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“No Concealed Weapons” Sign Is Just Dumb, Especially When Coupled With The Sign Below It


By Robert Farago. Republished with permission from

Who is responsible for theft or damage to your vehicle? Who’s responsible for protecting it? The same person who’s responsible for your safety, and the safety of your family and friends. Not “management.” Not the police – who are curiously absent from our day-to-day lives. You. Which is why carrying a gun is such a good idea. Which is why the “no concealed weapons allowed on this property” sign is such a bad idea. As a statement of fact, it’s patently ridiculous. Ask a bad guy. Concealed means concealed. The juxtaposition of these two signs means but one thing to right-thinking Americans: spend your money elsewhere. [h/t: Lee Duran]

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • Steve Morandi

    Gee, sorry but I didn’t see the sign. Just like the hotels I stay at that don’t tell you ahead of time they don’t allow guns

    • joe m

      shouldnt be allowed under law to tell you they dont allow guns. For the night or several nights you have paid to make that your home. your allowed to defend and protect yourself in your home. need to get it in writing that such and such chain doesnt allow guns and then sue their ass to the wall.

    • King Umbarrii

      yeah like they do not allow dogs.

  • Warhead Brock

    Is this “blanket” of a sigh for an entire shopping plaza a legal sign? Wouldn’t still need to be posted at each store front? Just asking for clarification. Thanks

    • Edward Blanchard

      Depends on the law where you live. Here in IL the law states the sign must be posted at a pedestrian use door, so in my case a parking lot sign sign is invalid. Additionally, even in a gun free zone, we have the parking lot exception. Looking at the pic posted here it looks like a strip mall, so each store (with its own parking lot accessible entrance) would be required to have their own sign. Laws vary state to state though, so check with your local LEO.

      • Scout Finch

        All of this EXCEPT don’t ask your LEO. Check your state law/statute website.

  • koine2002

    Meh, here in Texas that sign doesn’t carry the force of law for those licensed to carry. It’s nowhere close to the requirements of TPC 30.06.

    • Edward Blanchard

      Same here in IL. I see signs like that all over the place and simply walk right past them. If they didn’t get the official IL issued sign, then its not a legal sign.

    • Apollo Dezno

      Same in PA, I never pay any attention to signs like these. Our local Buffalo Wild wings has one of these signs and I continue to carry every time I visit

      • Mitchel Mcguire

        and all thy can do is ask you go lock your gun in your car or leave . In some cases thy may just call the cops with out even saying any to you , At that point things can go two ways depending on the cop.

    • Glock22

      They do in Tennessee and it sucks. Most places won’t prosecute, just ask you yo leave. Some however will try to throw the book at you. These places are mostly the malls and jewelry store that try to lock you up.

      • Bob McMahan

        I carry most of the time. But if there were even a remote possibility that I could be incarcerated for doing so, I would avoid the store that made such a threat.

        • Glock22

          I am right there with you on that one. I avoid malls at all costs. I’ve never liked them. Other than government buildings, I see a no guns sign I just take my business elsewhere.

      • The JMAN

        About three or four weeks ago in Morristown, (TN) a gentleman that was carrying was seen by college square mall security – the real police were called, they did a ten minute investigation… and said that they could not deny him access to the mall (of course mall mgmt protested vehemently. But the reason they had to let him in with his weapon? There are four entrances to the mall itself. All of those were posted, but the anchor stores (Belk, JC Penny, etc) DID NOT have the proper signage, actually they had none at all. Therefore the mall itself was out of compliance. The gentleman left anyway. He said that if they were that uptight about it, that he would spend his money elsewhere.

        • Glock22

          There are a couple in Nashville that are the same way. Opry Mills Mall is not in compliance with the T.C.A. Code with their signage. The signs are not on the entrances. They are on the walls to the left after you already walk in the entrance door. They still attempt to prosecute which is why I don’t ever go in that mall.

        • Vince Ard

          I heard that the people who own Belk refuse to post. Not sure just what I’ve heard.

        • King Umbarrii

          Good choice, Vote with your feet!

      • King Umbarrii

        My question is if I am a licenses driver in SC am I not in Tenn?
        SAME RULES DIFFERENT STATE, Same private property rights.
        If you come on my property I reserve the right to search you and your car. You have 2 choices. 1 is to leave and 2 is to stay and go to jail.
        Your choice.

        • Glock22

          Yes it does apply. Tennessee recognizes all states carry permits and of course drivers licenses.

    • joe m

      in florida you cant carry anywhere that has that sign ccw or not. california you cant get a ccw so it doesnt matter.

      • Mike A

        In Central CA there is no problem getting a CCW.

        • joe m

          Can’t if y

      • Bill

        In Florida, that sign carries no weight. If they ask you to leave, and you do, they can’t do anything to you. I’ve had a permit in Fl. for 28 years..

      • King Umbarrii

        In that case no homo marriage is recognized in SC!

    • Jim

      in Texas they can band your gun in a parking lot as that one at all

      • koine2002

        Sure they can forbid someone who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun from a parking lot. However, there is only one way to do that for a duly licensed concealed carrier that carries the force of law (that can be enforced): following the standards set forth in Texas Penal Code 30.06. That sign doesn’t cut it. It has to have specific language, be in English and Spanish, the lettering needs to be 1″ in height or greater, it needs to be conspicuously displayed, and the lettering needs to contrast with the background.

    • Yasherka

      Same in Colorado. The “No Guns” sign has no force of law. If they see you are carrying one all they can do is ask you to leave the premises, and if you don’t it is Trespassing.

  • Mruss

    In what state is that Mall located?

  • tie_banana

    There is no ordinance listed with that sign. It holds no legality whatsoever.

  • Jimmy Hugh Jones

    . . . Bunch of Morons . . .

  • Joseph Alves

    Those signs are all over AZ. Hate it. Damn liberals invading the valley.

  • eramthgin

    If this is in TEXAS the sign has no value! It is not a properly formatted 30.06 notification. Someone in the legislature knew of the irony of the code designation.

  • Todd Reinerio

    It’s concealed, I just won’t tell them…or help them when they get robbed

  • Brian Reynolds

    Unless they violate the law of the constitution, and search everyone at the door they will never know.

  • Ken Darby

    So Sorry, Me no Hablo Bull$hit should do the trick!

  • Scott Snoopy

    if one properly conceals their handgun; the sign is moot…but it also begs the question what state is this, what are the requirements of such a sign to be legal or is simply one of those “feel good–gun free” sign

  • Rick Frazier

    Ignore the sign

  • shovelhead77

    It’s private property. They should be free to dictate the conditions under which they wish to associate with their customers. If they don’t want people to carry concealed, then they don’t want their money either. Shop somewhere else that’s friendly to concealed carry. As respecters of private property and freedom of association, we should respect those same rights in others.

    • Frederick Reitmeyer

      Private property is where you sleep. When you are open to the public you are subject to public laws .

    • The JMAN

      “It’s private property. They should be free to dictate the conditions under which they wish to associate with their customers.”

      Tell that to the gays that want private businesses to bake cakes for them regardless of the business owner’s beliefs.

      Frederick Reitmeyer below is correct – when you are open to the public, you are subject to public laws.

      • shovelhead77

        Just because a baker is forced to do something against his will, doesn’t mean that we should force people to bend to our will. We either stand for freedom or we stand for coercion. It’s one or the other.

  • Florida patriot

    What they can’t see…they cant forbid …so who gives a shit what sign they post…its my 2nd ammendment right…all they can do is ask me to leave

  • Lon Pirkl

    Gun free zones are the safest places to rob. The thief will be armed and no one else will be. That works!

  • Max

    Take it out and OPEN carry….

    • David Rosier

      The gun or the wiener?

      • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

        Well, When in doubt, WHIP IT OUT !

      • King Umbarrii


        • David Rosier

          Wow, grow a sense of humor dumbass. And lay off the caps lock.

  • Flomox

    Let me know when the criminals start obeying signs….

    • Darrell H

      We’re not criminals though. We are suppose to be the law abiding citizen. I am with Steve morandi.just play dumb of it is truly concealed they shouldn’t now you have it. Most places will ask you to leave before calling the authorities.

  • Bob

    Thats a shopping area I sure dont want to visit at night…..or any other time

  • OH FOR PETE’S SAKE ! – They could post a NO SMALL WEINER sign for all that I care. I would still be concealing both, but how would they know that?

    • joe m

      but if you continue to do business there youre supporting a business with that mentality. Why not shop somewhere else? If enough of us stop shopping at places that have these signs and they end up out of business maybe we change their way of thinking.

      • Hyle Owens

        As long as you inform either management and/or those stores of your decision. If they don’t know why people stop going, they can’t be bothered to change it.

      • That is a tender notion, but concealed carriers represent a fractional percentage of the population. Certainly not nearly big enough to effect a business owner. Our attention needs to be focused on anti-gun lawmakers, not business owners. Even I understand that a business owner needs to keep a majority of his customers happy, not just that handful with a political agenda like myself.

        • Mitchel Mcguire

          So keep it up do it your way and one day you well be in a little room looking through the bars.

  • Crappie

    How about if I don’t conceal it, what if I just carry it in my hand, is that allowed…???

  • Drawer22

    As I understand the signage, the owners of that area are asking that firearms carriers do so openly. If I think ─ in light of experience in that state, immediate jurisdiction and area ─ that open carriage is unwise, then my firearm will remain concealed. That rather brings up the question of how the property owners would know my firearm is concealed. Are they omniscient deities? (Probably not!)

    Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

  • unikey

    Good reason for open carry

  • ElmiraFudd

    Just tell them you are an illegal and don’t have to obey no stinking US laws. Obama told me so.

  • Frank_in_Spokane

    “No concealed weapons allowed on this property.”

    Enforced how, exactly?

    What they don’t know won’t hurt me.

  • Badbartimus

    It’s so utterly moronic. Once, with a large group of co-workers, I stopped outside of a Jack-in-the-Box after seeing a similar sign. I shouted, “Oh crap!” My startled co-workers asked what the problem was. I said, “I was just about to go inside and shoot everyone in the restaurant, but now that I’ve seen that sign, I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere. Darn.” I’m not sure all of them got the point. Which is part of the problem.

  • bill66

    I go shop where they allow it. The weapons free stores will not get a penny of my money.

  • Dave

    So open carry is what they prefer? Thankfully in MO these signs are useless. In MO you can only be prosecuted if they find out you have a gun, they ask you to leave and you don’t leave. Might as well put up a sign that says no robbing people, it will be just as effective.

  • Michael Maynard

    It seems like legal discrimination to me. How deep would the trouble be that they were in had the sign said, “No gays allowed” or “No blacks allowed.” Just as a business catering to the public can’t discriminate against people due to color, religion, sexual orientation or a host of other things, they shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against citizens exercising a fundamental right.

    • shovelhead77

      Shops should be allowed to choose who they want to serve for any reason. If I was black or gay, I’d find value in a shop posting a sign that said “No Gays Allowed” or “No Blacks Allowed.” With their views open to the public, rather than unknowingly supporting people who by law keep their contempt for me hidden, I could make a rational choice as to which businesses I wanted to patronize.
      Remember the Jim Crow laws in the south were passed because society was desegregating itself, and people in power didn’t like that. The fact that they had to pass laws to keep people segregated tells the whole story.

  • William Snapper

    Add this sign to the group:

  • Carl Ervin

    That is not a legal sign in Texas, so they can pound sand…

  • Sr

    In the state of Oklahoma it is against the law for any entity to have a policy that prohibits or limits and ccw license holder from having their sidearm in the car

  • joe m

    Nope I see the sign. i vote with my wallet in all matters. Dont like my gun you dont like me. Dont like me you dont get my dollars. My safety and the safety of my family outweighs my desire on where to shop. if my gun isnt welcome neither is my wallet. If WE ALL ADOPTED THIS WAY OF THINKING THESE SIGNS WOULD GO AWAY. because they need dollars to survive and stay in business. Do you realize you may successfully defend your life or that of your family on these premises with your gun. Your going to at the very least lose your ccw and most likely end up in jail. Yea, your alive and defenseless or now alive and incarcerated. Why not take the sensable approach. Why not put these scumbags out of business by EVERYONE who owns a gun not shopping there whether you carry or not. Just stop keeping these kind of places in business.

  • Mark Malone

    They are actually saying you may carry open if you want. Just not concealed.

    And if it’s concealed, how will they know?

    Anti gun logic.

    • joe m

      if you have concealled carried for more than 3 months you can spot guns….it isnt rocket science

      • Mark Malone

        WOW. You totally missed the point there.

  • joe m

    look, these stores….they dont own the buildings they are in at these strip malls and especially not at the larger indoor malls. They lease the space for exhorbitant fee’s every month. Huge money. Usually the largest expense a store has. Then they also pay the property owner for signage. better sign placement the more it costs them. now…these owners as well as the stores must carry liability insurance. The costs go way up if you allow guns….sadly thats just the case. so, a lot of these signs are in existance because the property owner is trying to save money on his liability insurance. now, if business at the strip mall dries up because of these signs. Then business go under. When the business goes under MOST of these landlords will sue that business for the remainder of the contract. However, if as happened in a few strip malls in california lately where better than 50 percent of the business are gone…the owner is forced to sell. im telling you if you want these signs gone go shop in the next town over where they dont exist. write the owner a letter saying why. then once or twice a month you and half a dozen people picket on the sidewalk in front of the mall….trust me…business will fall off and the signs will come down. Just takes work. more work than posting about it on the internet. You want them gone they can be gone in 6 months. specially if you have on your signs which strip malls welcome peoples guns.

  • George Pankey

    I don’t sweat the signs, the state of Wa. is very clear where I can and can’t carry. If some strip mall hangs a sign up they sure as hell aren’t going to pat ME down.

  • Richard Winchester

    That sign violates my rights, time to sue.

  • Jerry Wiggins

    Just open carry it I do it all the time pisses em off too guess what I don’t care it is my Right

  • bitcop

    Posting a sign does not revoke my rights.

  • Doug-Tammy Isaacs

    regardless…..I’m packing.

  • Vinny Ambrose

    In Florida it is non-enforceable, only the state has a legal right to create and regulate firearms laws. How is property owner going to regulate concealed firearms when they cannot see concealed? Answer: They would have to pay security to create and man checkpoints to enforce a non-law issue. It would be a matter of trespass that actual law enforcement would grow weary of real quick enforcing.

  • whiskey5jda

    No concealed weapons? Hmm open carry?

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    What’s the big deal? The sign says no concealed weapons which means they can be openly carried.

  • Jim

    In Texas that sign is not lawful pay no attrition to it at all!

  • I_knew_it

    It is time to boycott all these businesses but let them know you are going to shop somewhere else. There are more of us then them.

  • Randy Gruber

    Is it because I live in Florida that I don’t understand this? In Florida you can post all the signs you want but unless the location is against Florida law (Schools, Federal Buildings, Sporting Arena’s etc.) it means nothing. Unless it is on the state banned list the worst a location with a sign could do is ask me to leave. That is a big “if” they know I am carrying which they won’t.

  • Massolo

    You can post any sign you like on your property, but you can’t enforce it without a cop being present though, and all they can do is tell you to leave. So in other words, it is just an invitation for criminals.

  • Archer

    Makes you want to drive up with a Humvie and a 45 attached to the roof