[VIDEO] Off-Duty Cop Takes Out Thug With Incredible Shot During Pharmacy Robbery


Two armed robbers picked the wrong pharmacy to knock off in São Paulo.  According to a video uploaded to Liveleaks, the man in a leather jacket is a warrant officer in the São Paulo Metropolitan Police.  From start of the robbery to the time the second robber beat feet, this off-duty police officer was a smooth operator every step of the way!

He demonstrated proper technique, reaction – the whole nine yards.  And after the first armed robber met his fate, he even made sure to secure the thug’s weapon.  It was a good day for the good guys in São Paulo and definitely a godsend for the people in that store.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 26 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his Sig Sauer SP2022 in a Dara Holsters Appendix IWB holster.

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  • Massolo

    A good perp is a dead one. Too bad the other one got away.

    • chris

      Edit : I jumped the gun (so to speak). He did not come back, in the video… (Unbelievably, the other guy came back!)

      • woss

        The other guy did Not come back. That was a third person. Good thing they didn’t ask you for a description. You’d have an innocent man convicted

        • chris

          Whoops! Yeah, I guess I got excited. I should have watched it again.

          • Clive

            No, you should learn how to pay attention to detail the first time. If you ever end up as a witness you won’t get a second chance.

          • David

            Quit tryin to be everyone’s mother, dick.

          • Peter J. Lord

            Someone has Mommy issues. People without issues and egos listen to other opinions, regardless if they use them or not. Grow up, child.

          • chris

            Thanks for the lecture, DAD!

          • Tom Gray

            Pretty good illustration of why we have a system..even broken as it’s more accurate than the average person.

          • Clive

            You’re welcome, SON!

          • Labia Majoris

            What a complete douche

          • Clive

            I’ll take that as a compliment from someone whose screen name is “pussy.”

          • Santiago Draco

            Something you seldom get without paying for it is my bet.

          • Earl Reeves

            I try not to use the terms Ignorant and stupid, but in your case will make an exception. Your reply was totally uncalled for. Seemed to me Clive and Chris had a good back and forth and it ended in a good note.

          • des_3

            Then you should probably learn to read.

          • Labia Majoris

            no, actually clive was being totally uncalled for. if one is corrected on the internet, in a completely anonymous comment thread where there is zero risk of retribution, and they have enough decency to admit to their mistake, continuing to rub it in is totally uncalled for. its called being a douche. and as there is zero risk of retribution, i can go ahead and call him out as a douche. and you know what pal? you’re a douche too, you socially unaware retard.

          • Amypz

            Even eyewitness testimony can be jaded….we all try very hard, but our eyes can deceive us.

      • Kevin Youngblood

        #2 White jacket, black shirt did not return…might still be running!

  • Redline

    Off duty cops in Brazil are no joke….liveleak is littered with videos just like this. It’s definitely shoot first, ask questions later, if possible, by the police in armed robbery situations there.

    • Uncontested

      Because the bad guys are ruthless. Its kill or be killed, so he did just that. Bravo.

    • When someone pulls a gun out and starts pointing it at innocent people and demanding they comply with his demands, then the question has already been asked, and violence is the answer.

  • Mark R Medina

    DRT(Dead right there)

  • Janice Prescott Griffith Hight

    To bad he didn’t shoot the other ones…

  • John Webb

    Free court costs for that one.

    • WannaMontana

      On behalf of the tax payers, job creators and contributors of this country … we thank this off duty policeman for handling the situation … rather than cost us a fortune in the court system. Problem solved. Slime removed.

      • Victoria

        Are you in Brazil?

  • woss

    Very nice job.. And keep your gun drawn and continued to scan your surroundings.

  • Benny Mamamelo

    Play stupid games…win stupid prizes.

  • Ian

    BANG! BANG! Stop, or I’ll shoot!
    I love it…

  • John T. MacF. Mood

    Not TODAY, and for one guy, never again. Good work officer!

  • Dean Cannon

    In Baltimore or Ferguson they’d be screaming “HE DIN’T DO NUTTIN”

    • Clive

      No, only racists and actual criminals would say that. Which one are you?

      • You Lie, Boy!

        What about Traybon? Traybon din’t do NUFFIN’, DAWG! He wa’ shot down! In da schtreet! Like a dowg!

        • ElmiraFudd

          It was those damn Skittles.

        • Bill Ajello

          That’s already been established, the moron that shot him hasn’t stayed out of trouble since, that’s because he’s not the sharpest tool on the bench. Sooner or later he’s gonna screw up big time, could be this time, could be next time but one time for sure, only because he’s too freaking stupid NOT to lay low and stay clean.
          He’s one of those dumb schmucks that thinks he’s a tough guy with a gun, only problem is, with him, you can stop at dumb schmuck.

          • You Lie, Boy!

            So, lemme get this straight, Bill: Some retard just can’t stay away from this guy, has gone to jail because of it, and it’s Zimmerman that can’t stay out of trouble? I live here in Whorelando. I know all bout that psychotic fool who fired a gun into Zimmy’s car.

            You’re an obama/democrat voter, aren’t you Bill?

          • Bill Ajello

            Actually, I was talking about Zimmerman, that asshole can’t stay out of his own way.

          • You Lie, Boy!

            I know what you’re talking about. That’s why I suggested that maybe you’re an obama/democrat voter. Media con-jobs seem t be very effective with you.

          • Bill Ajello

            Oh so in other words, everything that happens that the media reports isn’t true…correct?

          • You Lie, Boy!

            You would be wise, in this day and age, to view ANY media with a jaundiced eye. Lest we forget, before any particulars were known, the NYT THOUGHT they had a lilly-white Jew who shot a poor, unarmed negroboy. Only when it became clear who Zimmerman was did they invent the words ‘white Hispanic’.

            I gave Bill Cosby the benefit of a doubt. It turned out to be wrong.
            I gave Tom Selleck the benefit of a doubt. I turned out to be right.

            Neither caused me to lose face.

          • Bill Ajello

            Make no mistake my man, I don’t give a lily white frog fart for George Zimmerman or Bill Cosby..they don’t pay my bills and they don’t sign my checks, those two could fall off the planet and it would make not one bit of difference to me, the world will continue to revolve and time will march on.
            And if you think I lose sleep over what people think or say about what I say here, you have me seriously underestimated. I shut this place down like a light switch when I’m done.

          • You Lie, Boy!

            Doesn’t seem like it, or you wouldn’t be opining on this particular article.

            Now go get me A jello!

            (Just f***in’ with you, Bill. I’m sure you’re a very nice nutball.)

          • Bill Ajello

            You have no idea…:?)

        • Kevin Molinar

          wow,this is why our people/A

          mericans are too lazy to learn..what an example are we leaving the next generation{NUTTIN] so you understand what i am saying!UNEDUCATED PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER!

          • You Lie, Boy!

            Yeah, but I got 6 likes so far. Surely that counts for something.

          • Steven Holbrook

            Just because other ignorant people agree with you, doesn’t mean you’re right, it means all of you need more education.

          • You Lie, Boy!

            Why, that can’t be true! Demmycrat teachers told me I are smart!

        • Dennis Johnson

          He was a dawg…….

        • Dr. Prepper

          You spelled Skreet wrong

          • You Lie, Boy!

            Da schtruggle is real, dawg. Da schtruggle is real…

      • Taz Mage

        Maybe one with his eyes OPEN….?

      • WannaMontana

        Clive, You left out one group>> Those that objectively observed the facts in Ferguson. As opposed to those racists who protested, … even BEFORE the facts were examined. They assumed that the cop had to have done it wrong, because he was white. The use of the word racist, as you use it, … is the new “i don’t have facts, so I’ll call you a racist to shut you down.”

      • Santiago Draco

        For all future responses to Clive please see Labia’s comment in the thread above. Thank you.

      • Gil Vietor

        Uh, that is all they ever do, have you been in a time capsule or something?

      • Eric Tranum

        Blow it out your ass Clive!

      • Dennis Mullins

        His mother was quoted as saying “My baby wouldn’t do anything like that”

    • TronSheridan

      You spelled NUFFIN’ wrong.

      • Santiago Draco

        Ok that was effin funny.

      • eroman10

        Too funny.

      • syrenstomb .

        I needed that laugh today thanks.

    • James BR549 HeeHaw

      ROFLMAO!!! That was funny.

    • MyoungSr

      He’d still be dead and wouldn’t be pointing a gun at anyone or robbing anyone again. So, scream all you want, you bunch of thugs and thieves. You’re gettin’ what you ask for. The answer to this? STOP IT. Stop being a thief, a robber, a murderer. Stop it.

      • elephant4life

        FYI: the perp in this vid is only wounded. Towards the end, you can see him trying to get up.

        • MyoungSr

          He’s lucky, then. Still, the answer to the problem is that same: STOP IT.

        • Bristalbay

          too bad

        • Could be mortally wounded.

    • RedMeatState

      or “WHITE PRIVILEGE!!”

    • toby viking


    • Steve

      Dey dindu nuffin

      • June

        Faces that only a Mother could love!

    • MR.Sphlictor

      Always bringing African Americans into every situation… Bitch grow up

  • Clive

    “Cops don’t shoot to kill.” But, they’ll watch you bleed out without giving two shits. Justified shoot but letting someone die is murder.

    • Munkymyk

      He looked pretty dead to me!

      • Clive

        He moves. Your attention to detail is lacking.

    • So what, he’s supposed to stop looking for the accomplice to shoot him in the back while he administers first aid to the shithead on the ground? Call for an ambulance when clear to do so… that’s all the care necessary. Not risking your own life (and everyone around you) to save an armed criminal is not nearly the same as letting him die.

      • Clive

        Nice rationalization. You’ve either never killed anyone or you enjoy killing. I don’t enjoy it and I would care enough to position myself SAFELY to provide aid. If you’ve never been there, well, just keep dreaming about how cool you think it is.

        To the rest of you, that’s my last reply.

        • Rick Clines

          Somebody sounds a little butthurt today. Sure are trashing on a lot of people in here. Need a hug?

        • scott jevanson

          you’re a joke…friggin troll. you really think anyone believes your stupid ass? get a real life bro, not a phony internet life…geez

          • Clive

            I don’t give two shits what you believe.

          • Taz Mage

            Wait…wasn’t your “last reply” up yonder somewhere….? Perhaps you should edit some….?

        • joe bloe

          I know this is your last reply and all, but how do you know he died and what could you do short of a compress? You don’t even know where the guy was hit or how many times and you are crying murder? You are just a troll.

        • WannaMontana

          Clive is living in the land of apologists, standing up for the low lifes. Check out the rest of his posts and you will see this.

        • The_Irish_Samurai

          I have been there and youre still an idiot

    • Scott Henderson

      Oh Boohoo! Scumbags don’t deserve aid.

    • Christopher Ryan O’Donnell

      He got what he deserved

    • Rick Clines

      Because the video lasted long enough to see if the cop did help the guy once he determined there was no more threat.

    • AZSDFT

      First rule of thumb in a shooting, NEVER get close to the criminal EXCEPT to secure their weapon. Second rule, STAY AWARE of your surroundings let someone ELSE call 911 if others are around. Also just as important as the first rule, don’t talk to ANYONE until you have talked to a lawyer and he/she says it’s ok.

    • skylar

      Cop shot him in the face. Exactly what first aid is he going to give him?

    • Jeff

      Screw that, you get shot threatening peoples’ lives, you stop your own F’ing bleeding. I’m busy.

    • Padrig

      Exactly wrong. It isn’t “murder” at all. Even in your twisted thinking that the cop owed the piece of garbage the courtesy of first aid, it still wouldn’t be “murder” to leave him to bleed out, but simply negligence or failure to render aid, both a far cry from “murder.” “Murder” seems a bit histrionic don’t you think?

  • JSStryker

    I love a happy ending!

  • Badkarma060

    The cops in Brazil are good shots, they seem to always hit the mark.

  • Guilherme Schwartz


  • Johnny Martin

    nice job officer

  • joe bloe

    Damn, he was just turning his life around too!

  • patricia crevier

    and that’s the way to do it……

  • Mike mcnichol

    Awesome job Officer

  • Bill Moss

    Goes to show it pays to have guns around in the hands of good people.

  • dewberry1

    Unlike open carry, concealed carry gives you the element of surprise.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    excellent, excellent.

  • Seann

    Awwwww he dieded… I wonder what his loved ones reaction was when they heard the “tragic” news about their poor poofer. “He was a good kid, I didnt raise him that way, he was just hanging around the wrong people, he didnt have to die, he didnt deserve this, im going to bring his death to justice” – ahh stfu. I hope his loved ones watched this video of him, it’s what god planned for him bahahahahahahaha

  • Howard Anderson

    “OH SHEET!!! Damned white cop dun shot anudda brudda who was doin nuttin but shoppin….Let’s riot… this time we need to make sure there is a Target store in the area… I need some new sheet!”

    too soon? Racist? I don’t give not one damned care any more… I am tired of thugs getting away with murder and the law abiding being made to look like THEY are the criminals! I am glad this thug and ALL thugs are dead… and I hope they are all cupping Satan’s balls as they service him in Hell…

  • Lon Pirkl

    One less thug.

  • Good shooting! Notice how he makes sure the near thug had both hands on the counter and empty before engaging the far thug with gun already in hand. That’s proper!

  • DD6002

    karma is a beotch

  • Rob

    I know this is Brazil but all Democrats see is an illegal future voter loss.

    • Scar

      it’s not a loss, the guy will still vote democrat despite being dead.

  • Fred Gottschalk

    That was so cool to bad the store owner in Ferguson didn’t have a gun and blow a## holes head off right in the store and we wouldn’t this crap we have now,.

  • DoctORB!

    Good , we are better off with this thug dead

  • Steve Dodge

    Justified shooting and though I don’t like saying, a thug off the streets and another one who might think twice about doing it again.

  • SG Harley


  • Dave

    I wonder if the cop gave the thug his wallet? He have him something the guy put in his pocket before he drew his gun.

  • Patrick

    Good shoot.

  • RedMeatState

    THAT was good he got the furthest guy first but I can’t believe he wasn’t quick enough to get the guy next to him!~

  • But he was a goooood boy!

  • logicool

    This is a good video.

  • Phillip Bunn

    I don’t know that I’d say it was a “good day for the good guys”…Assuming the cop has a soul, I don’t think he delights in killing people, even if they had it coming. A good day is one in which no attempted robbery or other crime occurs in the first place.

  • Where’s the other video? You know, the inevitable one where people come up and say, “What a good boy he was…He didn’t do nuffin…He was just turnin his life around…They shoulda just give him the money…No mama should have to fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store…” You know, the usual.

  • John P.

    Now why didn’t the officer just shoot the gun out of his hand !!! No need to kill him !!!

  • notman88

    Stupid ass kid and his dumbfuck friends! Haha.

  • Karl Hungus

    Every American is granted this right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution, but the liberals are constantly trying to erode that right away from us. Beware anyone who wants to disarm you while remaining armed themselves. History is clear on this.

  • Alan

    Bummer the other one got away, and with some money.

  • William Harkness

    Play gun games, win gun prizes.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    This is great. its too bad more good people are not armed.

  • Chrystian Bautista

    To everyone comparing this to any other event, thats your problem, you focus on the problems unable to see the solutions portrayed in this unique event, because it was its own event with those people there and that admirable off, I mean ON duty officer. Respect to him for knowing how to use a weapon.

  • RS

    If you rob for a living your luck eventually runs out! As it did here!

  • Johnny Cyclone

    I love a happy ending.

  • David

    Good thing, the off duty officer was there.

  • ajfkdem


  • tree

    great job officer… I hate fuckin’ slug thieves…

  • Fred Garvin

    Great hunting. Now mount his head on your wall and go get some more social trash !

  • Wing Tsung

    Stoopid cop.. Dat boi wuz get’n his life back togedder!

  • kyew

    I just don’t understand it. Were those guys black? I thought all of that was over now that the Confederate battle flag has been removed from the SC statehouse. Wait a minute… are there still rebel flags on the loose causing all of this mayhem!?

  • Thebabydoc

    If you watch at the 0:33 mark it appears that he takes a second shot directed at the second culprit.

  • Eddie_Valiant

    A piece of scum in the gene pool has been removed.

  • Dennis Mullins

    Bet he don’t try that again.

  • Butch

    One less that civilized society has to worry about.


    Very smooth and calm officer. Good job man.

  • Dave

    did he pull the slide or did he have one chambered? Looks like he pulled the slide.

  • allen

    He blasted the shit out of that motherfucker wow nice…