ” I’m sure you couldn’t watch this video till the end ))”

          Whether I “could” or not, I won’t. I won’t even start it.

          Thanks for playing.

          • Jonas

            Please, watch the video.The comedian shows how all your arguments are completely ridiculous.

          • FlyoverGuy

            Typical leftist. You are too lazy to actually construct an argument. You rely on authority instead of reason and facts. And you mistake a comedian for an authority. [sigh]

            My consolation is that you don’t vote here.

    • J.E.Walker

      You are joking, right?

  • ChuckfromTacoma

    The police got there in less then 1 1/2 minutes. That civilian saved a lot of carnage that the terrorist could have done in that additional minute it took for the police to get there. Good for him. He saved lives.
    It takes 7 minutes for deputies to get to my house in an emergency on average. Can be longer on a Friday night or Sunday morning. That is why we are armed in our house.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Try a bigger gun!

  • Glenn Gamblin

    My Rambo explosive tipped arrows would have stopped him

  • Joe Kinser

    Whatever caliber you use. Become proficient and buy good ammo. And keep your weapon at the ready

  • Daniel Fagan

    Feed Muslim terrorists to ravenous swine alive.

  • SeeThroughYou

    FMJ ammo is meant to wound enemies on a battlefield and tie up enemy personnel trying to help their wounded. I am positive this man was using ball ammo because that’s 99.99% of the civilian ammo available in Israel. Here in the US we have ammo commonly available that has far better incapacitation rates than this.

  • Zayne Smith