[BREAKING] [VIDEO] Armed Student And Veteran Was 200 Yards Away During Oregon Shooting, Another Veteran Charged And Tackled Gunman


“A heroic student charged at the Oregon college shooter and was shot five times as he tried to save his classmates,” reports. “Army veteran Chris Mintz, 30, was taken to hospital following the massacre at Umpqua Community College on Thursday morning. His cousin Derek Bourgeois told that Mintz faced Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, who killed at least 10 people at the school in Roseburg.”

Mintz is expected to recover from his injuries. Talk about bravery. Not everyone can say they’d react as Mintz did. We hope that he recovers quickly and fully, and that he knows we commend him for his bravery in the face of evil.

A Facebook account apparently owned by Mintz had the following update posted early Friday morning:

ScreenHunter_140 Oct. 02 11.06

While it’s not yet known if Mintz was armed on campus, another veteran 200 yards away was.

“I don’t leave my house without my gun.”

That veteran, only identified as John in the above video, is a student at Umpqua Community College where the deadly shooting took place yesterday that claimed the lives of many.

John was on campus during the incident, and he was armed.

As a concealed carrier, John states that he never leaves his home without his gun. After the incident, John was interviewed on camera by Breitbart News. The interview can be viewed above.


John: I don’t leave my house without my gun.

Interviewer: Is it because of incidents like this? Is that part of it?

John: You know, I’m not going around afraid that something is going to happen all the time, but I am always wanting to be prepared if a situation like this happens. I never thought in a million years I was gonna be at a school shooting […] but being one person who could potentially be somewhere at the right place at the wrong time to intervene and possibly stop further devastation… that’s something I’m willing to do and not everybody is.

Interviewer: And I know you can’t predict it but you were 200 yards away when this happened basically?

John: I would say about that

Interviewer: And I mean, do you think if you were 200 yards in the other direction, this might have gone differently because you carry?

John: You know I can’t speak for the mind of the deceased shooter, but if I would have been around military… marines, air force, army, navy, we’re trained to run towards danger and not run away from it. I would have definitely gone closer to see what was going on to see if there was something I could have done to intervene to help. If that would have gotten me shot, I don’t know. If it would have gotten me to a point where I could have saved 13… or however many victims… we’ll never know. It’s speculation.

The “what if’s” are all speculation, but it’s interesting to think about this scenario the way it played out. What if the first mentioned vet, Chris Mintz, were armed? Being closer to the danger than John, would it have made a difference?

Again, speculation. But for me, it solidifies the need for more campus carriers than ever before.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Edward

    Several armed students on campus and the only hero was unarmed. FOR SHAME.

  • Namtaf

    Edward, if your implying that others had the means to intervene but were too cowardly “Go F— Yourself!” This didn’t happen in a liberal bastion like Ashland, Portland, or Eugene, where they’re terrified of guns. This happened in RURAL Oregon, where people are tough and self reliant, which is exactly why Chris Mintz had the brass balls to charge in unarmed. If any of my fellow CCW armed (rural) Oregonians were in a position to take action – they sure as hell would have!

    • BearDAD

      However, none or your tough, self reliant, NOT terrified of guns, concealed carry bros did squat. Only the unarmed hero. Your argument is baseless.

      • Namtaf

        Oh really. Where exactly where these “others.” One person in the story acknowledges having a gun. And he was no where near the incident. As he stated had he been closer, he would have gone and checked into it. Further, Chris Mintz is one of those “tough, self reliant” Oregonians who did act. Remember? He’s they unarmed guy. Or do you have trouble reading?

        • BearDAD

          Point is, cupcake, you don’t have to walk around campus all day sucking on your concealed carry pacifier to be a man.

          • Namtaf

            Actually…. The point is, Edward, and subsequently you, implied that there were multiple armed civilians in the area who could have intervened but chose not to (cowards?). There is no evidence to support that contention. Or do you not pay attention to the positions that you support “buttercup?”

            Further, it’s got nothing to do with me or my “bros” feeling like men because we have a CCW. Fact is, this happened in a rural area. Rural communities tend to stick together and watch out for each other. For Edward to imply that someone with the means to help stood by and let this nut job slaughter their classmates is insulting. Maybe in the big city that would happen but not in Douglas County, Oregon.

          • Jim

            One will never know if others could have helped keep someone from being killed. Fact is you can not always figure out the postion of the shooter or if its even a shooter.

      • Namtaf

        As sensitive as you are it makes me think your one of those people from Portland who voted to outlaw open carry because it made you “uncomfortable.”