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Massive Taurus Settlement Underway – As Many As 100,000 Semi-Auto Pistols Affected!


SARASOTA, FLORIDA — Taurus has reached a landmark $39 million dollar settlement with gun owners who have filed a class action lawsuit against the Brazilian gun manufacturer.  This settlement, filed in the U.S. District Court of Florida, includes the following models:

  • PT-111 Millennium
  • PT-132 Millennium
  • PT-138 Millennium
  • PT-140 Millennium
  • PT-145 Millennium
  • PT-745 Millennium
  • PT-609
  • PT-640
  • PT-24/7

Alleged as evidence in the case was an Alabama man who, in 2009, accidentally dropped his Taurus PT-111 and it discharged.  That man was awarded a $1.2 million judgement.  Also, Grandview Outdoors notes a damning report detailing how the Sao Paulo Brazilian police recalled the Taurus .40 caliber handguns after they found out the pistols could fire with the safety engaged.

“Despite actual knowledge of the Safety Defects, Taurus has never remedied either Defect, has never issued an effective and complete warning to the public or recall of the Class Pistols and Taurus continues to falsely represent to the public that the Class Pistols are safe and reliable,” the lawsuit says. “In fact, Taurus is aware that individuals have been seriously injured as a result of the Safety Defects, and it is only a matter of time before more individuals are seriously injured or killed.”


Because attorneys for the civil prosecution have accepted the settlement, Taurus will admit no wrong-doing in the matter.  And legally, they are no longer culpable for accidental discharges.

“The Taurus Companies do not admit liability in connection with the settlement,” the official told Grand View Outdoors. “If anyone has one of these pistols, we are happy to inspect it under the warranty and suggest that they send it to us so that we can do so.”

So, if any of you have (or know someone who has) one of these models of Taurus – go collect your class action payout and MAKE SURE to send that model into Taurus so they can inspect or adjust the safety.

Taurus Customer Service

+1 (800) 327-3776

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  • Massolo

    So another instance where the only real victors are the attorneys.

  • elliott9000

    I know someone who has a PT-111 Mel. Tips on how we proceed?

    • Eli

      I have the same snd curious what my next step is

      • James England

        Contact Taurus.

        • Nathan

          Do you have that contact information?

          • James England

            1 (800) 327-3776
            Taurus, Customer service

          • James England

            Sorry for the late response but we included it at the bottom of the article.

    • vexnsiolence

      Same here. Would’ve been nice to include that in the piece as well…..

  • ValleyCounty

    we have 2 PT-111 and 2 PT-140. What are the steps to follow???

  • John Lukitsch

    I have one what should I do??

    • James England

      Contact Taurus.

  • Nathan

    Does the gen2 qualify too?

    • Adam Wolfe

      No. G2’s are fine.

  • Scott Targowski

    I own one, what do I have to do to begin the process

  • Adam Wolfe

    For anyone looking for answers.

  • chaz roeder

    What was wrong with the colt .45 ? They would not have had this problem if they bought a quality gun with a grip safety.

    • Wookiee

      It doesn’t matter what type of safety it has. It should not fire with the safety on.

  • Earl Cooper

    When you buy cheap garbage like Taurus products…you get what you pay for. I don’t care about their “lifetime” guarantees…If you want to trust your life to this low-end crap like Highpoint, Keltec, Taurus and the many other unreliable firearms that are out there for a bargain…go for it.

    • jessegun

      not really cool to say , not all people are properly informed on gun purchase their just americans trying to exercise their rights to bear arms or defend themselves , their making a real effort to be apart of the shooting world we so love , just because they were on a budget or tried to save money or just didnt know any better doesnt mean they deserve to be hurt or killed for it , saying you get what you pay for is just fucking ignorant and stupid , im sure the salesman made it a point to tell them this gun will shoot you if ya drop it ….

  • Jason

    Purchased my Taurus 24/7 PRO DS 9mm in August 2008. Never had any problems. Put approximately 4,000 rds through it; no jams, no issues. Never had it modified in anyway, never dismantled it beyond manufacturer recommendations. February 2014, gun fell out of my holster, landed muzzle-up between my legs and under my chin. First rule of a falling gun? DON’T grab for it. I cringed as it was air bourne…. When it hit the ground, it discharged a round passing through my right tibia, essentially exploding it… Law suit against Taurus is still pending… AND guess what? I’m not the only one this has happened to. At least 11 others that have received injury, and one DEATH. Good weapons EXCEPT they are not drop safe, which the manual claims they are, AND Taurus won’t take appropriate actions for their unsafe firearms. Are YOU carrying a round in your Taurus chamber? I wouldn’t. 45 degrees would have put a bullet through my chin and brain…

  • Taurus PT809, throw it against the wall, drop it, it will not discharge. Hammer de-cocked, safety off… Great weapon…