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Colorado Shooting over in 80 Seconds because of Armed School Resource Officer


You heard it right, gun grabbers. The recent shooting in Colorado at Arapahoe High School happened to have a Deputy Sheriff on school grounds who was working as a school resource officer, according to a CNN report. He was in the vicinity of the shooter when the rampage began and was able to end the violence in 80 seconds. The initial reports were stating that the police took 14 minutes to arrive on the scene, but we are now learning that wasn’t what ended the shooting.

The rampage might have resulted in many more casualties had it not been for the quick response of a deputy sheriff who was working as a school resource officer at the school, Robinson said.

Once he learned of the threat, he ran — accompanied by an unarmed school security officer and two administrators — from the cafeteria to the library, Robinson said. “It’s a fairly long hallway, but the deputy sheriff got there very quickly.”

The deputy was yelling for people to get down and identified himself as a county deputy sheriff, Robinson said. “We know for a fact that the shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life.”

He praised the deputy’s response as “a critical element to the shooter’s decision” to kill himself, and lauded his response to hearing gunshots. “He went to the thunder,” he said. “He heard the noise of gunshot and, when many would run away from it, he ran toward it to make other people safe.”


Not even 24 hours ago, we posted an article discussing what we’ve learned since Sandy Hook and what we’re doing about it. Well, this is a perfect example of something we should be doing across the country.

While you’re here, this is a perfect opportunity to revisit The Illusion of the Gun Free Zone, as it fits like a perfectly matched puzzle piece.

We’re tired of being polite. This needs to be common practice.

Share this with as many people as you can, because these are the stories that don’t stay in the headlines for very long. It’s extremely important that people see these mass shootings when they end in this fashion. The media tends to give much more attention to the shootings that have a higher death toll. The reality is, the story above should have more coverage because of the low death toll and praise the officer for defusing a horrible situation that would have been much worse.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • nulook45

    What makes you think Postmen are not armed they have been since the 1930’s

  • Ian Short

    You guys suck, the perp killed himself, after fatally wounding another – also – the resource officer and the deputy arrived on scene only to find the gunman dead. Your propaganda is as bad as any other bullsh*t regime in the past.

    • GeneralDrake

      The reports were that the shooter became aware of the armed security and immediately killed himself. That’s hardly propaganda. He had 125 rounds of ammunition and in his diary said “I will shoot up my school — Arapahoe High School — by the end of the year,” so he planned on killing masses of students clearly stopped short after armed security came into the vacinity.
      And perhaps after 15 minutes of dead bodies you would be calling for more of Hitler style “gun control” in the law abiding masses had there not been armed security.

      • Brooklyn

        Claire Davis a 17 year old girl was shot and killed before Karl killed himself. Please do not forget the victim (Claire).

        • Brooklyn

          Sorry meant to add she did not die at the scene, she died 8 days later in Littleton Adventist Hospital on Dec 21st.

      • Fobes

        Ian struggles with reading comprehension and common sense. some are just beyond help

    • Hugo

      if the cop hadn’t showed up.. do you think he would’ve stopped to kill himself? Or do you think he might have killed a few ppl first before turning the gun on himself? One can only speculate I suppose.

  • Jonathan D. LaChance

    You’re an imbecile. Shut off Fox News and get some real insight.

    • Steve S.

      Take a self-defense class and YOU might get some insight. There are many defensive gun usages all over the country every day that go unreported by most media. If all you can muster is name calling, then I’d suggest you have a very weak argument.

      • Duane K. Barrick

        FBI keeps track and its in the neighborhood of over 2,000,000 a year. That is a fantastic stat the liberals do not like. Over 2,000,000 aggravated crimes per year are stopped because a good guy had a gun.

    • Jeff Arnett

      Typical liberal fanatic, quick to name calling especially when they have no argument or proven wrong…

      I’m just an asshole so I’ll be up front, you’re faggot that would stick your tail between your legs and hide behind a woman in a scenario like this… Homo!

      • Kevin Gallegos

        Name calling is all they know….

        • Not A Sheeple

          Name calling is what ignorant people on both sides use. It isn’t relegated to only one side, as shown by the comment of the poster you replied to.

    • GeneralDrake

      Why shut off the ONLY real news source on cable? What and watch the DNC propaganda networks like PMSnbc? Please. Fox has 100 times more liberal contributors than all ur liberal networks have conservatives COMBINED. You just can’t stand airing BOTH sides because you Loose every open debate. Liberals can only survive on unchallenged propaganda

      • Clark Mcconachy

        What about the thousands of people killed accidentally with firearms? Or the thousands of children seriously injured or killed with firearms every year? Don’t see that being reported on Fox? Can’t you see how crazy it is to suggest schools should have more people with guns? If you combine the population of Australia, Japan, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland & Sweden you get a population roughly the size of the US. We have less than 200 gun deaths per year and you have over 12,000 gun deaths per year. Stop kidding yourself and get over your fear. The rest of the free world sorted this shit out over 20 years ago.

        • Duane K. Barrick

          wish you would go live in one of them other free world countries for a long while Clark Mcconachy!

          • Clark Mcconachy

            I do. Real mature btw. Someone makes a valid point and you act like a child.

          • David Reid

            I know you will probably hate facts, but let me throw them at you anyways. Fact: 129 people slaughtered and hundreds injured in Paris not long ago. Reason, not one individual was armed to confront the terrorists with guns and Paris have the strictest gun laws of any nation in the world. Switzerland on the other hand have less than 1 gun murder a year and every citizen is armed. In the United States, if you look at Chicago, which also has the strictest gun laws in the US, you have 2,000 armed murders a month, blacks killing blacks, etc. San Bernardino, another gun-free zone is in California, a state that bans guns of any kind, but that didn’t stop 14 people from being murdered by Islamic terrorists. If you remove Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit which are gun-free zones by the way, since they lead the nation in gun crimes committed, you reduce gun crimes in the US by over 90 percent. That is fact, but don’t let that cloud your opinion. Where has every mass shooting taken place – yep, an area with strict gun laws and the people are merely targets for the criminals that don’t obey laws. Paris is a prime example of that and you could disarm every citizen in the world and what would it do – absolutely nothing except add millions to the death list by criminals with guns that opened fire without fear or repercussions. In 1941 Yamamoto didn’t attack mainland USA due to a gun behind every blade of grass. It would be suicide but if Japan wanted to invade Britain, France, Germany, or any European nation, they would encounter zero retaliation and everyone would be speaking Japanese. Look at Britain, Luton, London, etc and Muslim invaders are taking over, forcing Sharia law on whole communities, beheading men and women in the streets and since the people were disarmed, they are sitting ducks and are now statistics of the dead. Bad guys will always obtain guns illegally or legally and in their hands, people die. A gun is a tool, in the same way a fork, knife, hammer, etc is a tool. For many they are harmless, but in the hand of a psycho, they become a weapon of death. It takes an individual to pull the trigger and guns don’t kill anyone on their own. That is the point liberals ignore in ignorance and stupidity.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Actually David, I love facts. Yes Paris was a tragedy and IF someone who was trained in MOUT or similar was there with a firearm (and enough ammo) then MAYBE there would have been less deaths. FAntastic that you ‘throw’ Switzerland at me as an example. Yes many citizens are ‘armed’ with assault weapons no less. In a safe, in their homes. Switzerland actually practice your 2nd ammendment to the letter, not just grabbing at the second sentence to justify flooding the community with guns. Before you get on your soap box about Switzerland’s carry laws, they are the same here in Australia, you can only get a permit to carry for self defense or the defense of others. Simply being a citizen and feeling threatened doesn’t count. I accept your point of view about ‘gun free’ zones and I readily agree they don’t work. That’s why you need to put a stop to citizens being allowed to carry weapons in the entire USA. We here in Australia sorted it out after a massive massacre in 1996 and we haven’t had one since. What happens after most weapons have been removed is the value of black market firearms sky-rockets. Therefore they are harder to come by than licenced guns and don’t get used for petty crime (same situation in Switzerland actually). The numbers (facts) speak for themselves, there is a problem the USA faces that other western countries do not. Arming yourselves only results in many, many innocent deaths.

          • rdowney

            Australia statistics show your last statement is false. When the Aussie gov’t grabbed their guns, the gun murder rate when up over 100% in their highest populated province. Most gun deaths in the US are by illegal guns, this is not disputed. The framers believed that an armed citizenry was required, to throw off tyranny and also for self defense. I have friends in South Africa that are alive because they had a loaded gun by their bed, they shot two intruders that were armed with illegal guns. I have a friend here in the US that is alive because he has conceal carry and pulled it on an armed assailant. Irresponsibility with weapons does occur and some kids take their parents legal guns to commit crimes, but if every store owner was armed, they wouldn’t try knocking over that convenience store. Another friend had a loaded shotgun behind his counter and let everyone know. When all other stores in the area were robbed over the years, his was not touched – they knew to stay away. A strong military is a deterrence to attack from foreign invaders. It is well known that the Japanese never considered invasion here because of the high numbers of personal guns. Deterrence also works on the personal level.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Not sure where you got those stats from rdowney? Here are the official government stats Yes, there was a small (less than 20%) hike in violent crime after the buyback but there was also a heroin epidemic at that time. After we sorted the heroin problem violent crime also dropped to way below 1996 levels. If you are comparing yourself to South Africa to justify your position on allowing untrained civvies to carry weapons, then I pity you sir. You should think better of your home than to aspire to be like one of the most violent places on earth. As an ex-combat soldier I can assure no Army gives a hat full of [email protected] about civilians with small arms and they never have. There are a miriad of reasons Japan didn’t invade the US but don’t think for a second it had anything to do with your civilian population. As I’ve stated before if you have national gun control and don’t allow civvies to carry then the price of black-market weapons sky-rockets. An illegal AR-15 trades for $35kAUD over here (about $29kUS). No one robs a store with one, it’s also illegal here to defend commercial property with a weapon unless you are a security company. That’s what insurance is for, if you think it’s ok to shoot someone who’s robbing you then maybe you should consider the value on life the rest of the western world holds over the US? Just saying.

        • Khym

          20 years ago? Isn’t that right around the time Europe dithered while the Balkans embarked on a spree of terror, torture and “ethnic cleansing.” Fat lot of good all your “gun control” did then.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Well if you want to go down that path ok. 140k died as a result of that conflict over a ten year period. About the same as your firearm related death toll over the same period of time. And that was a WAR, puts the US attitude to firearms reform in a whole other light doesn’t it? Btw I didn’t specifically mention any of those countries involved. I did say the free world but hey, whatever crap you want to hold on to to feed your fear.

          • rdowney

            You are absolutely correct in that the most violent areas of our cities have more deaths than war zones – they are war zones. But the statistics that show how that happened are alarming. It is a combination of factors of progressive liberal mentality – taking God out of the schools, leaving the moral framework that founded this country out of childhood education, taking a citizen’s right and ability to defend their property. The framers of our Constitution believed that our property and livelihood was worth killing in defense for. Thomas Jefferson stated that the Bible needed to be in every school and was foundational to childhood education. This country has lost its collective backbone so that we can look politically correct.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Spot on rdowney. But the answer isn’t ‘more guns’. It’s a fact that national firearm control saves lives. Worked in the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Germany & France. The numbers in the US are very confronting, your children are dying, Your LE are under constant threat. my Dad was in the Police Force over here for 41 years active duty and only pulled his gun once. Could any American Police Officer on active duty say the same? Our cultures are not that different. I understand people wanting to defend themselves from an immediate threat but what you are doing is a perpetuating culture of fear where the only winners are arms manufacturers.

        • rdowney

          There are VERY few accidental gun deaths in the US each year. Most gun violence is by criminals that can get guns illegally. FACT: most citizens that stop criminals with guns have LEGAL guns – and this happens far more often than liberal media wishes to state. Switzerland has one of the lowest gun death rates int he world, why? Because all citizens have guns. FACT: most recent mass shootings in the US over the last few years occurred in gun-free zones. Why? because they knew no one would shoot back.
          There are far more knife wounds (fatal ones as well) in the US than gun wounds, should we ban knives. What is next? cars because more car deaths occur? FACT: whenever conceal carry permits go up in an area, violent crime goes down.
          Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws on the books in the US – and just about the highest violent crime rate. An armed citizenry is a deterrent to violent gun crime.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            We’ve banned ALL weapons. So yes, you should ban knives. this says you’ve had over 50,ooo incidents and 12,000 deaths gun deaths this year. Are you disputing this or do you just see this as ‘very few’???

        • Wilhelm von Mayer

          “What about the thousands of people killed accidentally with firearms?”

          There are about 250 accidental deaths per year. You are more likely to drown in a pool. Where did you get your “thousands” figure? Liberal media?

          • Clark Mcconachy
          • Wilhelm von Mayer

            Getting statistical data from radical left wing sources does not count lol. Try getting actual data. The figures I am giving you are from the CDC.

            Five times more likely to burn to death
            Five times more likely to drown
            17 times more likely to be poisoned
            17 times more likely to fall to your death
            And 68 times more likely to die in an automobile accident

            Nice try though. I would just do a little research from real sources if I were you before commenting.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Thanks for the tip. Had a look at the cdc website. I note that they outsource most of their data collation and don’t publish data post 2013?? Anyway asked it for the number of firearm injuries in 2013 and it came back with a number just over 84,000!! Way over the ‘leftie’ site I was previously getting data from.
            Do you really think because you have a greater chance dying another way that firearm related death and injury isn’t a problem? You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than winning lotto, yet every week there you go…at least one person wins. The cdc stats speak for themselves when you compare them to other western governments. You have thousands of people being injured and killed every year and it’s avoidable simply by applying national firearms reform.

          • Wilhelm von Mayer

            So their data you do not like because it does not match your claims.. Yet, at the same time you consider data from a radical left wing extremist website accurate. Interesting…

            Regarding your second paragraph…. Applying national firearms reform… We already have them. Crime is already illegal (1/3 of the overall shootings in the country), and I don’t really think you can ban suicide (the other 2/3 of the deaths). Hell, tell Japan. They have no firearms and they have a crazy suicide rate. Maybe they should also ban tall buildings and bridges.It is simple. Intent cannot be regulated.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            I didn’t say I don’t ‘like’ the cdc data. The exact opposite actually. It further proves what I’m saying. Our suicide rate dropped significantly after 1996 and it’s stayed low. You don’t have national firearm reforms, if you did you wouldn’t have carry permits for civilians in some states. You are correct in saying you can’t curb intent. You can stop people with evil intent having access to firearms.

          • Wilhelm von Mayer

            Lol. Man, you are really something. I recall my days in Melbourne, Australia. The place where people do not have the right to defend themselves….even when attacked. Good thing I moved away from Australia. From your comments, it seems that you fear people carrying firearms. You know they are just tools, right? Just like a ire extinguisher, knife, fork, etc.? I suspect you may be suffering from hoplophobia. Good news is that it is a treatable condition. Must be horrible to live in such a world of fear from inanimate objects.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            We don’t fear objects and we have the right to use reasonable force. If you’ve lived here then you should understand the difference between living in a society that doesn’t allow untrained, unqualified people access to tools they have no right to operate and living in an area where every nutter can access guns. We have the score on the board. Zero mass shootings post firearm reform. Our population feel safe without arming themselves. Must be horrible to live in a world where people feel the need to arm themselves, have fun with all that “freedom”.

          • Wilhelm von Mayer

            Quite the opposite. What I saw in Australia is the lunatic ideology that gives criminals an advantage. The fact that you may go to jail because you hurt an attacker who was trying to rape your pre-teen kids and make you watch….. is not really sane. Your comments show you “assume” a lot of things you know little of. Law abiding people being untrained? Care to share the source? FBI statistics show quite the opposite. Civilians are more accurate the law enforcement. The rest of your rant is again.. your personal opinion based on zero facts. Assuming is not the same as knowing. I would suggest you do a little research on your own rather than just copying and pasting talking points from the radical liberal websites.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            So the cdc is a radical liberal website now? Same stats I quoted are all mirrored there. Do your own research and take a leaf out of your own book. ‘Reasonable force’ is permitted here. You can’t shoot someone just because they threaten your rights, only your life or the lives of those around you. That’s where we draw the line because everyone here has the right to life unless they intend to take anothers. Many countries take the same stance and we all seem to be doing fine, doesn’t matter whether you pull stats from a right or left wing website, the US has a problem with crime, violence & mass shootings that the rest of us don’t have.

          • Wilhelm von Mayer

            I was talking about your radical extremist site you were getting that misleading information from. If we sent you all of our liberals on meds/not taking their meds and the gangstas (the ones shooting up the place) to Australia, you would see how things change. At the end of the day…. The top 10 murder capitals in the country share two things. They have severe gun control, and are led by liberals. So, there is your answer. Ban liberals from owning firearms and you’ll take a dent in crime.

            Anyway, I’m going to sleep. Will post tomorrow

          • Clark Mcconachy

            According to your own governments website there are no states who don’t allow carry permits. Is that true? If it is you don’t really know what actual firearm reform is.

          • Clark Mcconachy
    • Disco Obama

      Shut up moron.

    • Pirinno

      Looks like that fucktarded god of yours called feinstein is STILL too damned stupid to realize that killers don’t do as she wants or even dreams as a reality.
      The only imbecile here is one that actually feels that disarming the country will make us safe.
      Try putting down pmsnbc, and read up on every country that disarmed their citizens and then what happened after that.

      • Clark Mcconachy

        I live in one of ‘those’ countries. If you combine the population of Australia, Japan, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland & Sweden you get a population roughly the size of the US. We have less than 300 gun deaths per year and you have over 12,000 gun deaths per year. Stop kidding yourself and get over your fear. The rest of the free world sorted this shit out over 20 years ago. We all have less suicides, virtually no mass killings, far less accidental injuries and deaths (the scariest statistic you produce is the 664 children killed or injured this year). The biggest difference that you can’t put as a statistic is the feeling you have walking around in public. We all feel SAFE and relaxed walking around in our home countries and we don’t need to carry weapons in order to achieve that.

        • Duane K. Barrick

          Clack, I’m happy you are happy there. Please do the USA a favor and STAY there! Thank you for doing so in advance.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            I’ll happily stay where all the sane people live. In peace. With a better quality of life.

        • Jim Screws

          How is that Muslim thing working out for you in Paris? 129 KIA? I’ll take the gun laws in the US and, in my case, Texas every time. The last time a couple of feral sand monkeys tried to kill someone in Garland, Texas, they were cut down………. Now, THAT is my idea of gun control!

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Yeah right. Your version of ‘control’ allows for thousands of people to be killed every year. For good, honest, innocent people to live in fear and for nutters who want to carry out mass murder to have access to assault weapons. The ‘feral sand monkeys’ you speak of were taken down by LE btw, they would’ve been neutralized if it had happened here too. Major difference between Texas and Victoria is the lack of gun related violence, I know which one I prefer.

          • Pirinno

            Your ignorance of what is happening in your own back yard is funny and quite disturbing….. Maybe you should get out of mum’s basement and go for a walkabout to the local news outlets.

            So what about those crazy feral sand monkeys in Sydney??

            15-16 Dec: Gunman Man Haron Monis, a self-styled cleric originally from Iran, takes 17 people hostage in a cafe in the centre of Sydney. Monis and two hostages are killed after a 16-hour siege. His former lawyer describes him as “unhinged” but not a jihadist.

            He didn’t care about your anti gun laws, and he had 17 sheep that he could have killed at will and there was not ONE of those sheep who had the ability to stop him. Here’s a few more for educational benefit….

            1. Hilton Hotel Bombing, Sydney, February 1978
            This incident, said to be the first terrorist attack on Australian soil, killed three people and injured nine others after a 6.5-kg bomb was detonated in a garbage bin. OOPS no gun…..

            2. Assassination of the Turkish Consul General, Sydney, December 1980
            A little under three years later, Turkish Consul General Sarik Ariyak was gunned down, along with a member of his security detail, by two men on motorcycles. Gonna ban motorcycles next??

            3. Turkish Consulate Bombing, Melbourne, November 1986
            This attack was part of a wave of attacks on Turkish citizens and officials worldwide, but the only casualty was one of the bombers belonging to a group called the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. A Sydney resident named Levon Demirian, reportedly the dead man’s accomplice, was jailed following the attack. Wow an Aussie helped them.

            4. Israeli Consulate BOMBING, Sydney, December 1982
            Three people were injured in a blast that rocked the Israeli consulate in mid-December 1982, according to a contemporary New York Times report. No guns here either.

            6. Faheem Khalid Lodhi, Convicted October 2006
            Lodhi, a Pakistani-Australian architect, was accused of planning to BOMB Australia’s electricity grid in 2003 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison three years later.

            A comprehensive antiterrorism raid was carried out in Australia in September this year, when over 800 members of the Australian Federal Police and the country’s spy agency ASIO swept through 25 addresses across Sydney and Brisbane. The raid resulted in 15 arrests in response to an alleged plot to behead a random member of the Australian public.

            WOW better get busy with banning pipes, gun powder, bleach, mothballs, propane, and putting all chicken farms (mainly their crap) under federal control.

          • rdowney

            Again, check your facts – >97%of those 12k deaths are from criminals with illegal guns.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            So what? Are you saying they all deserve to die? Most of our gun deaths are a result of criminal activity too. Just the numbers are way less than yours. No massacre victims either, are you suggesting they deserved to die?

          • rdowney

            @ Jim Screws – I like your style man

          • Jim Screws

            Thanks, rdowney. I don’t suffer fools! God must love’em because He created so many of them………………

        • Pirinno

          Here’s a small hole in your theory…….

          In Switzerland 1 in 2 citizens has a gun
          It’s pretty close to this, Switzerland’s gun ownership rate is 45.7 per 100 people, according to the research at the Small Arms Survey [1]

          So if nearly 1 in 2 people have a gun in their possession, who would be FOOL enough to try an armed assault when they KNOW they will die in the attempt? EVERY SINGLE country that has taken away the firearms from the citizens, the GOVERNMENT eventually ended up MURDERING tens of THOUSANDS to MILLIONS of their OWN people.
          So before you spout off your version of “facts”, next time try to use some country where the stats can’t be verified.

          Here is yet one more FACT to make your head explode…..
          The vast MAJORITY (over 75%) of ALL US gun deaths occur in democrat/liberal/socialistic run cities where they have the strictest gun laws where the average citizen is NOT allowed to own ANY type of firearm.
          If just chicago, detroit, DC, and new orleans, gun murders were to be omitted from the stats, the US would have less gun deaths than half of the countries you mentioned.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Actually Pirinno. Those “facts” have a few large holes in them. If you minus the issued assault weapons from the survey statistic the real number is 25 guns per 100 people. Why would you not count assault rifles you say? Because no ammunition for them is kept in the home. Like I stated before, Switzerland actually practises what your ENTIRE 2nd Amendment states, they have a REGULATED militia. Not just idiots carrying weapons. The other point you folks just can’t seem to handle is all the other western countries don’t allow civilians to carry weapons unless it’s for professional purposes (including Switzerland). Australia actually has more firearms now than before the reforms in 1996. It’s just the way we go about that makes our streets, homes & schools safer than yours. I agree with you on the ‘gun free’ zones. It’s a ridiculous idea because it presents a soft target for nutters wanting to go on a spree or commit crime. That’s why you need national firearm reform just like the rest of us have been through. It’s worked for everyone else in the western world. Stop making excuses while your children die around you.

          • Pirinno

            Yep we see it has worked sooo well for you….
            Gun related murders UP 300% in victoria ALONE since you allowed yourselves to be disarmed.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            What leftie liberal source did you get that from Pirinno? our homicide rates drop year on year and firearms have dropped from 44% of murders in 1969 to less than 15% now. In contrast the CDC state that your murder rate to be 5.1 per 100k, about 5 times that of Australia and 3.5 firearm deaths per 100k population. That’s over 68% of murders in the US involve a firearm. See where this is leading?

          • Pirinno

            YOU state this as fact…..
            5.1 per 100k, about 5 times that of Australia and 3.5 firearm deaths per 100k population. so 5.1/ 100k is 5 times more than 3.5/100k there??

            Is this liberal math?? Enjoy being sheep to the muslims and then remember your views on guns when your family is getting murdered/raped if they are man/woman enough to reject islam.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Ah no, the US murder rate of 5.1 per 100k is five times that of Australia’s murder rate, didn’t really think I needed to throw a 1 in that post because if you can read you should be able to divide 5 by 5. The 3.5/100k is what the CDC has reported as your rate of murder using firearms. Which is over 68% of your murders every year (because I’m now “captain mathematician I can work that out with my liberal calculator).

        • Commonsenseloss

          The sad part is that USA is a thug culture….look at what/who they worship… there is no wonder why so much violence is happening there compared to more sane countries around the globe…except where thug culture/religious nut culture is in charge…those areas are also hotbeds.

        • Pirinno

          Here are some MORE FACTS that you have conveniently chose to IGNORE…….
          These are since 2012…….

          The first year results are now in:
          Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
          Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
          Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
          In the state of Victoria…..alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.(Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!)
          While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
          decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.

          Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’

          You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.

          The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.
          Take note Americans, before it’s too late!

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Really Pirinno? I could try to list all the violent, terror – related incidents in the US over the last 38 years but I’d be here for weeks. As I stated before homicides are down 5.2% this year on last. Not sure where you are getting your stats from?…. Oh, hang on you cut & pasted that from a FB page called Firearm Owners United! It’s BS and I can’t believe you’d go that low after you and so many others have a crack at me for where I get my info from. Another fact you guys seem to overlook is we have MORE guns now than before the buyback, significantly more. The $$$$ I got for my semi-auto .22 allowed me to buy another 2 rifles and 2 shotguns. Difference being we now have a tighter, nationally agreed set of firearms standards (still state controlled btw) so it’s harder for criminals to get there hands on guns. It worked, the numbers are all there. It would work for the USA too and you wouldn’t experience anything like Sandy Hook, Newtown or Roseburg ever again. But while you live in a fantasy world where it’s acceptable for civvies to carry weapons your children will continue to die. When will you realise it’s 2015 and not Elizabethan times??

          • Pirinno

            Yep captain mathematician….. comparing total numbers between one country that has 13 times smaller a population so take all your “miniscule numbers and multiply them by 13 and your death rate is nearly DOUBLE that of the US if you had 310 million ppl living there.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            That’s why I mainly state % so the stats are comparable. As I said before your murder rate is nearly five times the rate of Australia’s. That’s exactly why in my first post on this forum I stated the rate of firearm deaths in a bunch of Western countries that collectively have a population the size of the USA, ” If you combine the population of Australia, Japan, the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland & Sweden you get a population roughly the size of the US. We have less than 300 gun deaths per year and you have over 12,000 gun deaths per year.” That’s 2.5% the rate of firearm related deaths. All of these countries have a homicide rate of between 1-2 per 100k. Less than half that of the USA .

      • Duane K. Barrick

        Exactly! well said Pirinno! God Bless!

    • HankMurphy2021

      Time and time again we see law enforcement’s support for concealed carry and yet politicans oppose it. Who do you suppose has the “real insight”? Why do you think you know more than law enforcement about crime and casualty prevention? Side with law enforcement or be against them and on the side of killers and terrorists, its your choice.

    • Hugo

      so…. if we had better gun control, this whole thing would never have happened? It’s just too bad you weren’t there to stop the shooter with your kind words and political correctness. I’m sure that’s would’ve stopped him in his tracks.

      • Clark Mcconachy

        There wouldn’t have been a ‘shooter’ in the first place if you had real gun control. No kind words required Hugo.

        • Hugo

          Please explain how better gun control will keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals who can easily purchase them off the street?

          btw.. how is the war on drugs coming along? Aren’t drugs illegal?

          • Clark Mcconachy

            I’ve explained how it works a few times in this thread mate. What the Aussie Government did was conduct a gun buy back scheme teamed with an amnesty period. Basically they paid more than the market value for firearms and didn’t enforce any illegal firearm laws. When criminals learned they could sell their illegal firearms to the states for more than they could get on the street they offered them up very quickly. What this does is pushes up the street value of illegal firearms. An AR or Glock over here on the black market goes for more than 12 times the actual value of the firearm. This isn’t to say there are no illegal guns but criminals won’t use them for petty crime, nobody spends $30k + to hold up a service station. The whole goal of our reforms wasn’t to lower the crime rate but stop massacres and make the streets safer for law abiding people and law enforcement. It worked on all fronts. Australia is very like the USA (only much smaller population) as you had a big influence on Australian culture during WW2 onwards. We have a very similar Federal/State/local government system with the laws residing in the same level. There is no reason our model of firearm reform wouldn’t work for the US. It’s not about ‘gun grabbing’ either btw, we have more firearms now than before 1996. We just don’t allow civilians to carry weapons without a valid reason (like being a security guard). What it all comes down to is nutters with evil intent can’t get their hands on weapons that will enable them to massacre people and only professional criminals use their illegal guns on other professional criminals.

          • Clark Mcconachy

            Oh and the ‘war’ on drugs sucks here as it does everywhere. Ice is the big problem atm. thanks for asking

    • George Boss Jr.

      Why is it everytime one of you liberals show up you’ve got some shit to say about Bush or Fox news? First off shit stain, Bush has been gone for seven years. The. f*¢ked up situation the Country is in is because of your daddy, Oblameo. And I can’t and won’t talk for anyone else, but I don’t watch tv. All my news is from the internet, but I tell you that you won’t find out crapola from your news source: the Huffington post.

    • El Lobo Solo

      I consider the alphabet news channels nothing more than entertainment & propaganda. Its been that way for at least a generation now.

    • Craig

      FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, or any other American news outlets are nothing more than state run propaganda. If you want actual news try the BBC or if you have a short wave radio you might try RADIO FREE AMERICA.

      • Don Marshall Jr.

        The news on Fox and the news on MSNBC or CNN are so far apart, to say they are the same shows you don’t know what you are talking about. BBC has decent newscasts but they slant (in my opinion) a little left. Actually, more than a little.

        • Craig

          And you are a MINDLESS SHEEPLE! Any mainstream media outlet in America is nothing more than government propaganda. It makes no difference of how far left or right, or whether you are conservative or liberal, and it certainly makes no difference if you are republican or democrat because there is no news reported in our society today. There is no unbiased reporting of FACTS, only EDITED video and trial by the uneducated public’s OPINION. So Don pull your head out of your ass, open your eyes, and see what’s happening to our country………..

    • Glen Smith

      Why don’t you give us some of that so-called “real insight” liberal CNN follower???

  • OldNYFirefighter

    More often than not, the shooter commits suicide when confronted by an armed adversary, police or otherwise.

    • Jugatsu

      Beat me to it.

      I bet we find later that he was taking anti-depressants. Previous shooters on those heinous, mind-altering drugs can not be blamed for their actions – the pharmaceutical companies and doctors, however, can be.

      • CORMAC___NJ

        Completely true.

      • Kevin Gallegos

        I can’t believe we’re turning into a country where nobody is responsible for their own actions. Thousands…if not…millions of people take anti-depressants. We don’t have thousands…or millions…or hundreds of these people committing these heinous crimes. HOLD PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS…LITERAL ACTIONS!!!

      • Ray Wilde

        You do realize what you said? Thats what the anti gunners say!

      • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr


      • Bret Stewart

        I never took prescription drugs smoked plenty of weed, drank Beer and I do not remember wanting to commit murder I was about as anti depressed as you can get. this all happened mostly after I got out of school though. But I was spanked when I was a child got in before child abuse learned about 10 commandments at a young age right from wrong. take God out of society see what happens.

        • Bret Stewart

          a terrible way to become like this no respect for life. respect the Law enforcement they never know one day to the next. God bless them for service.

        • Bradford Lehman

          You put your finger on it! kids today are in many cases never taught that no matter what you do God see’s it and as the scriptures say (Be not deceived God is not mocked for what ever a man sows that shall he reap.) you steal you will live amongst thieves, you like to be violent you will have your fair share of it too! Treat people the way you want to be treated and life will be a lot better.

      • Shawn Pavlik

        Gimme a break. I take anti-depressants, and have never wanted to go on a shooting spree. If you choose to pick up a gun and go after innocents, you get what you deserve.

        • Dubhiolar Maclemorrioghan

          It’s not the Anti Depressants, It’s “Which” Anti Depressants, Haven’t you seen some of the Pharma Commercials Today? Tell me, How Many on Weed Do this Kind of Crap? Stop the Big Pharma, and Stop the Government, from More.!

      • Johnny Rep

        I see what you did there!

  • no1uno2

    Now THIS is using your RESOURCES and not to mention brains! Having a VERY well trained officer on the scene and taking control of the situation. Totally awesome! Beats the hell out of the janitor with 8 hours training for concealed weapon. Glad people are starting to use their brain instead of their pencil dicks.

  • Steve Seith

    Except this bad guy with a gun offed himself. Does that make your theory wrong? Most of these chickenshits usually end up illing themselves.

    • Golden Eagle

      The bad guys with guns don’t off themselves until someone shows up with a gun. That makes this theory right.

    • durabo

      The result is the same: active shooter is neutralized.

    • David

      He did it after being confronted by the armed guard…. get shot or shoot yourself. Theory is still right, armed security is better than nothing. I’d much rather know my kids went to school where they were protected, rather than be sitting ducks.

  • Steve Seith

    Seriously? Were your parents morons too? Is it an inbred trait or did you acquire it on your own?

  • swimfan2007

    By the way it’s Red Herring…not Red Flag.

  • BoundlessExistence

    You are another terminally insane wacko walking the streets just like the guy who killed his mother then went to that school and murdered 20 kids and 6 teachers.

  • kugelmum

    That is the cruelest thing I have ever read. Do you honestly think you are so important that people would kill our children for you and your thugs. You are pure evil in thought and I would love to say mind but you don’t have one.

  • GeneralDrake

    The reports were that the shooter became aware of the armed security and immediately killed himself. He had 125 rounds of ammunition and in his diary said “I will shoot up my school — Arapahoe High School — by the end of the year,” so he planned on killing masses of students clearly stopped short after armed security came into the vacinity.
    And perhaps after 15 minutes of dead bodies liberals would be calling for more of Hitler style “gun control” in the law abiding masses had there not been armed security. This is more proof that liberal socialists stay on the wrong side of issues even when there is clear evidence to support FREEDOM.

  • gaillowerybriggs

    Thank God !

  • Shutupchuck

    Liam, grab your left ear with your right hand, then grab your right ear with your left hand. Now PULL YOUR HEAD OUR OF YOUR A$$!!

  • HardHar55

    I seem to recall their was a victim and the perp killed himself….
    In less than 80 seconds, Karl Pierson “fired one random shot down a hallway,” then entered an area where 17-year-old Claire Esther Davis was seated with a friend, “and shot the female victim point-blank” in the head. “There was no time for the victim to run from the shooter,” Robinson told reporters on Saturday.

    Pierson then fired another round down a hallway, then entered the library, where he fired again and ignited one of the Molotov cocktails, according to Robinson.

    That ignited at least three bookshelves, causing smoke to pour into the library.

    He then fired a fifth round and ran to the library’s back corner, “and there took his own life.”

    • HardHar55

      HOWEVER… he off’d himself because the SRO had him cornered….

      When an armed school resource officer entered the room, Pierson believed he was cornered and turned his gun on himself, Robinson said. The entire attack lasted approximately 80 seconds and was captured by security cameras.

  • Disco Obama

    So thousands should be murdered because of an accident? You are a bozo brain for sure.

  • Disco Obama


  • Ccann11

    Accidents happen, there’s no stopping that. Being afraid of shooting a gun or not having respect for its power can be danerous. The little girl incident was a horrible accident, but it is just that an accident. Gun laws won’t take the guns out of the criminals hands only law bidding citizens hands.

  • Maggie

    Who cares what or why? Thats not helping with the situation. Its just an excuse. We can’t ban clinically depressed people from an education.

    • Hugo

      huh?? when did homeboy say anything about banning people from an education bc they’re depressed? Is my screen not working again?!


    • George Boss Jr.

      It’s the reason these kids trip off and start killing. Too many killers have been on those psychotropic drugs. Enough to warrent a investigation in to these drugs.

      • Shawn Pavlik

        Nah, the reason is they often have parents who are disengaged, won’t teach right from wrong, etc.

  • Here is a very partial list of the fallacies indicated just in the caption above (which is all I needed to read):

    1) The debate is over the cost-benefit analysis of having more widespread gun ownership and carry and use or more limited to trained professional law enforcement personnel. Since this incident involved a Deputy Sheriff on school grounds, it is an argument in favor of the latter, which “gun grabbers” favor, rather than the former, indicating that those posting it don’t really understand the issues and considerations involved in the debate over gun rights and regulations.

    2) Virtually no one in any public capacity or with any acknowledgement of political, legal and cultural reaities in this country, is arguing for a gun ban (which the term “gun grabbers” implies). In fact, no gun law in this country has ever, to the best of my knowledge (and certainly not within the past few generations), taken anyone’s guns away from them. Yet, oblvious to reality, the cult of gun idolatry in America continues to pretend that that is an issue they must be very concerned about.

    3) Even if this were a case of an armed civilian saving the day (something that happens at a remarkably low rate, with the vast majority of armed civilians in an active fire situation ranging from useless to an increased endangerment to other innocent bystanders), anecdotal evidence does not trump statistical evidence, and the statistical reality is that we have by far the highest per capita gun ownership rate in the world (about half the privately owned guns on Earth), by far the laxest regulations in the developed world, and, not coincidentally, by far one of the highest homicide rates in the developed world (from two to twentyfive times higher than almost all others, the putative exceptions being countries whose status as “developed” is marginal or questionable, such as Mexico and Estonia –which has a lower homicide rate than we do but more than half of ours) and a unique frequency of mass shootings in the developed world (more than one per day so far in 2015). In other words, our gun culture is associated with an enormous NET increase in deadly violence, as any rational person would expect.

    4) A gun in the home statistically INCREASES (rather than decreases) the risk of deadly violence to members of that household, by a factor of two for homicides and accidental shootings and a factor of three for suicides.

    5) The counterfactual and irrational belief that instruments of deadly violence have no relationship to incidents of deadly violence, that our uniquely extreme gun culture has no connection to our uniquely excessive rates of deadly violence, is easily understood to be the utterly ludicrous ideological fiction that it is, even without looking at the empirical evidence which demonstrates it to be so. Greater availability of preferred technologies tend to increase the rate and efficiency with which the function they are designed to perform is performed (which would lead one to expect that greater availability of guns, which are the preferred instruments of interpersonal deadly violence, would lead to an increased rate and efficiency of interpersonal deadly violence, which is what empirical evidence shows to be the case), and amplifiers of the deadliness of the consequences of various human failings and propensities (fear, panic, jitters, anger, rage, bigotry, vigilantism, carelessness, poor judgment, paranoia, machismo, militant fanaticism, overconfidence, insecurity, humiliation, jealousy, hero complex, and on and on and on) widely distributed throughout the human population tend to increase the rate at which the consequences of those failings and propensities turn deadly, which is exactly what the empirical evidence again shows to be the case.

    You are not rational people. You are callously committed to a manifest absuridty that robs tens of thousands of Americans of their lives every year. And that makes you the agents of a toxic cultural pathology, one which not only robs so many people of their lives, and so many others (parents and other loved ones of victims) of THEIR lives in another way, but also makes us a more callous nation (one that shrugs at the massacre of six year olds in their school) and the laughing stock of the developed world (which rightly sees us as a bizarre throwback in so many ways).

    Debunking the Arguments of the American Gun Culture:

    • Rob Huckfeldt

      No one want’s to take all the guns away? Well, guess what, there are some. Here’s one of them saying it 20 years ago and she’s been avidly working on it ever since.

      • You need to read more carefully. What I actually did say is precisely accurate.

    • Fobes

      you’re blinded and clearly have not looked into this with an open mind. I do not own a gun but I am quite thankful for those of my friends that do around me because your assertions are completely false

      • Huh. By looking at the issue comprehensively, taking into account the corpus of research and a general rational analysis, I’m blinded and have not looked into this with an open mind? I suspect that anyone who fails to confirm your bias would, in your mind, automatically fit that description.

    • Hugo

      you’re so smart Steve Harvey. But for real.. what time does Family Feud start?

      • Hugo, sometimes, when you have nothing to say, it’s best to just say nothing.

    • GAU-8

      Lol, still peddling the same bull shiitake?

      #2. Hillary Clinton and Barry have both waxed publicly regard a AU gun grab in the US.

      #4. That study makes me laugh as much as the UPENN study – even the author redacted his implied conclusions

      #3 on a per capita basis Europe is not unlike the US in mass murder.

      #5 lol, nice words. But real data disagrees. VT has no state laws regarding gun ownership but a homicide rate 1/8 of CA despite 4x the gun ownership. If it were guns that shouldn’t happen should it?

      Sorry Steve my civil liberties are not subject to cost benefit analysis.

      Do you plan to write laws reversing Warren vs DC and MAKE the police responsible for our personal safety

      Or do you just plan to replay the same rants?

    • Barney

      “You are not rational people. You are callously committed to a manifest
      absuridty that robs tens of thousands of Americans of their lives every
      year. And that makes you the agents of a toxic cultural pathology, one
      which not only robs so many people of their lives, and so many others
      (parents and other loved ones of victims) of THEIR lives in another way,
      but also makes us a more callous nation (one that shrugs at the
      massacre of six year olds in their school) and the laughing stock of the
      developed world”

      Us? Why are you attacking people here? Go run your mouth to criminals. You sound like the typical liberal blame shifter. No one here broke any laws.

      Take a hike.

      • Nazis who turned in their Jewish neighbors didn’t break any laws either. The question in public policy discussions is just over who did and didn’t break laws but, more importantly, what laws serve us well and what laws serve us poorly. And that is the point here: Your gun culture and the laws derived from it serve us very poorly, and your defense of that culture and those laws is fair game for public criticism in the context of public discourse.

        • GAU-8

          The RKBA serves us well, has for 200 plus years. Left wing social policies, like the ones you push, not so much.

        • Barney

          Blaming everyone who owns firearms for the acts of a few serve everyone poorly.

          That’s cool how you label it MY gun culture, as if I somehow own it or am responsible. Maybe if YOU imposed actual penalties on the people who most commonly perpetrate these crimes, we’d have less of a problem? You seem to forget who the criminals are, and it’s not anyone on this site.


    Thank You Deputy Sheriff

  • Drew Herring

    I don’t know if I’d go that far. It is brave but I doubt the majority of gun owners would run towards gunshots. No untrained person really knows how they’d react in such situations. You don’t really get to choose how your brain reacts when fight or flight triggers. That’s why military and police have to train to develop muscle memory to override their natural reactions.

    • Adrian Schleis

      Sounds like you do get to choose. Choose training.

    • Ray Wilde

      That hesitation on your part screams volumes for you.

      • Eric

        Dont berate someone for their choice not to engage a threat outside of their skill or training. That comment on your parts screams volumes for you.

        That’s the last thing we need. Someone confronting a situation outside their skill level. Just wait until the liberals hear that.

    • Craig

      And even with all that training they still don’t know how the enlisted or law enforcement will react, but I would like the choice to be mine on how to protect my family, and not some asshole libretard……….

  • Rob Huckfeldt

    The only reason police have itchy trigger fingers due to an armed citizenry is because they have been taught that anyone but a cop with a gun is a bad idea and even a criminal in some places even if the person isn’t doing anything other than possessing said firearm. It’s pretty bad that one can do more time for merely having certain firearms than one will for the actual commission of murder in the first degree.

  • Pirinno

    Just think if that officer wasn’t there…… The shooter would have had 14 minutes to kill anyone and everyone they chose.
    I wonder why the shooter didn’t lay down their firearm like that fucktard feinstein said they would??

  • Pirinno

    You are 600 times more likely to die from medical malpractice than by a firearm. So we should eliminate all doctors??
    That is the logic you’re using.

  • Aaron Steigmeyer

    You’re more likely to be killed in a home invasion than a school shooting. But that’s none of my business

    • Hugo

      not if you have a ‘gun free zone’ sign posted on your doorstep… dummy.

  • dujaa74

    LL #2A

  • Bob Ballentine

    Nice try, it as stopped by a COP.

    • Katrina

      Right, a good guy with a gun. Exactly.

  • Bob Ballentine

    What is going on in Colorado anyway? All that legal weed hasn’t done much to mellow that state out now, has it?

  • Fobes

    you’re an idiot clearly past any common sense

  • John Krapcha

    Sand hook- hoax like no other

  • Hugo

    Huh? I’m confused… I thought bravery was Caitlyn Jenner? Dam… I need to rethink everything I’ve been told for the last several years..

  • Sam Sloss

    Actually, the FBI statistics report finds that 3 times as many shooters were stopped by good guys without guns than guys with guns.

    • Bradon Campbell

      When 1% of the population carry guns, that makes “3x as many without guns”, shows you how amazing it is to be stopped by the 1 out of 100 that are armed. If you were to say, 90x more are stopped, then it would seem like a legitimate argument. According to your argument, 99 people do 3x the work the 1 armed citizen does. I’ll take, and remain, one of those 1% any day, all day.

    • Ray Wilde

      Somehow I don’t see you as one that would stand up to a bad guy with a gun. What does your statistics show of these 3% that fight back? Gun owners I bet.

    • Eric

      Sam….what do you bet Ms. Silberberger has twice the balls Ray Wilde and Bradon Campbell have? She doesn’t need a gun to stop a HS shooting. She’s twice the men those two are. lol ;)

    • Bradford Lehman

      that’s because that they had no choice, but if they would have you can bet they would have loved to have a gun handy!

  • Hugo

    prob from Obama and Hillary’s gun running op

  • Hephaestus

    The recent shooting was 2 years ago and unfortunately he did shoot and kill a young lady with a shotgun…the sad thing is in the aftermath it was found that the school administration knew of the young man’s threats and did nothing. :(

  • Ray Wilde

    You’re banging on guns but drug user, emotional drunks aren’t a problem? Most police favor concealed carry so Im guessing the itchy finger is a result of your liked minded thinkers seeing taking away the guns of law abiding gun owners will leave them alone defending you and your family cowering behind them against wackjobs that never gave up their guns.

  • Sherri Smith-Watson

    My alma mater. Certainly glad there was someone on the property with a gun!

  • Roxanne Wolfe

    The deputy may have been armed, but the article does not say he fired at the shooter. It doesn’t even say he pulled the gun. It says, “The deputy was yelling for people to get down and identified himself as a
    county deputy sheriff, Robinson said. “We know for a fact that the
    shooter knew that the deputy was in the immediate area and, while the
    deputy was containing the shooter, the shooter took his own life.” I don’t see that the presence of the deputy’s gun was the deciding factor.

  • Rei Toei

    What type of gun was the Deputy carrying? Everyone talks about the need to own these arsenals of ammosexual gun-porn military style semi-automatic weapons, but in virtually every one of these (rare) “good guys with a gun” situations, they are getting the job done with some small caliber pistol.

  • durabo

    Sheikh Hussein of Obamastan’s lapdog LameStream EneMedia are loath to report anything that confirms the need for the Second Amendment, so don’t expect to read or hear from NYT, LAT, CNN, WP, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the Bolshevik faction in the news business..

  • Brent Sutton

    A crazy nutcase with a well thought out plan to shoot up a school spends the night before preparing his guns, ammo and finalizing his plan… The next day he eats a hearty (soon to be last) breakfast, grabs his guns, drives over to the school… But to his surprise and disappointment, sees a Gun Free Zone sign out front. I mean it’s only common sense to know that the shooter would obviously sigh in total let down and disappointment, because after all his preparation and careful planning to carry out his uber illegal act of killing of dozens of people… he now has to turn around, drive all the way back home and never get to do his killing spree, all because of that stupid Gun Free Zone sign. If he had just planned this whole thing 1 week earlier before the city put up that sign, he may have been able to do it. But now his plan is ruined. All for nothing. Man, good thing the school had that sign up to stop it.

  • Ltpar

    For all you Cop haters out there, this is what they do, run toward trouble and not away from it. One day they may well save your ass.

  • jp

    omg America… more guns is the solution…….. HOW DOES THE 6TH RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAVE THIRD WORLD CRIME RATES? Guns, Conservatives, and low taxes.

  • Danielbmc

    DEPUTY SHERIFF not an untrained kook with a concealed weapon.

  • Eric

    The ONLY thing, really? This little blonde hair, blue eyed female stopped the Marysville-Pilchuck HS shooting last year. She ran toward the shooter, no gun necessary, and confronted him and he killed himself. I wonder if the big bad guys with guns on this forum have 1/10 of the balls this lady did. lol….you said the ONLY thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. You know even you don’t believe that.

  • silvestre

    Bravo,more schools with deputy’

  • SFC Kenneth A. Partyka, SR ( R

    And the Democrats and libtards still don’t get it !!

  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    sandy hook was fake, but glad this officer was there with his gun.

  • Rob N Oregon

    sadly the shootings at the UCC campus could have ended with a lot less deaths if it weren’t a gun free zone as one of the students who was shot had a concealed carry permit if I recall right! had he been carrying his firearm as soon as the instructor was shot he could have returned fire and either chased the shooter off or killed him before he could have killed the 9 kids from now on I don’t care if its a gun free zone or not I am going to carry as long as no one see’s it no one will know its there besides me!

  • Bradford Lehman

    Thank God, folks its true guns do kill people! So don’t it make since to arm the good guys?

  • Mailmandolin

    Guns don’t kill people, Planned Parenthood does.

  • Karen Crider

    People are starting to do this for the attention it gives them. I guess bad press is better than no press. They need to laud the heroes and just give bare facts about the sicko who does these hideous crimes. To know your daughter died because someone forgot to take a pill is tragic and unforgivable.

  • Rob Little

    Spokane Washington just publicly put an invitatation out to all the bad guys that Spokane public school resource officers will no longer be armed. Not too many bad guys stop and think about their actions in the midst of the fray, they end their own life when armed response shows up. Thank goodness Spokane made the decision to wait the 14 minutes for the bad guys to run out of ammo and not stop them 80 seconds into their stupidity………gun control idiots.

  • lucas browski

    Would an ordinary citizen be tried for murder if they shot a shooting suspect on a killing spree, I think most cases not but does the door get opened for such an offense if the killer never accomplished his or her goal of mass murder.

  • phxflyguy
  • i was in denver area for the columbine shooting and saw all the cops hunkered down and doing nothing while kids were being killed seems like they have learned something. at the time it really pissed me off to watch them doing nothing.

  • james warren

    Brave. Too bad the 5 armed Secret Service and the two city policemen surrounding Ronald Reagan didn’t shoot. The president would have had a better second term and mighty not have slipped into dementia so profoundly.

  • Not A Sheeple

    What do you think should be done to keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys?

    • Clark Mcconachy

      Gun buyback teamed with an amnesty period. Worked in Australia. If criminals realise they can get 3 times the $$$ they would on the black market by taking them to a buyback centre then they will. The fallout means illegal firearm value skyrockets and petty thieves can’t afford them. The only firearms they’ll be able to steal after the reforms will be non semi-autos. That puts them at a disadvantage to Law Enforcement so the criminals will tend to only use their guns against one another.

  • disqus_CiEoRtj8He

    But let’s get the facts straight. This doesn’t look like an attempted mass shooting. Deputy was on the premises, and the shooter knew this. Shooter was looking for one particular teacher. Only one death. The shooter shot himself.

  • Nightstalker

    For all you anti Gun Liberals out there response time 14 minutes for other Officers to arrive. Depending on what kind of area you live Urban vs country that response time could be even longer. When I worked with the State Patrol in Summit County that response time in the winter could easily an hour or more, So you and your wife and children are nice and safe in your million dollar home and two thugs break in to rob you, what are you going to do negotiate with the two wolves that are going to kill you and your family because they don’t want to leave any witness. Please have fun with that because you hate guns so much guns are just a tool that sits dormant until it’s put to use by a terrorist, a Burglar or a responsible law biding to protect he and his family. Start using reason and not emotion you may live longer.

  • HolmesSamuel

    I know that this is an old post, but it never says that the off-duty police officer is armed. Nor could I find it in any other news article on this Arapaho High School shooting. It does say that the officer identified himself. But it reads as though the shooter had already killed himself by the time the officer got there. I’ve been working with deputies for over 3 years now. And when they are off duty, they usually are not carrying their firearms on their person. No other news source even mentions the off-duty policeman.